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Parents Frustrated By Busing Changes At East Quogue Elementary

i know the family... and know the reasons why a bus should be provided! BTW... she did vote..... and drives mulitple children to school and is a caring mom, and wants the best education for ALL kids... unfortunatly many people in our community did not vote... for the love of god it failed by 7 votes.... my child in the eq school is a bus rider and it did not affect us, and i would not have known this was even going on. I must say a mile is rather far for small children! but thats my opinion... my childs bus is not full there is plenty of space.. and the school should have made the accomadations for small children! i dont allow my child to walk home from his bus stop! I find it so funny how everyone is slandering her... meanwhile shes fighting for her kids and has personal reasons for needing a bus... people should back off!!!! maybe this story can be the story that actually gets people off their @sses to vote!!!! oh also for the funny guy with the comment about how she can use the exercise its like really!!!! nice community... people should pull out their fangs>>> unless you know what this family has been threw you should keep your negative opinions to yourself!!! good for you Kim...." Oct 18, 13 9:46 AM