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UPDATE: Baykeeper McAllister Says He Was Fired Illegally: Denies Charges Of Affair

Seems to me like McAllister is his own worst enemy. If he is going to waste all his donor list's money on litigation, his career in the over paid non-profit sector is finished in these parts. In addition, he reveals all that I need to know about this situation, namely that his board was not willing to secure their only key person of 16 years with an employment contract. " Mar 22, 14 1:35 PM

Deer Slaughter Under Way In Southampton Town

5600 comments and other people are bitching huh!? That's funny." Apr 12, 14 6:57 AM

Coast Guard Rescues Three From Burning Boat Sunday

Is there an article on which you do not bloviate?" Apr 12, 14 6:59 AM

Newcomer Could Seek Westhampton Beach Mayor's Seat

Now that is quite an odd comment to make about a person aspiring to run for political office? " Apr 16, 14 6:02 PM

Woman Hoping Local Cops Can Be Educated About Breastfeeding

I would be curious to know whether the officer was stopping a mother from feeding a baby as part of his duty to protect or to serve? If a person needs to be better trained so as to mind their own business when a mother is nursing a baby, it should be clear that person is not equipped to be a police officer in the first place." Apr 16, 14 8:09 PM

I hear ya man, this county is really going down the tubes. We have blm bearing down on a lone rancher because his cows are eating some grass and kops forcing women to stop feeding their babies and then anonymous posters going on websites to characterize breastfeeding as ''have your breasts hang out''. To top it off, you slip in a dig at gay marriage. Sounds like hate beats love in your world. Enjoy that, I hear that tends to work out well." Apr 17, 14 5:56 AM

I started reading this but stopped as I really prefer non-fiction." Apr 17, 14 5:58 AM