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Bishop fields questions on health care reform

I do not understand all this hoopla that the government is trying to shove down our throats - they say it is to help the 47 million "Americans" that do not have health care - why don't they have health care? If they have a social secuirty # and pay their taxes there are federally funded programs for them to use - your doctor's office can help you apply. Oh wait, we aren't doing for "Americans", it would be for the illegal that DON'T have legal social security #'s and DON'T pay taxes! " Aug 26, 09 5:47 PM

Garofolo and Madrigal to perform at Bay Street

oh please, who would waste their time to listen to this skanky piece of crap? I hope she at least can wash herself and look half way presentable, and maybe have some attempt at being funny?" Sep 3, 09 12:17 PM

Swine flu vaccines hard to come by

shortage of flu shots and these morons want to run the health care system for the country? we are screwed big time!!!!!!!" Nov 14, 09 4:20 PM

Health care reform passes House with Bishop's blessing

so the govt is going to run the health care system, huh? they can't even get the flu vaccine to the public (oh wait the prisons will get them first) and we can expect the govt to give us decent health care ? all we can expect is BIG mess like social security, medicare, US post office and on and on and on....." Nov 14, 09 4:24 PM

answer to yearounder "The US post office delivers millions of pieces of mail each day. Medicare, despite problems cause by corruption, operates at rates 30% below private insurance. And since you think that social security is such a mess, why not simply refuse to accept it. Same with medicare."
well, for all the millions of mail the post office delivers and $$$ they receive they are going broke - and my mail gets messed up more times than I can say (the idiot postal worker can't tell the difference between #6 and #7 across the lane), medicare is BILLIONS of dollars in the hole and not all of it is corruption (and why aren't we fixing that??? because politicians may be in on the corruption??) and if they were a private insurance company they would be kaputsky, and yes I would refuse the social security if they give me back every dollar I have paid into it over the past 35 years but won't even be able to collect when i am of age in 12 more years - so how does all that work for you??? Sounds like you are either a postal worker (have your gun ready??)or you are already taking my share of medicare and social security - wait till Bishop gets done, tell me how you like the you know what job you are getting..." Nov 15, 09 6:18 PM

Brookhaven Town Councilman Keith Romaine dies unexpectedly

God bless Keith and his family - our prayers are with you" Nov 15, 09 6:40 PM

Altschuler Concedes Congressional Race To Bishop

All our best wishes to Randy - there is always next time. As for Timmy Boy - this better be your wake up call, you have made alot of us unhappy stop being the lap dog and work for us, the voters!!!!" Dec 8, 10 11:37 AM