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Voters Approve Parrish Art Museum Tax Levy

It was held on the museums free day. I think the idea was people would vote and then look at the museum, see the art and the space. I believe a lot of people have never stepped foot In the Parrish. Not even when they were in the village. The road work was unfortunate but I got in just fine. The were public hearings, news articles, the website had information...not sure what else they could have done. It's a shame people are making them out to be villains when they offer so many wonderful programs. " Apr 15, 14 8:49 PM

I got in just fine. As did over 200 other people. " Apr 15, 14 8:51 PM

No, I don't. But I appreciate the compliment. No I simply know that I had no issue voting and the mothers I spoke to while picking up my kids didn't either. I also read 27east regularly and get the paper. I also go on their site to see what programs they having coming up ( I do this for the aquarium and the library to...) " Apr 17, 14 6:23 PM

East Hampton Town Trustee: If You See The Kardashians, Call The Police

Regardless of how you feel about them, they are fellow human beings and aren't doing anything wrong. Lighten up. " Jun 24, 14 5:58 PM

Southampton Contemplates Accepting Grant To Extend School Day

As a parent, I have to say that I don't agree with this because of some of the same reasons April pointed out. For example a "typical" second grade kid today: gets up around 7 and is on the bus by 8, picked up at 3:15. Now for some kids it's tim for extras (karate, little legue, scouts, play dates whatever ), let's just say nothing is happening. Have a snack and some unwind time now your around 430 time for at least 30-60 minuet homework, 530 almost tim for dinner, 7ish unwind and reading time. 8 shower/bed. With the new plan my kid would have to be up by 600 and on the bus probably around 645 pick up at 415 no unwind no snack too close to dinner 30-60 minutes of homework, dinner, bed. All over again. I mean we are talking about 5-11 year olds here. In my opinion they ask to much of them already. Maybe we are behind other countries but extending the day doesn't seem to be the answer. Japan goes to school year round...not saying that is the answer but it's better then longer days.
Also the propose schedule lacks art, music, gym...these are important too.

" Jul 3, 14 8:38 PM

Teachers work very hard. " Jul 3, 14 8:39 PM

Hobby Lobby Ruling Called A Setback By Tim Bishop And Victory By Lee Zeldin

Your vanity has zero to do with overpopulation and responsible people who can't have kids taking preventive measures to ensure they don't. Also, not that I imagine you care, but birth control pills can be uses to elevate other female health issues.

And this is about hobby lobby and religion. They are using region as a reason NOT provide care. That is the real issue. " Jul 13, 14 9:29 AM

Condoms? " Jul 13, 14 9:37 AM

Southampton School District Considers Declining Extended-Day Grant

Are you kidding ? Please do your homework. The proposal was to have Elementry school children go to school from 7:15-4:05. That means they would have to be on buses at 6:30 at the latest. Home by 5 5:30. Oh then time for the manitory hour of common core homework. Forget sports or specials. Down time time, extra reading nope. Cause after all that and dinner, showers etc. it's now time for bed to do it all again the next day.
Yes there might be a need to help strengthen our math and language but extending the school day isn't the best option. " Jul 14, 14 7:31 AM

Southampton School District Presents New Projections For Tuckahoe Merger

Thank you for mentioning it! I hate that this issue isn't getting the same amount of press!! " Aug 20, 14 5:39 PM

Community Forum On Extended Day Learning Grant Scheduled For Wednesday At Southampton High School

I'm surpriseed the community, especially the parents, are not more in an uproar about this!" Sep 29, 14 5:23 PM

Study Recommends Preservation of Driving Range, Elks Lodge But Offers Little On King Kullen

Oh you'll have to excuse me Sir, I don't mean to dirty your town with my lower income...shucks...but gee wiz Mister it sure would be nice to have a place to go swimming in the winter...gets a little chilly at Coopers. " Sep 29, 14 5:29 PM

Community Forum On Extended Day Learning Grant Scheduled For Wednesday At Southampton High School

Do you have children in the district? Do you have children that will have to get up at 530? I'm talking about adults I'm talking about children ages 5-11 getting up at 530 to get a bus to get to school to start at 7:15 and go till 4:08 the plan doesn't include near enough breaks or recess only half an hour lunch and then there is the common core homework that takes an hour at night. It's insane. Children in China may go to school longer but they also allow their children to be physically active, In fact, it's required. Here they would sit all day - it's absurd. " Sep 30, 14 6:56 PM

The turn out was great! I was very happy to see other parents there voicing their concerns, and standing up for their children and families. " Oct 2, 14 11:59 AM

Southampton Rejects Proposal, And State Grant,To Extend School Day After Parents Express Concerns

Again - you show your ignorance Chief...how is spending close to 9 hours in a classroom at 6 years old - going to help close a gap? Hmm? It won't. I can state this with so much certainty because I am a parent. I have a child IN THIS SCHOOL DISTRICT. Let me lay something for you 7:15-4:08 in school. You are six, seven, eight years old. You get ONE recesses ONE. and it lasts just 1/2 an hour (this includes the time it takes to get to recess and get back to class...so safe side lets say its 20 minutes. You get 1/2 and hour for lunch...again this includes the time it takes to get there, get lunch, sit and eat. The rest of the time you are SITTING 108 minutes for math 140 for ELA...it is complete nonsense that anyone would think this is okay for children. Most adults wouldn't stand for that treatment at work! Parents should decide what the kids do for those extra hours not the government. Parents should get to spend time with their kids. But I forgot, some people, like Mr. Chief here, probably a) don't have kids or b) had them only to spend most of their childhood ignoring them. Sorry - I for one would like to see my child while he is still that...a child. " Oct 3, 14 2:24 PM

It should be a vote! That came up at the meeting...but according to the district guys it will be a board decision! " Oct 3, 14 2:25 PM

Some people need to work. " Oct 4, 14 8:31 AM

The point is you are asking the entire family to get up earlier so the kid can catch the bus or be dropped off earlier. Picked up or dropped off later. Kids will be going to school In the dark and coming home in the dark. Spending 9 hours in school with 1/2 an recess and 1/2 an hr lunch. It's cruel. And the middle schoolers only get lunch. It's too long. I'm sorry. And the crap about middle schoolers needing to spend more time with school because they aren't listening to their parents...well I can see why of their parents are advocating torture. I wouldn't want to listen to you either." Oct 4, 14 8:36 AM

'Suspicious parking lot bus stops ' so you don't like individual house pick ups and you don't like communal picks ups. Okay how about all the kids be dropped off by parents. Course that would cause traffic in the village that would make you unhappy. Oh wait. It would be at 6:55 in the morning!!!!! You would still be asleep. How nice for you. " Oct 4, 14 8:53 AM

UPDATE: Cleaning At Southampton After Enterovirus Diagnosis Underway

Can we just hold up a second here and stop hatred, and spreading rumors and fear. Goodness, first off a kid is sick, got sick over the weekend according to the article, which is all any of us have for information, second they are being treated. Third - this is NOT the super scary strain that was hospitalizing kids, see article. Read - comperhend. Fourth - the school, while I believe is overreacting a tad, is cleaning and sanitizing not just the school but the busses as well. Fifth- we have no idea who, what age or grade this kid is...where they caught it, how they caught it, however being a mom, and volunteering at schools I've seen how they interact with each other. The spreading of anything from colds to flu doesn't surprise me at all. We all got sick growing up unless you lived in a bubble, our kids will get sick. I wish they could tell us what grade but otherwise, there isn't much else the school can do. Before anyone jumps down my throat, no I don't want my kid getting this. And I hope whoever has it gets bette quickly. " Oct 14, 14 8:16 PM

It was your kid? First off, since no one else seems to care, I hope they are feeling better. There is nothing worse than a sick kid. Second it is strange that they closed the entire school for this. I would like more info from the school as to why they overreacted. " Oct 18, 14 5:55 PM

It was a virus....not ebola....goodness. I'm amazed that some of you can even leave your houses. To live each day with such fear...must be exhausting. " Oct 23, 14 7:03 AM

You cannot believe everything you read or see on the news. Question everything, find out facts, don't go spreading rumors that further exasperate the problem. Which is all anyone was doing here. Turning a sick kid and overreacting school district, into a case of ebola. " Oct 23, 14 4:53 PM

East End Towns, Villages Will Introduce Bans On Plastic Bags

California is doing it too. So, it's not just NY. " Oct 24, 14 8:31 PM

Ummmm I honestly think you would change your mind when you try to walk on the beach and have to dodge puppy poo. Responsible dog owners pick up the poo. Responsible owners would throw it away, but frankly I'm just glad it's not on the beach. " Oct 24, 14 8:35 PM

Just making a statement. It's not just "the hamptons" trying to cut down on plastic bag usage. " Nov 1, 14 3:34 PM

Amid Wealth And Comfort, Homelessness Persists On The East End

Hard times can fall on anyone. Compassion for your neighbors is essential. A can of food given at a local food drive, spare change in a bucket at check out. Doesn't have to be much. At the very least kindness, you never know what personal battles someone else is fighting. " Nov 26, 14 8:45 PM

Southampton Students Petition District To Change Columbus Day's Name

Okay - I see your point...but just because someone did something, doesn't mean we should forgive or even celebrate his legacy. He brought pain to millions of people. That's not something to celebrate. Let's celebrate Hitlers birthday too.
This country was perfect before he came and would still be perfect now. " Feb 7, 15 6:17 PM

UPDATE: Man In Critical Condition Following Water Mill House Explosion Wednesday Afternoon

Never mind the people who work there. I guess it's okay if they go up in smoke as long you don't have to be bothered by the sight anymore. Seems extremely heartless to me to wish the death of countless people just so you don't need to look at a building. " Feb 12, 15 7:03 AM

See my response to the heartless guy above you. Please keep in mind when making these statements, two people are badly hurt, someone lost their home, and if it had been a company or museum workers would have been hurt or worse. The dislike of s building doesn't warrrent the wish of harm to others. " Feb 12, 15 7:06 AM

No reason to mention another building blowing up when two men are fighting for their lives. Heartless, senseless comment. Period. If it had happened at the Parrish, all the people visiting and working would have been endangered. Facts So smack your head all day, maybe you will get some sense knock into it...and some humanity. " Feb 12, 15 8:42 AM

2:00 in the afternoon - museum open - people working - people visiting...building explodes...what do you think would happen? Again two people are fighting for life and people are making jokes...I don't understand this level of inhumanity...not just from the original comments but from the people defending them." Feb 12, 15 8:46 AM

I apologize, I am not a teenager and still value the use of the English Language and therefore, use full words when typing. I had no idea "SMH" meant "Shaking my head"
To your comment about the sculptures - sarcasm aside, why would you want someones work of art to be destroyed? That doesn't even matter really because this story is about a HOME that blew up...A HOME...and two MEN (one just a boy really) who are INJURED...and you guys are making jokes. Poor taste. I don't care if you think you are being funny, I don't care if you think I am being sensitive. What I do care is that I might pass you at the market or the Library and not even know it...horrid people who have no sense of humanity are walking around my community...it makes me ill and sad knowing that you guys don't have any consideration for your neighbors. You should be ashamed. " Feb 13, 15 8:53 AM

Zeldin Amendment Would Allow New York To Opt Out Of Common Core

Common core may work for some kids. I know a teacher working in a low income, run down school district...the parents aren't well educated, so the common core actually does help the kids. However, it doesn't work everyone. 2+2=4 there is no reason to make that take up two sheets of paper. In my experience common core is awful. We have so many problems with it. One nights homework took three adults to figure out, two with college educations. I'm glad Zeldin is doing this. School should be able to choose whether or not they use it. " Mar 4, 15 4:57 PM

East Hampton Parents Fear Rising Costs Of Summer Camp

I have a friend living pay check to paycheck who lives in east Hampton. not everyone who lives there is rich. " Mar 6, 15 4:36 PM

UPDATE: Man In Critical Condition Following Water Mill House Explosion Wednesday Afternoon

No see actually I do find it cruel to make stupid jokes at the expense of a tragity. I'm sorry if you think I'm a "concern troll" (nice made up term by they way). I assure you I am not a "troll" but a human who doesn't find it funny to make these kind of comments. My only hope was to make you poor souls think before posting rude, heartless, comments like this again. " Mar 6, 15 4:43 PM

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