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Off the Menu

just read your article, thanks for mentioning barrister's...we've been running our "prime-time" 2 for 1 deal since the early eighties, and it remains successful, though not as good as it used to be, probably due to the increase in all the other deals around town, even though they're not as good deal-wise as our deal. but we also have another deal on monday nights that's very tough to beat. some years back we started running a pasta special on monday night because everyone's favorite, La Parmigiana, is closed on mondays. that has morphed into our current pasta special on monday evening that features a choice of four different pastaa, served with garlic bread and a caesar salad for $8.95. the pasta specials feature shrimp, seafood, fresh vegetables, etc. so it's a very nice deal. we're working on a wednesday evening one that we'll roll out soon." Oct 13, 08 12:54 PM

Homeowners association disgruntled over charity foot race

Pheasant Pond's HOA's transparent attempt to use this charity run for their own ends is offensive. If they've got a bone to pick with the Village, they should find a more appropriate venue. Which police department do they call if they have an actual problem? Ms. Nobb and Mr. Hackett should be ashamed of themselves. Perhaps they should remove their heads from their ASSociation." Sep 24, 09 9:11 AM

East Hampton Village to put restrictions on landscaping equipment

The noise is one thing, but what has gotten to me in the past couple of years are the vehicles, in the estate section mostly, that impede traffic by parking on the road in front of the house they are servicing. this makes it unsafe for all traffic...roller-bladers, joggers, cyclists and walkers alike, not to mention other vehicles. why are they not made to park on the properties at which they work? as mentioned, these are not putt-putts from pick-ups, these are now wider, longer and more diffilcult to pass safely." Aug 11, 10 1:15 PM

Proposed Westhampton Beach Outdoor Dining Measure Pulled

next thing you know, they'll be telling you what should be on the menu and how you should plate it...what a joke..." Mar 29, 11 8:36 PM

Sag Harbor Village Board Passes Law To Allow Ferries

Win-Win for both ports! Just Do It!" May 9, 12 8:05 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Pushes For Alternative To Tuckahoe Center: Assisted Living

Jay, It's not your responsibility to recommend alternatives. Just vote down the proposed change and move along. Don't worry, the Morrow/Nill team will be back with another unacceptable plan soon." Feb 22, 17 8:00 AM

Southampton Town Board Member Won't Attend Work Sessions Until School Ends

Good luck seeing or hearing anything clearly on SEA-TV! The production qualities are, and have been, an insult to the community for long time. Who's in charge there? Just sayin'..." Jan 6, 18 8:13 AM