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U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Discusses Combating MS-13 Gang At Roundtable With President Trump In Bethpage On Wednesday

Well hopefully there's not someone at the press in charge of moderating that hates this President more than they love their country. I see a lot on the television the last 48 hours from the bitter hateful comments made by Robert De Niro to the coverage of this historic Summit by our president on CNN and MSNBC, who seems to be rooting for failure more than they are the denuclearization of a major component of the axis of Evil. It sad to watch. At least the usual American hating crew that gathers here has opted to just stay away instead of try to spin this as something negative. Congratulations Mr. president you're doing a wonderful job and we are very very proud of you." Jun 12, 18 10:24 AM

Oh my God first you said he was a warmongerl and now you're complaining because the president has brokered a deal for peace? Do you realize how ridiculous you sound on the left" Jun 12, 18 4:38 PM

Bill Creating 9/11 Commemorative License Plate, A Local Man's Longtime Goal, Is On Governor's Desk

It would be nice if we had a choose life license plate in New York. It would make people think about what they have done or what they're planning to do" Jun 13, 18 11:25 AM

Zeldin Says Families Should Be Detained Together, But Sees Little Sign Of Legislative Progress

The way that I understand it is a very simple thing they sign a deportation agreement and their kids are not taken away from them. If they refuse to sign the deportation document then their kids have to go to a separate facility where they are kid for until after the proceedings" Jun 25, 18 3:38 PM

'Interdependence Day' Walk In Sag Harbor To Protest Treatment Of Immigrants

Yes because they're treated so poorly here in the Hamptons. Do you people hear yourself or what" Jun 26, 18 8:38 PM

Developers Gregg, Mitchell Rechler Break Ground On Canoe Place Inn Project

What a beautiful project. It's been painful watching these gentlemen try to secure the permits to make our town better and get rid of this eyesore. Almost criminal what the opposition tried to do them, good luck on your project and thank you" Jun 28, 18 8:43 AM

State DOT Shuts Down Southampton Town's Plan To Blink Water Mill Traffic Light During Rush Hour Commute

What a joke something actually works and then they put a stop to it this is absolutely insane" Jun 28, 18 8:45 AM

Developers Gregg, Mitchell Rechler Break Ground On Canoe Place Inn Project

pw, dan, I would not worry if I was you I got out here on Thursday and all people have been talking about going to dinner in Hampton Bays ... Looks like you got the new Hot Spot in town LOL" Jun 30, 18 4:35 PM

And North 1 is much better off in there new location that I have been to and enjoyed several times. Instead off that dilapidated shack on the boat houses property they used to be in." Jul 2, 18 12:26 PM

Zeldin And Gershon Come Out Punching In First Days Of Congressional Campaign

Get ready and hold on to something solid the Red Wave is coming " Jul 4, 18 8:35 AM

Changing The Perception Of Hampton Bays One Project At A Time

All you haters? I don't understand this is a wonderful place to live. I think it's true that you all just want your taxes to stay low and don't want any improvements to the town. Well I'm in real estate and let me tell you something , sorry there's nothing you're going to do to hold this town back. I have more interest in Hampton Bays than anywhere else right now it's truly amazing to see this forgotten Town finally getting its recognition. Good luck Hampton Bays I think you're going to find that your town is more special than anyone realizes very soon." Jul 10, 18 10:01 AM

Zeldin And Gershon Come Out Punching In First Days Of Congressional Campaign

Thank God for president Trump. You have had two years to prove you're supposed Russian collusion. Time to move on and make America great again" Jul 17, 18 7:46 AM

Our leader for another 6 years. And a dam good one at that !" Jul 17, 18 8:34 AM

First ZBA Hearing On Proposed Luxury Golf Course Community In East Quogue Held On Thursday

Grow up people it's just a golf course it's not the end of the world." Jul 20, 18 5:19 PM

Southampton Town Closes On Joint Purchase Of Lobster Inn Property

We need more waterfront dining we have enough parks. This place is becoming so sleepyyyy" Jul 28, 18 12:41 PM

Gershon's Comparison Of Trump's Rise To Hitler's Stokes Political Flames In 1st District Race

Yes anyone who pays attention can see a sore loser aspect of it is just off the scale" Jul 28, 18 12:47 PM

Thank you President Obama LOL. Some of you just can't get off of that river denial. Here we are two years in to This Presidents term and the world has been brought into Focus the economy is booming and the manufactured outrage looks more and more ridiculous everyday. " Jul 29, 18 10:05 AM

Gershon's Comparison Of Trump's Rise To Hitler's Stokes Political Flames In 1st District Race

Thank you president Trump for making America great again" Aug 3, 18 8:27 PM

This is getting insane. Listen, I don't always agree with sites like Info Wars, nor do I agree with everything any conservative or liberal believes, but this is outright censorship. And to any conservative who defends this because "Alex Jones is a crazy conspiracy theorist," you're next. Folks like Ben Shapiro, who is called a Nazi by the left, is next. David French is next. You're all next. This is only the beginning. You either fight now or you won't have a voice to fight with.
" Aug 6, 18 1:04 PM

Does Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Joe Madison, Joy Behar or Rachel Maddow have a disclaimer" Aug 6, 18 5:59 PM

President Donald Trump To Fly Into Gabreski Airport On Friday

It seems to me that Google Facebook and Twitter have stolen the law of the land.
The First Amendment is under assault!!!" Aug 20, 18 2:18 PM

Oh please some opinions are so creepy. This poor young woman just went out for a jog in what used to be a wonderful neighborhood, that was before 2007 when all of this illegal and migrant situation became what it is today.. We have laws for a reason. These people come here unvetted from god-knows-where and commit acts of atrocity. My heart goes out to this poor family so their loss. The Casual manner in which I have watched politicians and media address this tragedy today brings tears to my eyes. This must stop. We must build the wall ." Aug 22, 18 5:00 PM

You know perfectly well that we need to get the Rhinos out of Congress because they are not voting against there backers who love the illegal aliens. After we kick out some of these obstructionist in November you will see the things will start to move along in the areas that you mentioned

. Make America great again" Aug 23, 18 4:22 PM

Oh please Joe Paul Krugman has been wrong just as many times is that Nate Silver guy. It's just bitter grapes all these has been personalities from the past like Woodward and Bernstein, they were just so embarrassed from their predictions that they are striking out in all directions just making stuff up at this point" Sep 6, 18 11:20 AM

Fred it's so disgusting how you can't respect the office. He's your president for the next 6 years so get used to it little man" Sep 11, 18 1:12 PM

Sag Harbor Board Approves Renovations To Billy Joel's Home

It's about time to stop torturing the man already and the rest of us too" Sep 15, 18 10:29 AM

President Donald Trump To Fly Into Gabreski Airport On Friday

Oh my some people need to get rid of their Plantation mentality stop making up so many excuses. It's a wonderful world we live in step into it be productive and a little less cynical" Sep 15, 18 10:34 AM

Someone calls you bitter Fred I think last week and boy does the shoe fit. You spend your whole day here in a partisan hissy fit. What is your beef anyway are you Muslim if you are that's fine I think everybody is made it very clear that they just don't want Sharia law and terrorist living amongst us so take it's easy will you. So divisive" Sep 21, 18 10:14 PM

Some of us here are smart enough to see mrs. Ford is no angel cake. her high school years seems full of promiscuous Behavior, 63 men is as disgusting as the act of abortion. Not everybody agrees with your old right frame of mind bitter Fred" Sep 21, 18 10:17 PM

I don't remember fill as much as the rest of you just the fact that he was very obnoxious." Sep 23, 18 2:54 PM

What I find sad is that they are such uncommon allies, all they have in common is the hatred for our American, red blooded patriotic sons and husbands..... Go ahead and try to get an abortion in Al Nabk or Ashkezar . LOL" Sep 24, 18 10:40 AM

Oh my that would explain the mystery of what happened to her Facebook page doesn't it! I'm afraid it just doesn't pass the smell test. does it...." Sep 25, 18 10:17 AM

You can keep your Koffi Annan and your Hans Blix. We really don't care about the UN. Remember when the media also laughed at him, and the 12 rhinos who ran against him . How about the DNC.... remember when they laughed at him or all of you alt. left wackadoos on this board. But some of us never laughed at President Trump. He's our president ... and he's keeping his promises to the ones that voted for him and we love him!" Sep 25, 18 2:10 PM

This woman is pathetic with her little girl voice , Who does she think she's fooling. This morning has shown her to be a world traveler.... Therefore the I don't fly like stands out pretty prominently. What's a charade. And it is very cringey the way they keep calling her a Survivor over and over and over again. So she was felt up by somebody at a high school party where there was alcohol seems like a pretty common occurrence in the 70s and 80s surely not something that she needed therapy for for the next 36 years. Go the drama, Just my opinion....." Sep 27, 18 12:47 PM

So disrespectful they make millions of $ and will not stand for the flag, I don't care what the reason you're going to give for it is it's disgusting." Oct 1, 18 11:24 AM

Trump Endorses Zeldin; Giffords Supports Gershon In East End Congressional Race

Not any of the woman in my circle anyway" Oct 7, 18 12:23 PM

Well Fred, not the woman in my circle anyway. They saw right through her disingenuous act , sorry" Oct 7, 18 12:27 PM

What a bunch of nonsense so what you're saying is responsible self-aware and driven minorities are not allowed to be conservative. You can try and stop them from becoming productive responsible citizens that we would love to include in our party, but something tells me they're going to do it anyway.

" Oct 12, 18 1:56 PM

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