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First-Quarter CPF Revenues Are Up On East End

I think we are at a time where it is clear there is few more parcels of land available for what the CPF was originally intended for. If more pop up ..great , buy the open space to preserve it. In the meantime, why doesnt the town buy houses that are on the open market that would make good year round rentas for the actual people who want to work and live here. I heavily doubt the CPF will ever be removed . We should start to preserve our community by helping those that contribute to the area ( volunteer EMT, firefighters , police , teachers , people with jobs out here). There are a high number of people who need 3 bed 2 bath houses for thier familes to attend our schools . Without the foundation of a good community we have nothing. " May 1, 14 9:54 AM

Of course the tenants of these houses would pay a rent. The houses would be put on a lottery system . For example if they already worked in the area or had children in our school system they may be in line for a property that fit thier need of proximity of job and school.
We should also explore the option of town buying houses with the CPF and selling as town housing . Kind of like the article on Camp Hero. Hell it worked for those families! " May 1, 14 10:00 AM

Sag Harbor Board Delays Discussion Of Ban On Sunday Construction, Summer Leaf Blowing

This is insane....just insane. If these people coming out here want all these changes maybe they should consider the fact that THEY changed it !! The blowers are servicing the 2nd homeowners!!! The whole village can't shut off because you are "out". Go buy some real acreage up state and get the peace and queit you want. YOU turned the village into a mini Manhattan , NOW you want to turn the clock back......toooooo late!!!" Feb 11, 16 8:58 PM

Planting Houses Among The Crops

Not a farming , fishing, racing or really any community anymore. Its really becoming a "suitcase" community. I would agree with the statement "you can't hold it back" though. Its a unstoppable force and more regulation just pushes back a few. Most of them you can't stop." May 1, 16 7:14 PM

Southampton Town Project Makes Farmland Affordable

agreed. That is what it is there for. " Jul 31, 16 6:50 AM

Racing Enthusiasts Eager To Have A New Drag Strip On Long Island

Its about time we get back to our roots!!!!! Bridgehampton was taken from us , same as Westhampton. We need a place to go have some real fun. Maybe we can squeeze a motocross track in there too!!!" May 24, 17 8:31 PM

Captain's Row House In Sag Harbor Is A Preservation Success Story

Excellent!! Good for all of you guys involved!! " Dec 16, 17 5:55 PM

Elm Street Residents Upset About Noise Levels From Southampton Village Club

Nightlife did NOT make the Hamptons. Honestly, by calling it the Hamptons you contribute to what it has become. Personally thats not something I think anyone should be proud of. It was way cooler when you said you lived or visited or stayed in Southampton or Easthampton or Water Mill etc... "The Hamptons" will eventually destroy its own community. " Dec 30, 17 6:39 PM

Southampton Village Approves Ban On Summertime Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Use

Its understandable . I dont live in the village. We have all seen guys walking around with a blower full throttle and accomplishing absolutely nothing. It's a shame it has come to this . If people were a little more considerate and a little less worried about charging out hours it may not have come to this. It seems to be against our basic rights to enjoy our properties especially if we do not hire help. Oh well , another notch for the fun being taken away. " Apr 24, 19 1:50 PM

The Overtourism Conundrum

Greenport has it down.I take my family there every week for dinner on the boat. Its still cheaper than going into Sag Harbor which is where we live. There is more to do in Greenport . Sag Harbor has that potential. Sag Harbor is falling into the same trap Southampton did years ago. Take away the cool local spots little by little and there is no foundation for a year round village. " Jun 13, 19 7:09 AM

Southampton Town Board Rejects Food Trucks At Farmstands, Though Not Unanimously

If the town is not going to allow this sort of thing than they need to take a hard look at rezoning or change of use proposals from business people looking to create something. Main street rent prices are never going to allow small business to start up. Its an absolute hassle to access any of our villages . I think anyone who lives out here can agree we have to time our departures carefully to not get caught in a trade parade or general traffic in the summer months. In my opinion these food trucks offered a real service to people looking for a decent meal on the go. I understand the concerns , but there has to be some relief for people who dont want to spend $50 on lunch or spend their lunch break waiting 30 minutes just to get somewhere to order . I think SOME of these government folks are a little out of touch of what makes this place tick. " Aug 15, 19 8:18 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Continue To Face Roadblocks From The Town When Hiring Full Time Employees

Very frustrating if you live on one of these roads.... The repairs that are done by the trustees are completely inadequate and very temporary. Filling in potholes that literally come right back in just a couple weeks. Drainage is horrible, tree pruning for utility lines doesnt seem to exist, did I mention potholes? Some of these roads have turned into well used access or cut through roads used by the general public. A lot of these roads also give the general public access to preserves, water and trails. To ask how the improvement of these road would serve the general public shows true disconnect. From what I have seen over 20 years living on one of these road the Trustees do not have the machinery nor the man power to service these roads properly. " Aug 17, 19 10:50 AM