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Father Says Son Injured During Hampton Bays Football Locker Room Incident

I don't remember the team lacking in discipline when I played on it in the 80's. The AD is responsible for ensuring the athletes are safe and all reasonable issues are dealt with to create a safe environment at the facilities. This includes making the coaches responsible for the conduct of the players in the locker room. Why do the players have the ability to turn out the lights? Why dont the coaches notice this when it happens? Why has it been done several times? The coaches need to be disciplined by the AD. The AD needs to be reprimanded for allowing this to happen. A flying chair could permanently disable someone. This is not a safe environment for the athletes. " Nov 11, 13 11:12 AM

Army Corps $6 Million Replenishment Plan For Downtown Montauk Beaches Disappoints

The shorelines constantly move naturally. Why do people other than the coastal communities have to pay for a temporary fix to fight the inevitable movement of the coastline? The individuals and business owners should pay their own bills for repairs and insurance. " Apr 24, 14 8:42 AM

As Housing Prices Rise, Younger People Take Off

I left in 1987 for college in SC and haven't moved back. Earned a degree in engineering. There are no jobs and housing is too high to afford especially after taxes. Forget about starting a family. NIMBY did this and the over taxing of the people. My wife's family still live in SH and only can do so since they have kept their old inherited farms and homesteads in the family. My family started leaving in the 80's. We now live in VA, DE and SC. We are almost all gone from NY now. My mother in law moved from SH Village a few years ago to SC with us because the property taxes were double what I pay.

Also there is no big move for youth to move to urban environments. We wanted to stay in the rural /suburban areas we grew up in but they have disappeared in NY now. " Apr 30, 14 3:54 PM

Remsenburg Residents Consider Hiring Bow Hunters To Thin Deer Herd

Double standard - The hunter has to be 150' from a building to use his bow. That is not the minimum spacing between the houses." May 7, 14 3:20 PM

Proposed Southampton Town Plastic Bag Ban Comes Up Empty

To understand this you need to go back to the original brown paper bags. Why did we ever switch? Those bags allowed you to put all of your groceries in one bag, they were recyclable and biodegradable with in a few months. They were reused as book covers, for painting, frying food, and many more uses. Instead of this we switched to only plastic bags with 2 to 3 items each needing a dozen bags for an order which blow around and degrade over years. So we now are told we should have reuseable bags. Thats great when you can plan a trip but thats not always possible. The greater tragedy is the holier than thou self styled elites removing any choice for the public. Buying garbage bags for the landfill. Wake up the rest of the world believes you can make the right choice for yourself. I guess you need to do it as they do in Manhattan to feel better about yourselves." Jul 24, 14 10:00 AM

Southampton Town Will Post Armed Security Guard At Public Meetings

Being accountable is part of the job. If there is a true security concern use a video conference in a secured room. The public can watch on a video screen and interact with a microphone. If there is no real concern stand and listen to the voters. Jack booted thugs shouldn't be needed to intimidate speakers.
" Jul 24, 14 10:04 AM

Bishop, Zeldin Gear Up For Rematch In November

Reading about my friends being confronted by gang Hispanic gang members this week. When are you going to elect some one to fix the problems with lawlessness and illegals roaming the streets of Southampton? Why arent the police required to enforce the laws? Are the elected officials that weak willed? I guess you get what you deserved. Glad my children aren't growing up there.
" Jul 24, 14 10:08 AM

Sag Harbor Eagle Scout Says Troop Dragged Out Project For Five Years Due To His Communication Disorder

There are opportunities for young women in BOY SCOUTING. There is are several programs many decades old that exist. Venturing, Explorer Posts and Sea Scouts are all opportunities for participation. Its easy to be lazy and not look for them and say they dont exist but youd be wrong. Perhaps you didnt see them at the National Jamboree this year too." Jul 31, 14 9:28 AM

KKK Recruitment Material Distributed Throughout Hampton Bays

And those rallies, parades and marches took place on Long Island too. I have seen photos of that taking place in Eastport. I have found living in the South and having grown up in HB that the racism in the North far exceeds that in the modern South. Northerners just cant seem to admit that they are fallible." Aug 26, 14 11:56 AM

Eastport's Last Duck Farm Is Closing Its Doors

Sad to see another family operation be put out of business by more regulations. I might be inclined to agree that water quality regs related to duck farming are necessary if it wasnt for the fact that thousands of Canadian geese allowed to foul the waters of the island year round and strip grass from the ground which also makes water quality worse.are ignored. If allowed there are ways to collect waste from free range farms and probably a way to profit by selling the waste. Our fearless regulators cowed by environmental activists would rather force smaller operations to close." Sep 18, 14 11:28 AM

Southampton Board Of Education Votes To Reject State Grant To Extend School Day

So whats the ultimate solution to fix the schools? Lets not keep them in school longer because its inconvenient. The teachers would have to work more. Its expensive? The expense argument is hilarious since there is no bounds to school spending.

Do you kick this down the road for another generation until these pols are out of office and your kids are not in school there anymore? " Oct 8, 14 8:49 AM

East Hampton Town Hopes To Have Plastic Bag Ban In Effect Next Year

Recycled paper bags are no threat to the environment. Banning plastic bags is laughable. It makes you feel good about yourself though when you re-use the cloth bags.
" Oct 8, 14 8:53 AM

Its laughable because you had a solution with paper bags years ago. Had everyone stuck with the paper bags there wouldn't be an issue. Paper bags decompose faster than plastic and at worse break down into pulp. Paper bags can use the endless recycled waste stream that accumulates because it has little value. Paper bags are stronger than plastic bags and could be substituted for plastic bags at a 4-6 to one ratio. Mandating anything will not fix the problem. Ask businesses to switch back to paper. Dont shop at the business that refuse to change. How about fines for littering? " Oct 8, 14 6:47 PM

Why spend money growing hemp when there are acres of discarded paper to be recycled which uses no energy to initially produce and costs nothing to use? I guess you want to smoke the hemp. Paper bags are cheap to use and produce. " Oct 8, 14 11:24 PM

Southampton Town Seeking Landlords For Rental Housing Program

You do realize NYC was a huge hub for a fleet of slave trading ships and financiers for generations far past it being made illegal in the state. Sorry you don't get to claim innocence." Oct 8, 14 11:29 PM

Southampton Town And Village Police Forces Receive Former Military Equipment

Phil I think you fundamentally misunderstand how the constitution works. The US constitution is to be applied to the actions of the Federal government and its agents. The NY state constitution is what you should be quoting here since it is what applies in a stop by the SHPD or similar police. Look at the state constitution for the rights granted to NY State citizens not the US Constitution." Nov 4, 14 8:58 AM

The conspiracy is the poor economic policy decisions made by the Obama administration driving demand for gas lower." Nov 4, 14 9:00 AM

Southampton Town Gets $1 Million For Tiana Ocean Levee To Protect Dune Road

$1million that will end up being washed away. Hard to fight the ocean.
" Dec 3, 14 3:29 PM

Homeowners Could Help Fund Dune Road Raising

The best way to fix the problem is to deny future building on the barrier beaches by rezoning the properties. Buying the properties as they become available and letting the beaches move as they will do naturally. Beach access would be maintained and opened to the public along Dune Road. Building there should have never been permitted. The taxpayers in the Town, State and nation are now saddled with beach nourishment plans and endless fees. There will be new inlets and the bays will be naturally changing over time. To fight this is pointless unless egos and lawyers for those homeowners get involved. They built on a moving island subject to flooding sorry if others are not willing to fix it for you." Dec 11, 14 8:33 AM

Southampton Town Board Ready To Make Decision On Canoe Place Inn Plan

Funny you mention that public use of the restaurants along the canal. Seems to me the revolving carousel of businesses along the canal must have been full of normal folks eating and drinking there. Fact of the matter is you shouldnt be allowed to access the canal on that side because its a hazard to navigation of the canal. Adding drunk patrons does not help. I have seen quite a few close calls there when the locks are open and boats are passing. Kayaks in the middle of boat traffic are dangerous too. Kayaks are not easily seen by a motor boat not can they get out of the way if needed. The entire other side is still open for fishing access." Dec 15, 14 8:40 AM

It makes alot of more sense to treat multiple properties at one site than the have multiple cesspools on site. The treatment plants are far more efficient than a cesspool and certainly multiple cesspools. " Dec 15, 14 8:44 AM

A guy from Manorville talking about how to develop properly and responsibly? The reason Long Island is dieing a slow death is simply for selfish reasons. The not in my back yard attitude is making it almost impossible to allow anyone born on LI to stay and raise a family. The multitudes of people who moved from Manhattan to eastern LI now want everything to stay the way it was when they moved in. Forget about people needing affordable housing, new roads, and even a new drug store on the corner. Keep fiddling with Deer Contraceptives and Plastic Bag Bans while LI burns. This is why things have changed for the worse and most of us who were born and raised on LI dont live there now. " Dec 15, 14 8:51 AM

Did you ever think to ask why people wont stay to reside and raise families in Hampton Bays? I moved originally to find work and stayed to raise my family in a better atmosphere. The HB I grew up in no longer exists. Its been gone for a while. LI is a demographic time bomb. It will only take one or two more generations before you have squeezed all but the newly arrived from NYC living there and the drones to service them. The I have mine and not in my back yard approach of many is part of the problem. Pcone enjoy your HB. " Dec 16, 14 9:17 AM

'Safe Room' Packages Developing For South Fork Clients

I have been through many hurricanes big and small. They are nothing to take lightly. The safest place to be is in an evacuation area. Houses cannot stand up to the wind and are not able to protect anyone from the storm surge. Evacuate out of the area. If you survive and when you get out of your safe room, the house will be gone. You still need food shelter and water. Very limited in the community and in a shelter after a storm. If you can afford a safe room, go to CT or somewhere in a nice hotel for a few days ahead of the storm. Don't be arrogant and stay. Any storm will be able to flatten your house and kill you." Jan 7, 15 1:36 PM

By all means if they want to spend the money for it its their decision. Just dont expect to be able to demand the first responders to take care of you since you didn't evacuate to a safe area with services like water and electricity." Jan 8, 15 8:38 AM

Water Mill Home With Rooftop Tennis Court Being Built

"Working with only 2.1 acres, architect Phil Rossillo designed a beautiful 13,000-square-foot home that can have it all without using up all the land"

What a hardship.Have to love architects." Jan 8, 15 8:40 AM

Nitrex System Promises Big Results, Minimal Odor

Again the major points are missed by everyone.

The largest source of pollutants in the waters and water table on Long Island is from surface runoff. Nitrates from lawn fertilizers contribute to the algae blooms and in turn remove the oxygen from the waters. Fertilizers can wash as much as 60-85% of applied material downstream into the runoff., In turn this is collected in the bays. Sediment also washed in to the bays can cause problems with cloudy waters and can also reduce the oxygen content. Excessive runoff also can change the salinity of the water. All of these factors should be more of a concern than they apparently are.

Pollution from waste water pails in comparison. The first inch of runoff from every storm is polluted with sediment, oils, fertilizer and chemicals. This is directly discharged in the bays. Thats where the majority of pollutants lie. In other words approximately 485 gallons of pollutants are discharged from a one acre site in every rain event over one inch of precipitation. Multiply this over the drainage area draining to the bays and you can see how the volume of the pollutants from runoff is vastly more of a problem than septic fields." Jan 9, 15 8:38 AM

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