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Investment Banker Sues Southampton Town Planning Board, Farmers Over Barn Denial

There are rules, laws and regulations. And there are those who believe they are above the law -- especially when they have the money to make their own. Here's a classic case of one of the "master's of the universe", the 1% OF THE 1%, who wants what he wants and will do anything to get it, the town and people of Southampton be damned. Shameful.
" Mar 3, 14 10:19 AM

The land is legally protected. No one questions that - except for Lutnick - who has been employing high-priced lawyers for years to intimidate the town into looking the other way. The Board's decisions have bravely upheld the law in the face of his coercion, and in so doing, have protected the rights of the town and its residents. " Mar 6, 14 12:36 PM