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Southampton Youth Bureau Schedules Club Night; Plans To Expand Offerings

There was youth "night club" about 30 years ago, at or near the intersection of 39A and David White's Lane. If memory serves me right the inside was clean, but booze and pot were abundant in the unsupervised parking lot. The current idea could be great for our kids, but should be considered only if having a dedicated, uniformed officer or two constantly walking the parking lot and nearby parking areas is part of the plan." Feb 23, 14 5:03 PM

Sag Harbor Village Washes Hands Of Pierson Safety Issue

Southampton did the one-way thing at the elementary school. It made no sense at all, did nothing to enhance student safety, and made the traffic situation much worse than it had ever been before. " Mar 19, 14 11:53 AM

Southampton Village Considering Valet Parking To Ease Stress During Summer Months

Put diagonal parking back in the Hampton Road lot. Birdbrains eliminated 28 perfectly good spaces when they repainted. Before the new parallel spaces were painted, people continued to diagonal park throughout the lot even after the new center walk was added, so the argument that there is no room is not valid. That could be done overnight, and wouldn't cost much at all." May 21, 14 7:31 PM

Fresh Pond Association Wins Lawsuit Over North Sea Day Camp

NIMBY! NIMBY! NIMBY! Not In My Back Yard! That's what the protest against this camp was - NIMBYs complaining about a summer camp that does no harm to the lake or the surrounding properties. Certainly they can't be complaining about the sounds of children laughing and playing, can they? If they really want to do something positive for Little Fresh, they should examine their own septic systems and stop using detergents, fertilizers and pesticides. PS, I am a North Sea resident who actually loves the idea of summer camps in our midst." Jul 2, 14 8:55 AM

Southampton Golf Range Adds New Yet Vintage Snack Shack

Can't wait to introduce my children and grandchildren to Gene's Famous Sandwiches. They were absolutely the best anywhere." Aug 20, 14 1:02 PM

Southampton Village Board Concerned About Plan For King Kullen In Tuckahoe

If the Village had a decent supermarket, there wouldn't be a need for another. As it is, Waldbaum's is crowded, understocked, and unpleasant. Citarella is lovely, but terribly expensive ($9/lb for chicken) and not intended for weekly shopping.
McGann's "they have no business allowing this, since our rules and regulations do not allow for it" sounds likea spoiled child's "we don't want it and you can't have it either," followed by tongue sticking out and loud pfffftt! This property is not in the Village, so Town regulations and the needs of Town residents should be considered. The people who will shop at the new King Kullen location are the same people who are driving to Hampton Bays or Bridgehampton to do their shopping now because they can't afford Citarella and can't stand Waldbaum's.
My friends and I will happily patronize the new store, and will continue to shop in the Village for our other needs. Of course, with the elitist attitude of not wanting us driving on their streets, it might be difficult." Sep 3, 14 11:09 AM

Alternatives To Tuckahoe King Kullen Proposal Are Debated

Surprised you say that. I just watched the meeting on TV, and found that, although I am no fan of ATH, she simply held her ground with McGann and the Village Board. And did McGann not hear herself when, after moaning about how people from Shinnecock Hills and North Sea would travel over Village back roads, she went on to say how much she enjoyed traveling the back roads of North Sea and Water Mill on her way to Bridgehampton?" Mar 25, 15 11:59 PM

Details Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal Emerge Amid Community Outcry At Work Session

If club members were completely honest, they would acknowledge that they,"the privileged," are offended by the sight of "the great unwashed" among us. SUVs and pickup trucks seem to be especially unwelcome. They hide their disdain in terms of safety, although safety has yet to be an issue. This is the same class warfare that is going on with the Village beach. They believe they can use their money to bully those who have less. Let's hope that our officials remember that we vote here." Aug 4, 16 3:51 PM