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UPDATE: Southampton Voters Overwhelmingly Defeat Merger Proposal In Straw Vote Tuesday

I'm not a resident in Southampton. I live in Amityville. Currently the school district here (as in every other place) has taxed us above & beyond the actual $ amount necessary to educate children. Schools are big business that use children for bait to convince adults to continually spend more money on their programs/teachers/pensions/healthcare/etc. Every year, this exorbitant tax bill increases. School districts are a self-feeding bureaucracy that will never stop until people demand to re-organize the system. What's best for children is a loving home with involved parents and plenty of playmates. ." Oct 30, 13 11:41 AM

Preliminary Tuckahoe, Southampton School Merger Vote To Take Place Tuesday

Don't do it Southampton. After the honeymoon is over, you'll be paying higher taxes forever. And don't let them tire you out with constantly putting it up for yet another vote." Nov 13, 14 3:19 PM