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Quogue women say they were mistakenly doused by Suffolk County Vector Control truck

A favorite summer evening pastime in my mother's neighborhood when she was a child was running behind the mosquito truck.... " Aug 28, 09 10:29 PM

Homeowners want DEC to expedite remediation of Speonk plume

Katherine, the smell could be from the asphalt plant less than 1/4 mile south of the overpass on Speonk-Rvhd Rd." Sep 23, 09 4:10 PM

For years[I don't really know how long] various SCUBA shops leased access to use the old water filled sand quarry on the south side of Old Country Rd for open water certification testing. I took my open water there, on murkiness alone it is an experience that I would not wish to repeat :-). I scanned the article again, was mention made anywhere of the quarry?" Sep 24, 09 2:35 PM

Southampton Town moves to clean up private properties

I'm with you. I called the highway department this morning when I couldn't take the garbage anymore. SIX bags of household garbage on a desolate stretch of South Country Rd as it goes between Remsenburg and Westhampton." Jan 29, 10 4:55 PM

Air Force Two damages another plane while departing Gabreski

While I can't attest to the cost, the security risk of landing either of them at a major commercial/international airport has to be astronomical. Also the delays to other planes coming in and out." Aug 12, 10 8:09 PM