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Health care reform march held in Sag Harbor

Razza5350 -

the majority of physicians actually WANT some kind of Gov reform. This based on published surveys (latest in April 09, Ann Int Med). The number is 59%. Those that do not, are usually the better paid ones (they stand to lose more, usually they do expensive sub-specialty procedures). However nearly all docs absolutely loath the constant fight with the insurance companies. Many now do not accept ANY insurance - you just pay cash. This is the trend and it is advancing very fast. If you kill reform that is what you will get: a big cash bill.

The checks and balances do not work. There are way too many people that are losing their insurance coverage, incl. my 89 year old mother in law! Just because the midwest insurance company she has, through her deceased husbands job, is struggling and decides to cut the more expensive (older) customers. She has been paying for this supplementary insurance (over and above medicare) for 24 years while she was younger and healthier...
This will happen in every family if the current system continues.

The free market does not work in the medical field - there is nothing free about it: you get sick and go the closest hospital, you see whoever is on call, they do tests that they select, your insurance is often selected by your employer and changed when they find a better bargain... where do you see a free option to shop around, I mean as for a car or a TV set? Nearly a half-century ago, Stanford economics professor Kenneth Arrow, convincingly argued that medical care cannot conform to market laws because patients are not ordinary consumers and doctors are not ordinary vendors. For his work on the economics of medical care he received a Nobel Prize.

Oh, by the way, fire departments in NYC used to be private companies 100+ years ago. They made a royal mess of it, so that the population really wanted a gov take over. Would you like to propose private fire departments here in East Hampton. How do you think that would work? A bit like the taxi service?

Not only do private insurances make a huge profit, they have huge admin costs. As a country we waste about 90 billion for health care admin (5% of total HC costs per year) based on McKinsey:


I have nothing against tort reform (the rep mantra of health care reform). The thing is, that even if you eliminated all tort (which you can not do) the savings would be a mere 2 - 10% according to you believe. And 30 states have adopted various degrees of tort reform over the past 8 years without any dent in the rising costs of health care both overall or specifically in those states.

If you really want to read some smart (and critical) publications I suggest you delve in to

The Obama Administration’s Options for Health Care Cost Control:
Hope Versus Reality,Theodore Marmor, PhD; Jonathan Oberlander, PhD; and Joseph White, PhD, Annals of Internal Medicine Medicine and Public Issues, www.annals.org on 3 March 2009.

The New York Review of Books:
VOLUME 56, NUMBER 11 · JULY 2, 2009
The Health Reform We Need & Are Not Getting
By Arnold Relman (19 pages)

You will find that these authors think we are just tinkering with a broken system and for the country to survive economically, a much more aggressive reform is needed. Enjoy!" Sep 8, 09 12:34 PM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

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Altschuler Concedes Congressional Race To Bishop

you don't get it, do you..."us the voters" don't agree with you -> you have lost, you are in the minority in CD1, even in a year like this... "us the voters" don't want tax breaks for millionaires and other frankly stupid GOP ideas. " Dec 8, 10 11:52 AM