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Appeals court favors woman suing Southampton Village Police

John Q,
Did you used to work for the Village Police?? You think just like Gallo and the rest of them. Strip searches are not done for an, at best, violation for a wooden stem and residue. The Village cannot even produce a female prisioner who has been stripped searched for UPM. That's because it was selective enforcement and a violation of that young lady's rights. They should pay through the nose so no one else has to go through that ordeal.
Warren" Oct 10, 08 2:25 PM

Southampton Town 24-Year Veteran Police Officer Frederick Cantrell Dead At 50

Very sorry to hear the news. I worked with Woody for over twenty years and he was an inspiration to anyone who wanted to be a "road cop". He was sick and came to work, he had PD accidents responding to calls and came back to work, he suffered injuries during working hours yet ALWAYS came back to work. Others would have "cashed it in" and tried to retire on disability. NOT WOODY. He was a classic "out east" and a credit to our department. I now live down south and as I said, I am sorry to hear the news and even MORE sorry that I could not be by his side during his funeral. He was my favorite. C-42 is now 10-28 forever. RIP
D-12" Dec 16, 10 7:23 PM

UPDATE: Services Set For Keith Greene; Funeral On Monday Morning

A great loss of a kind, sincere, fun loving family man that could cook as well as anyone. Always smiling and laughing, he could brighten up a room with humor. This is a sad day for all that knew him. K-Grease, RIP brother." Aug 15, 12 5:56 PM