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Parents Frustrated By Busing Changes At East Quogue Elementary

I personally would not allow my 5 yr old to walk down Lewis rd.. It's a truck route.. With excessive speed... And considing there are about 3 know sex offenders residing in the area... A young child is a primary target!! All kids should be eligible for a bus... Especially young ones.. It's a different day they need to be protected.... " Oct 17, 13 11:48 AM

Another thought if she allowed her 5 yr old to walk... Would cps be involved??yes... cause it is illegal, and unsafe to have a young child unattended... It should not be allowed!! People need to get out there and vote!!! For these kids.. When I was in kindergarten he went 1/2 days and took naps " because we're still babies that cannot unable to protect ourselves... as a community WE should stick together and make sure safety is a primary concern... Ask yourself this would you allow your five yrs old walk a mile on a main rd.. With 3 sex offenders in the area??? Probably not;)" Oct 17, 13 12:10 PM

We live in a very cynical word... I don't feel it nessasary to bash a mother trying to protect her "unwell" child... Shame on you!! Different folks for different stokes! Unless you know these are terrible parents you should not pass judgement! I'm sure threw the medical documentation a buss is needed... And I'm sure this family pays taxes like every other family... I would pass the judgement on the 3 sex offenders residing in east qougue!!! It's not easy letting your voice be heard and standing up for something you believe in!!! Such as your children.... Shame on the school for not allowing kindergarten transportation... Never have I heard of such!!!! " Oct 18, 13 7:25 AM

Yes chief!! Totally agree... It is difficult and I totally sympathize with people on a fixed income or anyone struggling fot that matter!!! I don't want our taxes raised either!! And yes kids can walk if there old enough. Like 4-6 grade... And the busses that the school pays for should be packed... There is room.. Those small children should be safe guarded!! That not to much to ask for.. " Oct 18, 13 7:09 PM

You sound like a complete moron!!! Maybe you should go back to school... And get you doctor's... Comparing a child illness to a Seinfeld episode!!! Get a grip!" Oct 20, 13 8:47 AM