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Southampton Students Protest Failed Merger Vote

The only real memorable event that has happened at WHB school district this year is that they hired a sexual predator that was caught filming girls in the locker room. They then suspended the guy with pay at $80,000 per year. Yeah, sure does sound like Shangri La." Nov 1, 13 5:04 PM

On behalf of the students and the school that you have rabidly disparaged for years, you can keep your fake support. You can, however, take solace in the fact that you see yourself as a martyr. You voted for these kids in the face of everyone consciously voting against you. We also don't teach our children to endlessly lob false attacks at a singular person in public. To think you told some other person down below to get off their high horse is the height of hypocrisy." Nov 2, 13 7:27 AM

Why would you applaud the kids for being heard if you have no clue if they were heard because you, Jason, don't live here? Most people at 10:22 am of a work day are not commenting on an issue in a small town newspaper website for which they have no dog in the game. What is your gig that you have to fake amusement? What are you scared of Jason?" Nov 2, 13 7:33 AM