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East Hampton Hoops Coaching Legend Ed Petrie Dies

Hated playing against Howard, Kenny, the Petrie brothers and Scott as they ruined an otherwise very good season for Westhampton, but we always admired the way Coach Petrie prepared his teams and valued his players. RIP Coach Petrie.
" May 26, 15 11:54 AM

UPDATE: Shultz Still Ahead Following Southampton Trustee Absentee Ballot Count

Congratulations to Eric and thank you to Jim Hulme, Gary Weber and Rose Lowe for representing me at the absentee ballot opening. I appreciate the support I received from the voters and have been proud to serve on the Trustees the past two years.
" Nov 17, 15 8:55 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Ready To Hand Over Beach Permit Duties To Villages

A strong strategy would be for the various village residents to approach their own Village boards and request they adopt the Trustee beach driving rules in their entirety. This should include recognizing the Trustee vehicle permits for operation within the Village boundaries. This would eliminate any possible confusion and also initiate better cooperation between the Trustees and the Village Boards.
" Feb 17, 16 7:43 PM

Wright Steps Down As Southampton Town GOP Committee Chairman; Hagan Elected To Post

Congrats Damon and thank you Bill.
" Mar 11, 16 9:17 AM

Southampton Town Will Not Receive $3 Million Grant To Raise Dune Road

If the decision by the Governor's office to remove Southampton from consideration for this funding was indeed due to the Highway Superintendent's comment, this is truly a loss for the taxpayers. We should expect our elected officials to work together to secure funding to benefit needed projects within our community, whatever they may be. Both the raising of Dune Road through Quogue/East Quogue and road improvements in the Flanders/Riverside are needed and the Supervisor and Highway Superintendent should have been able to cooperate sufficiently to make certain these funds were awarded to Southampton. My experience is these little turf battles occur far too often within the borders of Southampton." Apr 14, 16 2:39 AM

Southampton Town Water Protection Plan Adopted After Years Of Review

Unfortunately, this is a piece of legislation that, as previously proposed and as now passed, will have little to no impact on water quality issue as it deals only with properties/land use regulation within the jurisdiction of Southampton Town. For it to have any meaningful impact, the villages within the Town of Southampton need to be active participants as well. It is doubtful as Village input and cooperation was not really sought during the drafting of this legislation." May 5, 16 5:35 PM

Town Trustees Reject Offer To Work With Moriches Bay Project

I'm hoping that this article is incomplete as Cornell Co-Operative depends upon other organizations to fund their efforts. Stony Brook/Southampton is obviously led by Chris Gobler, who has been very successful in obtaining grant money to support their efforts in Shinnecock/Tiana. They have had, however, no interest in expanding their scope to include Quantuck, Moniebogue and Moriches Bays in the western end of the Town. For the past two years, Moriches Bay Project was coordinating by supplying Cornell Co-Operative both volunteers and funding for various projects and the Trustee board provided limited funding to Cornell for seeding clams in 3-4 sections of Moriches Bay. Other than that, Moriches has been virtually ignored and I am concerned that by this agreement will again see little effort made to address the water quality issues that exist.
" May 5, 16 5:50 PM

UPDATE: Discovery Land Changes Time Of Saturday Informational Meeting

According to Dr. Gobler's various reports on the State of the Bay (specifically Shinnecock/Tiana, the most significant area of nitrogen loading impacting the bay comes from the 100's of houses that ring the north side of the East Quogue/Hampton Bays perimeter. Specifically in the main section is Shinnecock Shores, Pine Neck Landing, etc. Why is it that when the focus on reducing nitrogen impact is discussed at a Civic Association meeting, stopping a new project is the focus. Why isn't pushing existing homeowners into upgrading their systems the key element on the agenda? Just saying.
" Jun 9, 16 10:15 PM

KKK Recruitment Fliers Found In Westhampton Beach And Quogue Villages

Greg Wehner is a solid young writer who has been working at the Southampton Press for over a year. From my time as a Town Trustee, I found Greg's articles to be very balanced and well researched. As far as the flyers being distributed in Westhampton Beach, whoever distributed them should be ashamed of themselves. It was designed to create fear within the community and I know groups like this are not supported.
" Jul 24, 16 7:02 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Police Union Bosses Call For Police Chief Hire From Within Department

I urge the Supervisor and Board to remember the last time the chief was hired from outside the department. Those 18 months set Southampton Town back considerably on the community policing efforts. The chief and the department need to recognize they work for the community not the community working for the chief. Bob Pierce has led the department with the sense of humility and understanding necessary to restore morale within the department and trust within the majority of the community. My own recommendation would be to appoint Captain Schurek when Chief Pierce retires and let Chief Skrynecki find his retirement safety net within one of the community departments in Nassau County.
" Sep 9, 16 6:13 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Releases Proposed $94.7 Million Budget For 2017

Completed a quick look through the budget. Lots of funding for technology and studies, but little to no money allocated to needed capital improvements to the deteriorating infrastructure. There will be a price to pay sometime soon unless various projects get undertaken very soon.
" Sep 22, 16 1:54 PM

George, unfortunately, I am not looking at those items. Its great that we hold the tax line, but when you review where the money is going, its all about technology and studies. I am looking at town facilities so badly in need of repair that they require the facilities to be closed because they are inherantly unsafe to the public. The pier at the end of Baycrest Avenue (Trustee controlled) and the adjoining bulkhead (Town controlled) are both deteriorated, the pier so badly that the end of it is fenced off. Of course, kids will still be out there fishing, but if someone falls and gets hurt, Southampton Town will be liable as they have been notified on numerous occasions of the poor condition. The Old American Legion Hall in Westhampton used to be able to host meetings. Now it is in such poor condition, no events may be held there. If the former Bauer property was held by a private developer, they would have been forced to either fence off or raze the residence. The old Ponquogue Bridge approaches in Hampton Bays (now fishing piers) require long overdue repairs in order to be safe. The pavillions at both Ponquogue and Tiana Beaches are horrendous. Culverts and storm drains rarely are addressed under routine maintenance schedules. Yet the Town continues to acquire property to protect it from developers. I realize most of these properties are acquired under CPF funds which allow for very little maintenance, but this is starting to become a disgrace. " Sep 24, 16 8:17 AM

Westhampton Beach Officials Oppose Suggested Shortening Of Rock Jetties

Based upon some quick math, that means the total length of the 15 existing groins is slightly under 7,000 feet. If the existing groins are all modified to a lenght of 380 lineal feet, the total length would be 5700 feet. How about using the remaining 1300 feet of material to create additional groins heading east from Moriches Inlet. The original design for the groin project was to commence adjacent to Moriches and head east to Shinnecock. Its long been my belief that if this design had not been altered due to political pressure, the barrier beach between the inlets would have been a more stable environment." Sep 30, 16 1:01 PM

Senior Services Director Retires After 30 Years With Southampton Town

Pam was a godsend to my father and family during my mother's battle with Alzheimers. We can never thank her enough for her paitence and understanding. I wish her the best in her retirement.

" Jan 21, 17 10:06 AM

Eastport Fire Department's Secret Recipe For Barbecue Success: The Volunteers

Just like every year, I'm looking forward to it
" Aug 4, 17 4:39 PM

Southampton Supervisor Candidate Ray Overton Supports 'The Hills At Southampton' Application

Just to be accurate, the shirt I am wearing in the photo is a US Women's Open Golf tournament shirt that was part of the volunteer uniform. I paid the USGA for the uniform and the privilege of volunteering for 3 days at the US Women's Open at Sebonack. Great opportunity to watch great golf up close." Aug 23, 17 1:43 PM

First Big Piece Of Fish Farm Puzzle Arrives On East End

I urge people to look at www.mannafishfarms.com for more information on this style of aquaculture. The concepts behind it are totally different than what most people see as a fish farm. This is the type of innovative development that can have significant benefits while minimizing negative consequences. " Sep 9, 17 10:12 AM

Schneiderman, Overton Tackle Issues In Southampton Town Supervisor Debate

I'd like to clarify my points on funding for the Trustees. Coming up with an actual tax line for the Trustees requires legislation in Albany. Based upon the current political climate in Albany and being a realist, I don't see this legislation gaining approval. This doesn't mean the Trustees don't need funding for their work. The question becomes how to provide funding that the Trustees, not the Town Board controls. My suggestion would determine what value the designation of "waterfront" provides to the overall assessed valuation of town-wide property values and assign that value to the Trustees to manage. " Oct 20, 17 10:44 AM

TB, I apologize. I did not see your response until just now. First, my pessimism from Albany revolves around the Governor's stated desire to reduce (not increase) the number of taxing entities within New York. Update lawmakers do not have the greatest regard for the spending policies of the downstate area and I believe our representatives would not gain much traction in adding another line to the tax bill.

As far as apportionment, this is going to come from negotiation and cooperation between the Town Board and the Town Trustees. And should the Trustees not be appropriate in their management of these funds, the entire board is up for ballot consideration every two years. From my own experience, the majority of the people on the board are not into overspending, but want to be able to adequately provide for the projects they are supposed to oversee.

" Oct 29, 17 2:26 PM

Dr. Gobler Includes Fertigation In Updated Environmental Report On 'The Hills'

I don't mind when people don't agree with my stance on issues, but I am bothered when people purposely misrepresent what I have said in a debate. First and foremost, I am not and have not ever been an employee of a golf course developer. I was employed by Mount Snow LTD in West Dover, VT. Part of our resort holdings included a golf course and as part of our management team that dealt with budgets, I came to understand both construction and maintenance of courses. In particular, I became close friends with the Golf Course superintendents and regularly picked their brains about course maintenance. Its why I can state with certainty that certified superintendents are extremely conscious of the environment and how their efforts can reduce or eliminate that impact. As far as 4 lane superhighways, I have stated that IF we are truly looking to address and reduce the traffic backup regularly experienced on CR 39 and Montauk Highway east of the canal, additional lanes somewhere needed to be a consideration as public transportation could not address the trade parade. Not considering that option means we are willing to accept the ongoing backups from April - October every morning. Please do not try to mislead the public with your inaccurate statements.
" Nov 2, 17 6:07 PM

Scalera Votes Against Schneiderman's $99 Million Southampton Town Budget; Spending Plan Approved Anyway

During the campaign, I pointed out the significant increase in both the Supervisor and Deputy Supervisor's salaries in this budget. In response to the writer's inquiry, the current Supervisor said he would reduce his salary if the Town Board thought the increase was too much. Wonder if he actually ever made that offer to the Board?

" Nov 23, 17 1:40 PM

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