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Southampton High School Football Players Support Suspended Coach At Board Meeting

I have known Eddie West since he was in 6th grade. Eddie's athletic prowess in this community at a very early age, rooted this man a lifelong interest in helping young athletes in this same community turn into men; irregardless of color, financial backgrounds, entitlements, past reputations or any subgroup you may want to choose...Coach West would have made them better or at the very least, tried like hell. Eddie always called it as he saw it, but thematically deep down, was always there for every kid. I had the fortune of coaching with Coach West for a few years and recognized the sincerity, dedication and old school mentality that he promoted his way, both on and off the field. You can argue, counter argue and reargue "protocol" all you want, but the bottom line at the very end of a long day is the lingering influence on the life of that young man. I am absolutely certain, given a similar set of circumstances in the future, this is a lesson learned not only for Coach West, but anyone of any title, affiliated with our youth. I know most of these athletes that support Eddie West and that in itself should trump any doubt, anyone has regarding the intentions of this influential man. " Sep 7, 16 7:08 PM