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Group hopes for Trader Joe's on the East End

LOVE Trader Joes...hope they come sooner rather than later!" Sep 10, 09 3:10 PM

Southampton Town will try negotiating with shelter bidder

Privitazing the shelter will not necessarily save the currently homeless animals...if the shelter is privatized, they are NOT REQUIRED to accept animals brought in by the general public or Animal Control..." Oct 16, 09 3:01 PM

Kabot's proposed $78 million budget will eliminate 48 town jobs next year

Is it any wonder this town is in such trouble when it's registered voters focus on things like the size of campaign posters, finger pointing and name calling??

There are SERIOUS issues facing this town and this country. It is our duty to choose the person we feel can best address those issues, based on REAL things...things that can be proven by information avialable to the general public. Everything else is heresay.

If you feel that person is ATH...fine, argue those points intelligbly with provable publicly available facts. If you feel that person is LK, do the same.

I am not naive - I know that the unfortunate world of politics is one in which truth rarely prevails or is available...but to see an entire forum that has turned into a name calling, finger pointing mess, and no longer has anything do with the issues at hand?? It's a sad commentary...
" Oct 16, 09 3:26 PM

Southampton Town will try negotiating with shelter bidder

Agreed 1000%." Oct 26, 09 4:02 PM

Had she given her money to be used as the Town and the Shelter managment saw fit, I might agree. But she did not do that. Ms. Allen's financial donations have come with expectations...they have been held over the heads of those in charge any time a decision was made that, while it might have been the best for the animals and the town, wasn't the best in Ms. Allen's eyes..." Oct 26, 09 4:06 PM

Robert Paul Jeffries, first black Quogue firefighter, dies at 63

May he rest in Peace and may his family be comforted by the fond memories of a great man who served his community with all his heart." Oct 29, 09 3:31 PM

David C. DeRosa dies at 32

God Bless David's family and friends...may the support of each other give them comfort and solace." Mar 3, 10 10:08 AM

Benjamin W. Lupia, long-time member of the Hampton Bays Fire Department, dies at 96

A wonderful man from a wonderful generation. A generation perhaps we could all take a few lessons from these days.

May you rest in the arms of your maker, and may God Bless your family and friends.

When I am called to duty, God
Whenever flames may rage
Give me strength to save some life
Whatever be its age.

Help me embrace a little child
Before it is too late
Or save an older person
The horror of that fate.

Enable me to be alert
And hear the weakest shout
And quickly and efficiently
To put the fire out.

I want to fill my calling and
To give the best of me
To guard my every neighbor and
Protect his property.

And if according to my fate
I answer to death's call,
Please bless with your protecting hand
My family one and all. " May 7, 10 2:26 PM

Hours After Graduation, Quiogue Teen Killed In Single-Car Accident; Driver Charged With DWI

Drinking and Driving is just unjustifiable in this day and age...with the knowledge and resources out there, I would hope that we'd all be teaching our kids NOT to drive a car after drinking, or get in a car after the driver was drinking. (Because let's face it, many of them WILL drink if given the opportunity).

But right now, after losing a TEENAGER who had just graduated from high school. Having another TEENAGER whose life will NEVER be the same (and I am not just talking about legal consequences), Perhaps we would be better served to rally around the families, help them try to heal, mourn their losses with them, celebrate the life that was lost. There will be time for responsible parties to face justice, time to teach our children the dangers of drinking and of driving after drinking...But that time is not now. Hold your children a little tighter, be thankful they are with you, Keep the families and friends of the families involived in your thoughts and prayers. May they find peace somehow." Jun 27, 11 2:28 PM

Manorville Girl Returns Home From Hospital

May God Bless this little girl and her family.
" Feb 17, 12 2:41 PM

Man Dressed As Jesus Journeys To Montauk

The individual carrying the cross in Southampton looked different...he wasn't wearing robes, and I don't recall the white goatee...a different person?" May 30, 12 11:45 AM

Drowning Victim Was Queens Man Who Struggled During Swim

Very sad. My prayers go out to this young man's family and friends.

To the Editor - how is it we know this man was 26, but he hasn't been identified?" Jun 30, 12 11:35 PM

Southampton Chamber Hosts Drive-In Movies At Coopers Beach

Christmas in July??
" Jul 6, 12 1:43 PM

Plane Crash At East Hampton Airport On Sunday

I tip my hat to Mr. Schum. This world seems sorely lacking in persons willing to put their own safety and comfort aside to help a neighbor, just because it's the right thing to do. We'll all slow down to watch the car accident, the person with a flat tire, the man chasing his dog down the road, the plane crash victim....but how many of us stop to offer our help. We have places to be, things to do, and we simply don't want to get our hands THAT dirty. I stand in awe of those who can put all that aside and just help. The firefighters, the EMTs and mostly the Good Samaritans like Mr. Schum. Well done, Sir. May we all take a lesson!" Aug 27, 12 12:22 PM

Knowing How To Play The Speeding Ticket Game

...Or, wear your seatbelt, use your turn signal and obey the posted speed limits...." Aug 31, 12 10:19 AM

UPDATE: Passenger Dies Following Single Car Crash In Hampton Bays Saturday

So is a deer at 10 am, but there was one a few months ago, running right into my car.

May God Bless and keep this young man's soul, and comfort his friends and family. And God be with the survivors, as their road will not be easy. A horrible tragedy." Oct 23, 12 2:05 PM

Truck Crashes Into Jobs Lane Business

This happened WEDNESDAY, not Thursday...

As for the cause the police won't officially speculate on....it was most likely texting while driving. (no that's not official, but yes I was on the scene and talking with several people involved)

Thank goodness these stores had closed, and no one was injured...could have been a very different news story about 15 minutes earlier..." May 23, 13 9:34 AM

Springs Couple Whose House Was Destroyed In Sunday Fire Reunites With Pet Dog

Job well done and a speedy recovery wished to those firefighters taken to the hospital! A huge thank you to our local volunteer Firefighters and EMS. You put your lives on the line daily to protect us and we are grateful!
" Jul 8, 13 2:34 PM

East Quogue Woman Saves Choking Baby At Laundromat

God Bless Denise. A wonderful act of selflessness!! Glad to hear the baby is okay!!

" Jul 15, 13 1:20 PM

Detached Trailer On Quiogue Crashes Off Montauk Highway, Slows Traffic

IN...IN Quiogue, not ON Quiogue. Unless I am missing something...sorry, i have a compulsion to correct grammar...
" Aug 15, 13 3:55 PM

And just like that I have fulfilled my "learn something new everyday" goal! Thank you all, my apologies to the editor. It never ceases to amaze me how one can live in a place all one's life and still know so very little about it!

As for in/on Long Island, I personally use in New York, ON Long Island, IN my town." Aug 15, 13 5:26 PM

I was born and raised in East Quogue (my 4+ generation family pronounces our town Kw-AW-g)...and we pronounce Quiogue...K-why-aw-g
Not sure if we're right or wrong, but that is our vernacular..." Aug 22, 13 2:32 PM