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New York State Plans To Cull Or Capture All Mute Swans By 2025

So let me get this straight. Originally brought here for "ornamental purposes" in the late 1800's, there are now 226 mute swans between Shinneock Canal and Amagansett and an estimated 2,200 statewide. Doesn't sound like a very successful "invasion" to me. " Jan 23, 14 4:07 PM

Investment Banker Sues Southampton Town Planning Board, Farmers Over Barn Denial

Gee, Howard - your barn is too big - your orchard is too small - your ball field is inappropriate - but your tax check is always cashed. Sue their pants off until they get "too tight"." Feb 28, 14 8:13 AM

Town Begins Trucking In Sand For Tiana Beach Nourishment Project

OK. It's the "least best way" to get the job done now. Sounds like Southampton did the best they could under the circumstances to find a way to spend the money from the State DEC on a short term basis. But why did it get this way? Why spend the pot of money now? Breaches at this area have occurred since Sandy.
Meanwhile, Westhampton Beach, due to the largesse of the Army Corps of Engineers finished their dredging. Montauk needs their own now and didn't Sagaponack just finish last year?
Why can't all the responsible regional authorities get together and PLAN a regional dredging plan that protects all the beaches on a scheduled basis and that allows for the best pricing and utilization of assets? Not everything needs to be an emergency.
Better yet, why can't we do with fewer government agencies dealing twith the same issues?" Jan 14, 15 4:52 PM

Southampton Democrat Files FEC Complaint Against Zeldin, Claims He Misused Campaign Funds

"When asked to elaborate on her complaint, Ms. Long declined."

A speechless lawyer! Maybe there are unicorns after all." Nov 19, 15 7:40 PM

Quogue Residents Voice Opposition To Proposed Rental Law Rules

Well that is a breath of fresh air! Politicians willing to acknowledge another perspective rather than railroad a bad idea through. I hope they were enlightened by the discussion and not just pulling a rope a dope.
I get the over reaction to the historic party houses that erupted in earlier times - but now you can't get guests and friends to come out unless you have 12 extra bedrooms.
We all know this is a beautiful place - we should be proud to share it with guests." Jan 19, 16 10:30 PM

Hamptons Visitors Council Exploring Ways To Expand Tourism Season

I have two suggestions. First open up the ability for people to stay out here on the south fork - there are no places to stay - therefore it can never be a destination for the off season. Second, let Uber and Lyft in. Who needs to go to the vineyards, breweries, restaurants, venues etc. if they have to drive and risk all the DWI check points. The South fork needs to get into the 21st century if it wants to enjoy the fruits of the economy "off season"." Jun 2, 16 6:40 PM

Rumba Files Trademark Infringement Complaint Against New Caribbean-Theme Restaurant In Hampton Bays

The previous place Squiretown Cafe was a fine local place that I think suffered more from the economic downturn in 2008- 10 (when they opened) than their food or service. Having dined at Karumba well after they opened, we found it was horrible. Menu was from all over the world, but none of was good. No focus. Every other local we know who has visited share the same opinion. We can't wait until Karumba closes and hope a decent restaurant takes its' place. We dine and shop locally so we crave a year round "go to" restaurant in town. I ask the owners to please get a focused cuisine theme or get out before you have the same fate as Squiretown Cafe.

" Jun 19, 16 12:01 AM

Group For The East End Benefit Held At The Bridge

Irony my a..! Oh yeah, lets go back in time when it was a race track. Much better than a golf course! You obviously don't play golf to appreciate the fact that golf course superintendents and the golfers they serve know they have a responsibility to care for the land they cherish. Audubon Society certification, natural habitats for red tailed hawks, foxes, the ubiquitous Canada geese and all their springtime babies, amphibious creatures galore, etc. etc. etc.

I'll bet the Bridge is a better steward of the environment than you - especially when you simply flush your toilet. Look in the mirror. How old is your house and septic system? Feel that nitrogen loading "bloating" you think only golf courses cause?

How about the local organic corn, potatoes and myriad produce we enjoy, especially this time of year? No nitrogen there! Stop picking your targets without looking at the whole picture.
" Jun 20, 16 12:54 AM

State Suspends Liquor License For Charlie Brown's In Hampton Bays In Wake Of Double Stabbing

The place is a dump and empty for lunch and dinner. I guess the trolls come out late at night. This is a dinosaur from the seventies that declined into the gutter. How refreshing that occasionally the government does right by us." Jun 20, 16 10:17 PM

Southampton Town Releases Draft Of Water Quality Improvement Plan

Wholeheartedly approve! No sense preserving all the land yet have it surrounded by polluted water! It is only logical that we address the land-marine interface in such a sensitive ecological watershed.
Just look at Stuart Fl. A state of emergency has been called due to agricultural nitrogen loading. We're not there just yet...but Stuart didn't think so either. " Jul 13, 16 2:20 PM

First Hearing On The Hills In East Quogue Draws Big Crowd, Mixed Reactions

So East Quogue gets a playground, improved parking and scholarships to the public school. All items that government should be providing in their normal course of operation. That is a ripoff.

And how to pay for all this? Sell property to out of owners in the HOPE that they will pay local taxes and NOT use the school system. That is also a ripoff.

Pass the pixie dust. This whole PDD is a greater fool operation.
Hope the residents are dazzled by the little trinkets DLC offers.
Hope the residents believe that DLC could do bigger, badder development if the PDD is declined.
Hope the local bureaucrats back DLC by bribing them with those same trinkets. Hope no one notices the increased traffic to the DLC operation on Dune Road and the Hills. Nothing like a day at the beach after a round of golf! (I admit to this one).
Hope ....and change." Nov 8, 16 5:11 PM

East Hampton Residents Form Committee To Oppose Bus Depot For East Hampton School District

Then forget the East Hampton bus depot. Let the East Hampton kids walk to school!" Nov 17, 16 8:05 AM

Hills Opponents Offer Alternative Plan For East Quogue Property

I am an East Quogue resident and an avid golfer. I moved to East Quogue for its charm and beautiful water access. As their website clearly describes, DLC's marketing approach is to sell their projects as a destination resort - 95% to 100% of buyers do not use it as a primary residence. We are not a destination resort - we are a community.

If you want to join our community, please do, yet accept us for what we are - a 12 month community that is inclusive - not exclusive to the fly over elites." Dec 6, 16 9:31 PM

Dr. Gobler Says Luxury Golf Course Resort Would Leave Larger Nitrogen Footprint Than Subdivision

I find it odd that an East Quogue educator likes the plan since it will not add children to the school district. Now that shows a certain passion for education. Give me your money but don't ask me to do anything for it. And we wonder why school budgets are out of control and school results are so poor." Jan 11, 17 1:25 PM

OK - game on - any Southampton Board member who votes to approve this development better be prepared to defend why they deserve re-election after they have used constituents as guinea pigs for a development that is experimental and one of a kind. The Board better assess both the upside gain and downside risk...to both our community and their political careers. Game on..." Jan 12, 17 5:29 PM

Simple Google search:
"How many acres for a golf course?
Based on a report from the Golf Course Superintendent Association of America, an 18-hole golf facility, which includes bodies of water, hard structures and out-of-play areas, averages about 150 to 200 acres. Typical urban golf courses are about 110 to 120 acres, while courses in resort areas may be 170 to 190 acres."

Good call.

" Jan 12, 17 5:33 PM

Dr. Gobler Includes Fertigation In Updated Environmental Report On 'The Hills'

Fertigation is a new and improved way to reduce nitrogen from runoff. Fair enough. Also new and improved are the nitrogen reduction septic systems that would need to be installed in any stand alone housing alternative to the Hills.

Now lets compare these two new and improved alternatives so we are talking about apples to apples comparisons.

" Nov 1, 17 6:04 PM

Suffolk County Closing 'Grandfathering' Loopholes In Commercial Septic Codes To Mandate New Systems

An excellent step in the right direction. As we learn more about the deleterious effects of nitrogen on our local treasure, the waters surrounding us, we should adapt without the grandfathering of old systems and ideas.

Why don't we apply this same logic to the "Hills" Development in East Quogue?
Let them threaten to build "as of right" homes but require them to install the "advanced treatment systems" that are the newest technology today!" Nov 13, 17 7:04 PM

Southampton Town Board Pushes Votes On The Hills Findings Statement And PDD To December

Stop the Kabuki dance and get on with it! Compare the PDD environmental effects, including the fertigation benefits, with the newly filed plan for 137+ home development that MUST have the latest nitrogen reduction systems available.

If Suffolk County and the Town of Southampton endorse these systems, indeed offer to subsidize or pay for them in certain circumstances, they should be required as part of the as of right alternative.

Then we can compare apples to apples environmental impacts and be honest about the comparison and stop making rash environmental accusations.

As an aside, when did it become acceptable for school administrators to decide how many students they want to teach? I thought in public schools it was how many showed up." Nov 14, 17 7:44 PM