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Parrish Tax Levy Approved By Southampton Voters

You guys with your agreeing and disagreeing. You realize this is the internet and not real life right? " Apr 19, 14 7:08 AM

Woman Hoping Local Cops Can Be Educated About Breastfeeding

You ain't in Kansas anymore Ajvia, this is Long Island. It is densely populated. If you know what I mean. Real dense." Apr 20, 14 6:37 AM

A Stock Phrase referencing The Wizard of Oz, used to express the realization that the character is in a completely unfamiliar (or indeed otherwordly) place.

The original quote was "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." But it is sometimes misquoted as "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto." Many other variations exist. Hope that helps." Apr 20, 14 12:11 PM

"If you call the police pay attention and be ready to give your statement?"

We all can determine the point of your comment on our own. In fact, I'll post it again for everyone to see, so they can formulate their own opinion about what you were saying.

"This country is really becoming crazy with things they think are ok. Legalize pot, have your breasts hang out, two men and two women can be married. The morals of this country are virtually non existent!"

you went on to state this:

"This country has a 65 % divorce rate, largest prison population, most murders of any civil society, and you think society is ok in this country? Not to mention we are trillions in debt that we can never repay, and are taxing the hell out of everyone. Sure we are on the right path. Lol"

I think it's pretty obvious where you stand." Apr 21, 14 6:24 AM

Despite Limited Donations, Demos Outpaces Zeldin, Bishop In Campaign Spending

Now isn't that something? Bishop gets caught breaking house ethics rules with his pay-to-play scheme aka "Operation What Piping Plover?", becomes the subject of a house ethics committee investigation, certainly the subject of increased oversight and all of a sudden he trails in fundraising." Apr 26, 14 6:28 AM

Woman Hoping Local Cops Can Be Educated About Breastfeeding

The Smithsonian should study you regulars. It's amazing to see the evolution of an article about breastfeeding meander , while getting through a few random political teases by Mr. Z and then this::

You don't get it and likely never will.
More than half, eh? So how did that work out for Sen. McCain and Gov Romney?
By But I'm a blank! (640), Hampton Bays on Apr 22, 14 11:43 AM
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then Ronald Regan, Donald Regan,Carter, Roosevelt.....you're addicted." Apr 26, 14 6:34 AM

"If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"


"It's good to shut up sometimes"

~Marcel Marceau

"Much talking is the cause of danger. Silence is the means of avoiding misfortune. The talkative parrot is shut up in a cage. Other birds, without speech, fly freely about."

~Saskya Pandita

" Apr 27, 14 6:18 AM