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East Quogue School District Tax Rate Nearly Double Original Estimates

The rate of inflation in the U.S. is 1.5% right now. The prime rate is 3.25%. Median Household income is down 4.4% versus a year ago, but the school budget is up 9%? If those growth rates all held at these levels, I will be paying 100% of my income after Federal and State Income Taxes to school taxes in only 12 years. These are the people we have entrusted to teach our children Mathematics. " Oct 18, 13 4:35 PM

Federal Shutdown Hurts Shinnecocks, Threatens Brookhaven Lab

I feel bad that there is so much hope for Obamacare. It really will not work. Insurance models are extremely complex and insurance companies were not just charging what they charged out of "greed." Similar to a business that charges $10 for a product it costs $20 to make, it will crumble because the numbers don't work.

I am surprised though that so many people were willing to believe that the way to fix a system where health care costs are rising too fast is to add 50 million people who likely need full subsidies yet "if you like your coverage, you can keep it, nothing is going to change for you." I mean really? We still haven't as a nation realized that this was optimistic salesmanship and not really all that true? Really?" Oct 18, 13 5:01 PM

Proposed Benefits For 'The Hills At Southampton' Planned Development District

LOL - I would have paid no mind to this issue if it weren't for seeing this list of bribes. I don't need to know anything else. Anything that requires this much graft has got to be massively negative for us residents." Jul 30, 15 5:09 PM

East Quogue School Superintendent Acknowledges Benefits From Hills Development

Look, I can't speak for everyone, but I personally don't want the development here, plain and simple. I moved my family out here because of the open space and to get away from all of the development and congestion. I don't want concrete mixers, dump trucks, 18 wheelers and heavy construction equipment rolling up and down the streets my kids play on and travel for the next few years. I don't want so much earth being moved near my house and disturbing the creatures and water supply. And after it is all built, our booby prize is another few hundred summer revelers congesting the area every year and more private jet flights screeching overhead into Gabreski. The fact that they have to offer so many bribes to so many people and organizations is not a sign that they are community friendly. The community has been pretty vocally against the development, if they were community friendly, they wouldn't proceed. " Sep 24, 15 5:48 PM

Vigil For Murdered Immigrant Held In Patchogue While Trump Appears At Fundraiser Down The Road

You guys sure throw the word racist around quite liberally. Being against illegal immigration doesn't mean you are a racist. Suggesting a temporary halt of immigration from war torn muslim countries doesn't make you a racist. What exactly do you want...open borders? " Apr 22, 16 1:12 AM

Federal Shutdown Hurts Shinnecocks, Threatens Brookhaven Lab

Well, well, well. Here we are 2 and a half years later and United Health is pulling out of Obamacare because of projected billions in losses. Seems UNH took a "GOOD, hard look" at the numbers as you suggested." Apr 22, 16 1:19 AM