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UPDATE: Concer House Owners File Notice Of Claim Against Southampton Village Seeking $10 Million In Damages

This is an embarrassment for the town of Southampton. Not only did the owners attain a signed document from the arb's own town historian recommending that the house be demolished at purchase time but there is no evidence that this person lived in this specific house any more than in any of the surrounding houses. Even if he did, this house was bought without belonging to any historical or architectural lists and the existing house was built in the 1900s. The board was bullied into this decision. This will result in an expensive lawsuit which the owners will rightfully win. The board should be ashamed and I hope that owners sue Sally for damages. They should. " Dec 12, 13 11:28 AM

Yes. They are supposed to follow the guidelines not to be pressured by the loudest speaker. This results in real economic damages for the buyers. After the lawsuit the damages will be felt by Southampton tax payers instead just because the board members were to intimidated to do the right thing. Specially pathetic of Mr. Curtis. They should resign " Dec 12, 13 11:51 AM

That's what's crazy. The house was under no historical or architectural listings whatsoever. Not landmarks and the owners did their due diligence by obtaining a certificate for the ARB historian recommending it be demolished. Furthermore, the ARB has no jurisdiction whatsoever for the inside of the house so whatever is inside should not weigh at all. Finally, the Concer plaque in the park links him to the lake and ferry but absolutely not to 51 pond lane. The ARB has made a poor and overreaching decision which any judge will overturn. " Dec 13, 13 8:38 AM

Maybe. But they didn't. And now they cannot take the value away from the owners at will. It is not legal. The ARB cannot make ANY determinations based on the inside of the house. No one can. Even if the boards dated to the 1800 it cannot be proven that Concer lived here. And even if there was irrefutable evidence that he had lived there (which again there is NOT) it does not matter. The ARB cannot hold the owners to shoulder the economic impact by changing the rules for a possible oversight on their part. If the town wants this house they can buy it but they cannot disallow this demolition. " Dec 14, 13 5:38 PM

um... No. There is no definite evidence that he lived there. The same documents could point to him having lived in 37 Pond lane or any other surrounding property. The board DID ignore the village attorney's advice. " Dec 16, 13 4:23 PM

The owners offered very single possible solution from incorporating elements of the old house to moving any old materials wherever anyone would want them. They opened their door to the house as a courtesy and sing of good will which they were not required to do. The other side was unwilling to negotiate anything. " Dec 16, 13 4:27 PM

plus lawyer costs, plus mortgage costs, plus carrying costs... It adds up. I think that there should be an in depth investigation of this voting. The town attorney adviced them and they disregarded his advice due to their 'white" guilt. There was a lot of reverse racism going on in this case. People challenged the town historian because as "a white man he could not possibly be sensitive to black history" (can you imagine the outrage if the reverse claim had been made???). I would not be surprised if lawsuits are coming their way. And ms. Sally's" Dec 18, 13 2:53 PM

Pyrrhus Concer House To Be Demolished Once Historical Artifacts Are Removed

Are you kidding? The owners had a letter from the village prior to closing on the house stating that the house had no historical or architectural value. They did as much due diligence as they could. Fortunately, in this country property owners still have rights and sanity prevails in the end" Jun 22, 14 10:44 AM

Concer House Property Owners Place Parcel On Market, Abandon Building Plan

Are you aware that the owners had a letter from the town historian saying that the house had no historical or architectural significance? What else could they have done? This is not their fault, it is the town's for not keeping track of those things and, in this case, for refusing to buy the house when it was offered to them. People should bark up THAT tree." Jan 16, 15 11:04 AM

Local Push To Save Pyrrhus Concer Homestead Gaining Traction

Why didn't they do this at the beginning when the owners offered to sell them the land? " Feb 17, 15 4:39 PM

you mean the couple that bought a house after obtaining a document from the town assuring them that the house had no historical or architectural value? The same document in which the town historian recommended the house be demolished? " Feb 17, 15 9:33 PM