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State Awards $536,425 To East Hampton Town For Fiscal Efficiency

In this era of runaway corrupt government on our national and state level, Bill Wilkinson's government stands as a model to which every municipality should aspire. Mr. Cantwell, Bill's likely successor has big shoes to fill and I think he knows that.
But, the funniest thing I have read in a while is the comment above, allegedly from a resident of Detroit. Detroit, Michigan has been in financial meltdown for decades. Crime rates are in the stratosphere. Neighborhoods are regularly bulldozed because of mass abandonment. Money to keep the town functioning is so scarce that the newly elected mayor is organizing a fire sale of artworks from the city's museum just to pay some of the bills. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is what you get from decades of Democrat governance.
Just wanted to get those facts out so the above writer's comments can be taken in context. " Jun 20, 13 11:18 AM

No one was laid off. They were offered packages. Headcount was just below 400. It is now 303 and still about 150 over what it should be. The next Supervisor should indeed continue reduced the size of this still bloated government. HHS don't talk to me about civic governance. I don't even know what you mean. Lean, efficiently run government is good for the citizens and believe it or not, it is good for the staff. People sitting around with nothing to do, or with bad attitudes about their job are toxic for the hard working, committed staff. Thank God Theresa and Bill have been in office for the last 4 years. Even Governor Cuomo, who couldn't manage his way out of a paper bag at least recognizes true leadership. I shudder to think what will now happen when this government is turned back to the Dems. As I said above, just look at Detroit, Michigan. It is the model for Democrat "civic" governance. I pray Mr. Cantwell has the fortitude to do what is right. " Jun 21, 13 3:40 PM

"Repugnant personalities." Wow, that is deep, man. You really know how to make a point. I am not sure how NYC got out of bankruptcy without that level of intellectual give and take.

With 30 years government experience, managing staff and managing budgets larger than EH Town's budget I forget in one afternoon, more than your entire universe of knowledge about what you call "civic governance." You ain't got a clue, pal.

But, this week has brought such joy to me, seeing Bill's efforts and the Town's taxpayers rewarded with such great recognition by Governor Cuomo, a Democrat's Democrat. Even more than that joy, is the absolute delight at seeing so many Dems' heads explode over this recognition. Things must be really, really bad in that hate filled part of Democrat land, when people that don't even live in East Hampton display their full blown rage, and extraordinary ignorance, at a big win for taxpayers. This is so much fun, I feel guilty for my joy. " Jun 22, 13 11:15 PM

HHS, don't ever, EVER presume to know what I believe. Anyone who is not man enough to use their real name should never guess what honest people believe and are thinking. So, here are some facts. FACTS something I know you are not equipped to deal with. But, here we go. Ready? In May I appeared on a panel hosted by the Group for Good Government (GGG) discussing whether East Hampton should hire a Town Manager. To prepare, I did some research as one of my fellow panelists was the Town Manager from Mamronek, NY, a town that many people believe East Hampton should emulate. I hadn't given East Hampton's budget and headcount much thought before my research. But, I found that Mamronek, with a full time population of 28,000 (East Hampton has 22,000) has a budget of $32 million and a headcount of, now get this HHS, look at me when I am talking, an HC of 130. That is clearly a goal that the next few Supervisors should try to attain. Also, our $70 million budget should be reduced to about $40 million and Personal Services is the biggest part of any budget.

What is morally degenerate, HHS, is asking taxpayers, who are struggling just to feed their families in this economy, to fund an out of control bureaucracy. No need to fire staff, but having a planned reduction and not back filling positions, definitely should be a goal. Taxpayers need relief and they deserve an efficient and well run government. " Jun 23, 13 10:17 PM

East Hampton Town Democrats, Republicans Question Each Others' Campaign Finance Filings

Further to mrmako61's comments. The Democrat 2013 Committee has been running radio ads on WLNG (and perhaps other stations) well before the July 12th deadline to the BOE, against Dominick Stanzione. Now the reason that I know this, is because the Dems are using a line from a private email that I sent to the East Hampton Town Republican Committee that was leaked to the press in 2012. I don't have a problem with them using the line as the leaker put that email in the public domain. But, what I do have a problem with is Mr. Kelly either saying that they did not run the ads, both print and radio, before the July 12 deadline, or even worse, he was given credit by the local media outlets to run all of these print and radio ads, without ever having to pay for them. Now, my experience as a treasurer for a local campaign was that those ads,run on the radio stations and in print (to this newspaper and the others) had to be paid for either in advance, or contemporaneously with the ad running. If Mr. Kelly is being extended credit on his campaigns, then I think there is an interesting story here in that standards for payment are different for Republicans and Democrats. But if the standards are the same, and the Democrats have written checks to the local media, why are those expenditures not reflected on Schedule F of their campaign finance filings? I think the voters have a right to know just what is going on here. Do we have separate standards for political parties, or are the Democrats guilty of serious campaign finance infractions and being less than truthful to the voters. " Jul 30, 13 9:44 PM

Kabot Wins Conservative Primary By One Vote

Mr. Keith, what a breath of fresh air you are in this often times, sleazy world of politics. Also, thanks for having the guts to be a conservative member of the press. Stepping aside for the will of the people (even if it is only six people) is leadership and I pray that you will be very much a part of the political dialogue in months and years to come. I am delighted that at least in Southampton, there will be an actual election, unlike in East Hampton where a bungling Republican leadership orchestrated a coronation of a Democrat. We need true, honest, bold colored discussions of the issues and I look forward to Southampton's election to do just that. Mr. Keith, again, as others have said, you are an incredible class act. " Sep 24, 13 10:42 PM

Local Ballerinas Dance Their Ways Into Top Summer Programs

Studio 3 is an excellent dance school. Although I am a senior citizens, I take ballet class there regularly, having studied ballet when I was younger. As a kid in Brooklyn, I was incredibly lucky to have an excellent teacher and was also lucky to have studied in Manhattan schools as well. The dance education at Studio 3 is as good as any school I attended. I have been lucky enough to take class with some of these young ladies featured in the article, and I can tell you, over the last years, I have watched them develop into absolutely beautiful dancers under the training of teachers Diane and Meredith Shumway. This mother and daughter team know their stuff, have professional backgrounds and are committed to their dancers whether they are young or senior citizens as myself. We on the east end are very lucky to have Studio 3 and I urge young and old alike to come and take class. I can attest that even at 62 years their classes keep me young and in great shape. " Mar 27, 14 1:03 PM

East Hampton Town Supervisor Proposes $71.5 Million Budget For 2015

Ah yes, Camp2016, it is a wonderful thing when public servants can grow in their jobs. Some might say the use of the word "grow" is just political spin for a campaign promise made to voters and abandoned upon election. But let's not quibble over words. Grow, lie, mislead, it's all in the heat of a political campaign, no? I am sure Council members Van Scoyac and Overby will be explaining to the voters, especially the voters in the Springs, that their leaves will never be bagged as they promised because they have "grown" and and are now flexible in their taxpayer funded jobs. They might also explain to the voters that in a budget of $71.5 million with an anticipated two percent tax increase, there just wasn't enough "growth" in that budget to restore the leaf program." Sep 30, 14 12:24 AM

Mr. Morey, before the Democrats brought East Hampton Town to financial ruin with a nearly $30 million deficit (out of a $70 million budget), the Town used to take away leaves in the fall for town residents. On the precipice of bankruptcy the Wilkinson administration had to make severe budget cuts and the so-called Leaf Program was one of those cuts. When they ran for office in 2011, Overby, VanScoyoc and the Democrats promised to restore the Leaf Program. Failing to keep their campaign promise to the voters, the FY 2015 Democrat administration budget has not restored the Program.

And Camp 2016 according the the newspapers, Alex Walter will receive a 33 percent salary increase. So, Board Watcher was off by about 30 percent. With out of control increases like that, this administration won't be receiving another $536,425 government efficiency grant from the Governor Cuomo, as did the Wilkinson administration. BTW where is that revenue projected in the budget submission? I see $178,808 a portion of that grant, reflected in the FY2014 budget but it is zeroed out in FY 2015. Why? Hopefully, some enterprising reporter will ask the current administration that question. " Oct 2, 14 2:12 PM

Good afternoon, Camp2016. So much juicy stuff to respond to. But let's just stick with the budget. 1. Budget items, should be fully and appropriately funded. Low balling Mr. Walter's salary and then playing some kind of catch up game is not a professional way to handle a budget. 2. Since the Town is currently in collective bargaining negotiations, it's generally not a good idea to give your political appointee a 33 percent salary increase. It weakens your hand with the unions, when the Executive should be trying to get the best deal for the taxpayers. 3. Quoting you: "No protected employee is getting a 2.79 percent increase." Giving a political appointee a 33 percent increase just might have a negative effect on employee morale since in most cases, staff will never see that kind of increase, no matter how hard they work. 4. Most taxpayers in East Hamptonwill never see that kind of pay increase. While they struggle just to stay employed and feed their families their taxes now will be increased two percent in part to pay for Mr. Walter's increase. And we haven't even discussed fringe benefits.

Regarding the grant money. The $178,808 is shown in the FY2014 Actual YTD and the Projected. Why wasn't it rolled into FY2015? It has been zeroed out of that particular budget line. Are you suggesting, Camp2016, that this administration is hiding that money in some other budget code? Again, not a good budgeting practice. If in fact the $178,808 has been removed from the Revenue budget and will be reflected in the Capital budget as you suggest (not sure how that happens since the Capital budget is funded though the issuance of bonds) then there should be a note in the Revenue budget reflecting that action. When nearly $200,000 in revenue that is part of a $500,000+ grant just disappears from the budget, that indeed is a mystery.

But Len Bernard is a good budget director and I am sure there is an explanation out there. I was just asking the question.

" Oct 3, 14 1:06 PM

UPDATE: Travel Restrictions Lifted But Residents Asked To Stay Off Roadways As Recovery Continues

Thank you PSE&G for keeping the lights on, the heat cranking and keeping everyone safe. Those new poles and substation really helped. Thanks again. " Jan 27, 15 10:31 AM

The Southampton Highway chief needs to take a page out of the book of our East Hampton Highway chief, Steve Lynch. When Lynch first came into office a few years ago, he purchased highway equipment that was basically new from the federal government at a fraction of the cost. The amount of equipment he got at ridiculously low prices is a testament to how government needs to get creative and do more with less. What is says about the federal government sitting around with tons of surplus equipment is another story.
Whatever, we all need to thank all of the town employees and emergency service workers that toil around the clock to keep us safe and our towns functioning. Thank you all. " Jan 28, 15 10:53 AM

Amos Goodman Of Springs Announces Run For Suffolk Legislature

I always find these comments fascinating. First of all, how terrific is it that the East End has a candidate running for office that is younger than 50. "Toddler" is a curious word that a poster used. Amos Goodman and other younger candidates that hopefully will run are our future. It is unfortunate though, that Democrat tax and spend policies have made living on the East End unattainable for many of our young people. As to Mr. Goodman being a carpetbagger? I suspect some of these same posters voted for, perhaps contributed to and, might even have endorsed the biggest carpetbagger of them all, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Unlike Mrs. Clinton who had absolutely no ties anywhere in New York State when she ran for the United States Senate, Mr. Goodman's family ties in East Hampton go back some 60 years. Moreover, Mr. Goodman is not your politics as usual candidate. Given the recent arrests of long-time NYS politicians, our government needs people with fresh and new ideas who are not steeped in political careers.

As to the comments about Ms. Weir, she is one of the most successful and accomplished Latina women in Suffolk county and any candidate would be lucky to have her involved in their campaign. But, I am troubled why anyone would include Ms. Weir in this thread. Dragging her into this thread combined with other pejoratives about Mr. Goodman have the unmistakable whiff of anti-Hispanic and anti-gay rhetoric. And that is very, very unfortunate." Feb 9, 15 6:54 PM

Sorry Justsay'n ..I am not an official in the Tea Party. But if I were, so what? One of the things that made this country great was that people with differing views, diverse social and political backgrounds could voice their opinions freely. It is troubling that some people don't believe that anymore.

Just askin' Justsay'n, might you be an official with the Communist Party? Since, you are not courageous enough to use your own name, anything is possible.

BTW, Goodman makes his home in our community. He is a neighbor of mine just up the street. As such, he pays the exorbitant property taxes we do in Springs as well as all of the other taxes imposed by the State and County. He shops in local stores and just like the rest of us, is a contributing member of our wonderful and beautiful community. " Feb 9, 15 7:49 PM

I agree with another poster above that back biting comments often scare away potential candidates. But, that is politics today on all levels and getting involved in the political process is not for the faint of heart. That said, Chris Nuzzi is a terrific young man. I supported him in his last election. He comes from a wonderful East Hampton family and as such he is a very important and valued member of our community. I am very disappointed that he did not screen with the EHTRC last week. Indeed, many of his other supporters like myself did not know he was interested in seeking the position. As such, Mr. Goodman did screen and has reached out to a number of committee members and party leaders in advance of that screening. He is doing his due diligence. I have given Mr. Goodman my commitment not only with a straw vote taken by our Committee last week, but also in personal assurances as well. I believe he will make a good candidate as well as a fine county legislator. If Chris Nuzzi would like to throw his hat in the ring he should speak to the Chair of the EHTRC and see if it is possible to screen with the Committee. I hope he gets to screen if that's what he wants. If a Primary Election results, so be it. These two young men are the future of not only the Republican Party, but our community in desperate need of youth, ideas, and commitment. The real point on this thread's exchange points out what an embarrassment of riches we have in these two candidates as well as the extraordinary talented supporters, like Len Bernard and others that will be running the campaigns. The tragedy will be if the campaign devolves into a nasty diatribe as the important issues that need to be discussed are dissolved by bitter rhetoric. I suspect there are some Dem mischief makers on this thread and we Republicans should not take their poisonous bait. The Republican Party should continue to be blessed with spectacular candidates like Messrs. Goodman and Nuzzi. " Feb 18, 15 12:57 AM

Zeldin Votes In Favor Of ACA Repeal; Schumer, Gillibrand Say They Will Work To Defeat Replacement Plan In Senate

Keep up the great work, Congressman Zeldin. You are doing exactly what the majority of voters in the 1st Congressional district sent you back to Congress to do with the largest vote total of any 1st District Congressman.

Keep going and may God continue to bless you and President Trump. " May 11, 17 2:55 PM

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