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Court rules Gardiner cannot wage East Hampton primary

Ms. Young's article is interesting to me since she saw all of the documents in question yet her article makes it sound as if the Gardiner case was merely one of a process technicality gone awry. Indeed, as was suspected and as the judge confirmed the issue was not just process it was election fraud. Historically, getting on the ballot in NYS has been difficult by design. However, many of the "gotcha" processes have been removed leaving a more coherent and necessary system that tries to preserve the integrity of the election system. In short, voters must be sure that the candidates they are voting for are on the ballot legally. Election fraud is serious because it disenfranchises all voters, including you, Mr. Highhatsize. And while Ms. Young may try to marginalize this fact of fraud by implying my husband and I made this objection at the BOE because it was politically motivated, as long as there is a legal process, it should be carried out with integrity and honesty. Mistakes can and are made in this frenetic process, but if one looks at the documents and reads the court transcript, this is not a case of making insignificant mistakes." Aug 19, 09 8:35 AM

Mr. Highhatsize: At least I have the courage of my convictions not to have to hide behind an alias and use my real name. In addition to being a cowardly act, it allows you to make the most uneducated comments with little or no consequence, except perhaps, to your own psyche. But, I digress. What ill informed people like you do not understand is that the people that signed those petitions, as good citizens and in good faith, were used to perpetrate a fraud against all. That sir, is a crime. It is unethical, immoral and Mr. Gardiner and his campaign manager and her son, the Rubensteins, lack the integrity ever to be involved in such a sacred act as the electoral process. If this level of corruption existed in the Gardiner campaign, I shudder to think what this cabal is doing to the people of East Hampton with the Zwirn campaign which they manage as well.

Please see today's unanimous decision by a 5 judge panel of the Appellate division of the State of New York, (who do not find electoral fraud silly) upholding the finding of fraud by the Gardiner/Rubenstein campaign. " Aug 20, 09 8:41 PM

Zwirn takes leave of absence for campaign

Having filed an ethics complaint against Mr. Zwirn for abusing the power of his office by using his taxpayer funded office and staff to campaign for East Hampton Town Supervisor it's clear he didn't have much of a choice about this leave of absence. It's about time he showed some interest in the happenings of East Hampton. However, Veritas, he is still drawing a salary and fringe benefits for health and such, so let's not make this sound as if he has given up his job to campaign. He has not. Unlike most people who are not public employees, if he loses the campaign he has a job to return to. Moreover, not every public employee has the luxury of taking an almost 2 month leave of absence regardless how much accumulated time and leave time they have. The mere fact that his supervisor gave him this much time off from what is supposed to be a critical position in the county government, speaks reams as to his usefulness and importance in his current position. " Sep 22, 09 3:19 PM

If what you say Richard is correct, then Mr. Zwirn continues to abuse his taxpayer funded position for his own political gain. This is a serious breach of trust with the taxpayers and in all likelihood is illegal. Stealing time from the taxpayers is a serious issue for public servants. Ms. Young, as a reporter, I challenge you to ask for copies of Mr. Zwirn's time sheets to see whether or not he is continuing to abuse the taxpayers. I would also question him about his attendance at the town board and CAC meetings. Indeed, when reading the article I wondered what type of time it was that he was using for his "leave." He said vacation time and I assumed that is accrued annual leave. But, how much annual leave does he have? I am curious, though, as to what type of leave he is using as his "personal" leave. Sick time is to be used only for a legitimate sick time issue and large amounts of sick leave are usually to be accompanied by a bona fide doctor's note. Compensatory time is another possibility, but generally high level managers do not receive comp time. Did he receive comp time in his position as Mr. Levy's deputy? If so how much time does he have and how does that relate to the "leave" he is using. Does he have banked comp time from another public position? If so, what position was that and how much comp time is he using? I challenge not only you Ms. Young, but other reporters to ask these questions. A lack of press curiosity and a lack of investigative reporting in the last election has left us with the horrible scandals we face today. " Sep 22, 09 8:24 PM

League of Women Voters to host debates for town races

I worked, some years ago with the Suffolk County League of Women voters on campaign finance issues, testifying before the state legislature. I know Ms. Marshall will be non-partisan in her role as moderator of the debate. I, however, do not have the same confidence in the press. Mr. Rattray, in particular, has a big hurdle to overcome, as his performance in the McGintee-Wilkinson debates in 2007 was less than stellar. Mr. Rattray, should have honed in on the looming East Hampton financial disaster that he knew was coming in forming his questions for the supervisor candidates. Instead, he gave the now resigned McGintee a pass and chastised Mr. Wilkinson for sounding an undeserving alarm. Given Mr. Zwirn's total lack of participation in East Hampton town matters, until he decided to run for re-election a few short months ago, I hope the reporters will hold him to the same standard that Mr. Wilkinson was held to in 2007. Mr. Zwirn is a neophyte in matters East Hampton. Mr. Zwirn needs to be asked very pointed questions on what he knows about East Hampton's problems. In addition, , a reporter should be inquisitive about his use of taxpayer funded resources and time for political purposes. If the reporters need to be refreshed on the ethics complaint I filed this summer, please just call me. And reporters, remember much of the problems of East Hampton has to do with politicians' lack of ethics and integrity. Remember it's the economy stupid? Well reporters remember, its ethics, stupid. And please try to have some ethics yourselves and refrain from your usual political partisan questioning. Please, just try to rise above it. " Oct 10, 09 1:43 PM

Ad calls GOP candidate's personal finances into question

We are often treated to Democrats tut-tutting about negative campaign attacks. Moreover, it is always from Democrats that we hear cries to censor political speech and unfortunately much of the federal campaign finance laws do just that. But, I am constantly amazed, both as an election reform professional as well as an observer, the depths to which Democrats will plunge to avoid talking about real issues and instead come up with the most vile negative campaign rhetoric. East End Democrats bear very much of the responsibility for the financial bankruptcy that is facing the town. They sat silent in the best case scenario and may have covered up in the worst case scenario the fiscal improprieties of their Supervisor, Bill McGintee and his staff. It is clear, that a continuation of their power over town finances and contracts for themselves and their special interest groups trumps all and the taxpayers and voters be dammed. The vile attack against Mr. Stanzione, ultimately traced back to one of Mr. Zwirn's supporters (a high ranking Democrat campaign operative), who was overheard threatening a Republican candidate saying "he was coming after them" shows the depths to which this special interest cabal will go. Do we really want people like this to continue to be in charge of our town at this critical juncture? I think the answer is clear: we desperately need a change of management and we need it now. " Oct 14, 09 11:53 PM

East Hampton Town Board members walk out on budget talks

The spotlight is shining on East Hampton in the media, at the State Comptroller's office and with the voters, the Town's finances are in ruin and East Hampton employees have an axe hanging over their heads, and what does the Democrat controlled Town Board do? They act like the unprofessional, incompetents that they are. I mean, they can't even fake it for a few weeks. This toddler like tantrum coupled with Board member Loewen trying to write into the projected FY 2010 budget a job for himself at the expense of the taxpayers, clearly illustrates why new, responsible leadership and adult supervision are needed at Town Hall. And I mean new responsible leadership. Not Zwirn, Leber or Whalen. Leber and Whalen who basically said they would continue to raise taxes to fund their little special interests and have absolutely zero budget experience. And the ethically challenged Ben Zwirn whose little political purge in North Hempstead cost the taxpayers there untold sums of money. These are not professionals. This is a ragtag trio put together by the same Democrat leadership who sat by and watched this town spiral into bankruptcy. The same group whose main purpose in getting this troika elected is to keep a lid on the corrupt dealings at Town Hall and still maintain their special interest contracts. No. The only real clean sweep of this dirty slate is the election of the Wilkinson Team, the entire team. If they all don't get elected, the same power structure that has a grip on this town will maintain their stranglehold. East Hampton can't afford that. " Oct 24, 09 3:56 PM

Ms. Carabine, while the Wilkinson Team has the Republican line, it also has the Independence and Conservative lines and Mr. Wilkinson also has the endorsement of the Liberal Party and several large unions and as of today Newsday. Their demeanor during this election has been exemplary and to say that voting this team in would be to vote in a dysfunctional crowd really slanders them. You as a candidate and your Bonac Beach party petitions were vetted by all of the electoral processes that affords people access to the ballot. Yet, you fell short. It is your right to run as a write in candidate, and God bless your effort. But, to name call a professional, smart group of reformers "dysfunctional" puts you into the same category as the Democrats who are resorting to personal negative attacks. I have met you and your courageous husband and I know you are a better person than your attack suggests. Unfortunately, these kinds of tactics illustrate why you would not make a professional Town Board member. " Oct 25, 09 7:31 PM

Beth, although this is not your issue, it would have been professional and transparent for Mr. Kotz to have disclosed the fact that he was John Whelan's brother-in-law when he was a panelist questioning the candidates at the League of Women Voters debate. I am sorry that I didn't know their relationship at the at the time of the debate because I would have demanded of the League's "moderator" that fact be disclosed. I just wonder why Mr. Kotz didn't disclose that to the potential voters. Indeed, he should have announced that he was related by marriage to Ms. Quigley as well. Is openness and transparency only expected of the government? I thought that was the point of a free and fair press. But, then I do have questions about that description as well. That said, I also agree with east end '09 that it took some guts to endorse the Wilkinson Team in the face of what was probably enormous pressure from the democrat power brokers. Unfortunately, for a free and open press, today's East Hampton Star read less like and endorsement of the Democrat candidate and more like a negative campaign smear. David Rattray and his mother should be ashamed of themselves. " Oct 29, 09 9:31 PM

Wilkinson beats Zwirn; Quigley and Stanzione beat Leber and Whelan

What a fantastic day for East Hampton. And what a great day for all voters. The Wilkinson team ran a professional, on message, positive campaign even after it was attacked with negative ads and a vicious and just plain stupid, editorial. But to see the number of people at the polls lining up on at dawn to cast their votes, watching parents give an important civics lesson to their kids as they brought them into the polls, neighbors and friends chatting away as they waited on long lines to vote, this is what America is all about. And a good and decent man and his team have been elected to bring sanity and fiscal stability back to this town. Hey, it doesn't get any better than this. " Nov 4, 09 9:37 AM

Wilkinson drew on his Montauk stronghold in a solid victory

I find it very interesting that Mr. Taylor takes a very hands off approach to why the Democrats lost. Mr. Taylor, while McGintee was looting town hall, while the Democrat administration's incompetence deepened, while no-bid contracts were handed out to politically connected friends, while taxpayers were socked with a 24 percent tax increase, what were you and the other Democrat leaders doing? You enabled, you abetted, you allowed and you covered up Democrat shennaigans, while East Hampton spiraled toward bankruptcy. You and the entire Democrat Party answered to that on November 3. Indeed, sir, weren't you angling for yet another taxpayer funded position before the election even occurred so that you would be taken care of if the Democrats lost? Or were news accounts of that little tidbit wrong? Moreover, your candidates clearly, were not as talented as the slate offered by the Republicans. Not even close. You and your cohorts at the Conservators PAC and at the East Hampton Star lied about Bill Wilkinson. You and your cohorts distorted and smeared Dominick Stanzione. Thankfully, the voters saw through all of this and voted for good government and reform. Something that has been sadly lacking in this beautiful town for a long, long time. Something the Democrats will have to answer to for a long time. " Nov 11, 09 10:17 PM

The Wilkinson team prepares to take office

To yearrounder:

There are two articles about Bill Wilkinson because he ran a terrific campaign and won with the biggest mandate this town has seen in a long time. The Republican agenda of fiscal sanity, reform and good government has come to town. It is as simple and elegant as that. " Nov 11, 09 10:25 PM

Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

Unfortunately, the PDF link did not work for me so I haven't read the letter But as a former NYC government manager, let me say that working for government is a privilege because hopefully you can affect your community in a positive way. Also, and it is a big also, taxpayer funded salaries and benefits and, civil service job security, are incredibly generous. East Hampton town employees also are blessed with good working conditions. They are not working in dilapidated, rat infested offices, like some of their colleagues in other municipalities. The actions of government employees affect the health, safety, quality of life and very much the wealth of the citizenry. Also, since government is a monopoly the taxpayer cannot take their business elsewhere. That is why management oversight is so important. Wilkinson and Quigley are trying to bring much needed professional standards to town government. Let's talk about the planning department. I happened to go into the office a few weeks ago and I was absolutely shocked that the very first thing I saw was an Obama '08 bumper sticker prominently displayed on a post behind the public counter. Not only is that kind of thing strictly prohibited in a taxpayer funded government office,(regardless the political party) but, it is against the law. As a manager, that showed me an agency out of control with very weak management oversight. And this agency, perhaps more than any other in East Hampton affects every citizen's quality of life and pocketbook. Complaints abound regarding some staff that are less than helpful and sometimes rude. Most town employees I am sure work hard and are helpful to the public, but standards of conduct need to be set and department heads, if they are not part of the problem themselves, must ensure that all staff understand their responsibilities and the proper code of conduct. Obviously, past administrations did not take their management responsibilities seriously. Thankfully for East Hampton taxpayers, Bill and Theresa are taking them seriously. " Mar 12, 11 5:18 PM

Rude behavior, back talk to a supervisor or colleague, insubordination, faking time sheets, abusing sick leave, whatever, these are all issues that threaten the proper running of an agency and must be addressed. When these types of things go unanswered it wreaks havoc on the morale of all of the great, hard working employees. Indeed, letters outlining the expectations of proper professional behavior and conduct are welcome by great employees. They know exactly to whom those letters are directed, and they know it is not them. Personnel policies and procedures manuals also should outline proper codes of conduct. Has each employee in town government been given a copy of these required manuals? Also are bi-annual performance standards completed by managers on each employee? Can one of the posters that have worked or currently work in town government answer those questions? Because of the answer is no to either question, than what we are dealing with is a Mickey Mouse (you will pardon the expression) and totally unprofessional and negligent HR department. And again, it reinforces the need for a strongly worded communication to all employees. " Mar 12, 11 11:46 PM

Finally read the letter and I am just laughing hysterically at the comments above. This is really entertaining. Obviously, many on this site have never held a serious position in either government or the private sector. No wonder, you are all so afraid to use your real names. While I might change a word here or there, Bill's letter professionally and respectfully describes his expectations for the proper code of conduct that employees should follow. He keys in on high-level managers, because they are the ones responsible for providing direction to, and setting a professional example for, their staff. If they are insubordinate or out of control themselves, (as some apparently are) then the entire agency is lost. It's that simple. Tax dollars down a rat hole. Department heads and their agencies are not islands unto themselves. They report to the Supervisor and Town Board. It is their job to take direction from, and be managed by, the elected officials that voters put into office. Period. If they don't like the administration's policies and believe their integrity somehow is being compromised then as a matter of principle they should resign. But they collect a paycheck from the taxpayers and they work for the current administration. As I understand it, department heads enjoy civil service protection. That is unheard of in other municipalities where commissioners and directors serve at the pleasure of the Executive. The problem I suspect here, is that these department heads were appointed by and received civil service protection from past administrations and God knows, that's where their loyalty resides. And they will do anything, absolutely anything to undermine any administration they don't agree with. Especially an administration trying to get more efficiency into the bureaucracy so that scarce tax dollars will stretch a little further. There is nothing fascist about trying to get employees to work better and more efficiently for the taxpayers' benefit. And after reading Bill's letter, there is no excuse for some of the language and descriptions of him used by many on this site. But being incognito, it is so much easier to say very stupid things. And God knows, it's entertaining. " Mar 14, 11 4:22 PM

I agree with Harbor, that Wilkinson would have never sent a letter like this to Disney employees. Simply, he would not have had to. Issues of insubordination for example would never have risen to this level in Disney. Government institutions, unfortunately are sometimes different because some employees believe that their civil service status exempts them from professional standards. In many jurisdictions, NYC government for one, senior managers and department heads in particular are not covered under civil service rules. A senior manager might have occupied a civil service line in a prior position, and if the line is still vacant upon leaving the management ranks, they can return to their civil service position. But, East Hampton department heads are in a unique position. As I understand it, they do have civil service protection and that is a great detriment to the taxpayers and voters. Department heads and senior managers need to be flexible, innovative, on call 24/7 and, understand their role as managers. Elected officials, in other municipalities and jurisdictions, select their senior staff and department heads. In the democratic process, candidates make commitments to their voters and upon election the honorable ones try to keep their promises and carry out those commitments. They don't do this alone. They do it with their staff and in the case of East Hampton, department heads and town employees are staff that report to the duly elected Town Board and Town Supervisor. Wilkinson is trying to keep the promises he made to the 67 percent of the voters that entrusted him with this office. He and the taxpayers are being thwarted by an unelected, permanent bureaucracy whose allegiances lie elsewhere. Imagine for a moment, that when Obama was elected president he had to accept the agency heads and senior managers from the Bush administration because they all enjoyed federal civil service protection. Would you Harbor and you facts man be okay with that? Bill's position is no different, other than he won a much higher percentage of votes and he does have to accept former administrations' department heads." Mar 14, 11 10:50 PM

You guys are a riot. Love this stuff!!! " Mar 15, 11 10:11 PM

Candidates Jockey For Levy's Position Amidst Investigation

This should be a wake up call to all Suffolk County politicians to be very, very careful with your campaign finances, using public resources and property to run for office and, to make sure the people raising money and filing your Board of Elections reports dot all of the i's and cross all of the t's. This is very serious business and Mr. Levy, (if in fact he broke any laws) is very lucky not to be going to jail. Others, have gone to jail for campaign finance improprieties. " Mar 24, 11 11:49 PM

Report Shows Uptick In Housing Investigations In Springs

How unfortunate that some on this site, because they do not use their own names, feel it necessary to call people incendiary names rather than engage in thoughtful discussion about serious issues facing East Hampton residents. Mr. Buda and several Springs residents, have been working within the law, with Town officials, and with their neighbors here in Springs, to find solutions to illegal and very dangerous housing conditions that exist not only in Springs, but in other neighborhoods as well. Calling people who are working in their community and through the democratic process vigilantes, people who have put themselves "out there" and subjected themselves to this type of irresponsible rhetoric, will not help save lives of children living in dangerous firetraps. " Apr 21, 11 1:24 PM

Bonac P, what Mr. Buda and others in Springs is doing is not spying and certainly they are not acting as vigilantes. If one lives next door to a house that has deplorable conditions, where there are an inordinate amount of automobiles to the size of the property, reporting possible violations is not spying. Vigilantes do not work with law enforcement and the local authorities. Mr. Buda and Springs' residents are working with the Wilkinson administration and law enforcement authorities. So, using the word vigilante is incendiary at best, and nearly libelous at worse. And let me add, that when we all first met in January in the Springs School library, there were a number of volunteer firemen and EMTs who said they witnessed deplorable and dangerous situations involving children in some of the residences that they made calls to. They all said that by the grace of God a horrible tragedy had not occurred. They did alert authorities to those conditions. So, children have been placed in, and continue to live in, dangerous and deplorable conditions. That is fact, not rhetoric. Name calling is a tactic used to intimidate people from taking action. These tactics attempt to shut down serious discussion and in my opinion trying to use this tactic is an act of cowardice. There are real problems here, and I am sure you are a concerned citizen with great ideas on how to solve some of these problems. Don't waste your talent and ideas on name calling. Those kids living in those horrible conditions need our help. And the adults that are being taken advantage of by some unscrupulous landlords also need our help. We should not let them down. Rhetoric, maybe. Fact, definitely. " Apr 23, 11 9:23 PM

East Hampton Town's Tentative Budget Includes Tax Cuts, Sale Of Poxabogue

And the hits keep on coming. Bill Wilkinson is the best supervisor this town has seen in the 20 years that I have been living here. Can you believe, just two years ago East Hampton was in bankruptcy and now Bill's budget again is balanced and even shows a modest tax cut. And all the Democrat candidates can do is lie about bonding out tax cuts. And this from a group that knows absolutely zip about Muni finance or how even to prepare a municipal budget. Bill and Theresa have righted a sinking ship. I agree with a previous poster this fantastic team keeps on just cleaning up the mess created by the previous administration. Thanks Theresa and Bill. " Oct 2, 11 7:06 PM

Springs Resident Calls For East Hampton Councilwoman Theresa Quigley To Resign In Wake Of "Nazis" Comment

I am a Springs resident and also a member of the Springs School Key Communicators group. Springs has a problem with illegal housing and out of sight taxes and we have had these problems for many years. Many on this site, that are too cowardly to use their real names, perhaps are the reasons that zoning laws were passed that favored the wealthier areas of this Town and left Springs to fend for itself. The Wilkinson administration has done more in the last 2 years to try to address the illegal housing issue than any previous administration. Where was all this outcry during those administrations?

Theresa Quigley's remark, made in an unguarded and private conversation with a fellow board member was not planned and showed her utter disgust with some of the language of my fellow Springs residents at that Town Board meeting. Many in our community feel the same disgust as Theresa, and as an example at Most Holy Trinity Mass yesterday, the Deacon's homily expressed his disgust at the troubling spectacle made by some in our community at that Town Board meeting. His impassioned homily asked "what kind of community are we turning into" when our fellow neighbors talk about spying on one another and advocate taking unauthorized pictures of their neighbors. Yes, there is a problem but there are laws that deal with illegal housing. File a complaint. There is an adjudication process that deals with these issues and taking pictures and spying are not currently and thankfully part of the law.

And this nonsense about asking Theresa to resign. You liberal Democrats out there. How many times have you deliberately referred to Republicans as Nazis? I know you have because I have been called that very name a number of times just because of my party affiliation. Just Google Bush and Nazi and see what comes up. As one who has a number of friends whose parents were Holocaust survivors, I find that term absolutely reprehensible. But a slip of the tongue happens and to ask for a public servant who has served this town with extraordinary competence and passion to resign is political posturing at its absolute worst. So we need to cut the crap and solve this problem of illegal housing through legal methods.

And show a little gumption people. Start using your real names. " Mar 19, 12 7:58 PM

Around East Hampton Town Hall: Town Clerk Rejects Ronjo Petition

Argue all you want but the real and important losers are the people and businesses in Montauk and ultimately all East Hampton taxpayers. For purely political reasons, the Democrats have chosen to make Wilkinson's attempt at humor an issue. They couldn't care less about the taxpayers and citizens of East Hampton. Embarrass Bill however much of your money it takes. They put more effort into getting signatures on this bogus referendum than they did in trying to stop the last administration from catapulting the town into fiscal calamity. For the next 30 years we will be paying for their taxpayer "concern" with the deficit financing of the $27 million looted from the taxpayers. 30 YEARS!! And how much money will the merchants of Montauk lose because of their anti-business political stunt? If you don't think the worst kind of crass politics is being perpetrated, combined with a visceral anti-small business strategy, you all need to watch Thursday night's Town Board meeting. Democrat operative after operative made clear their intention to squash Ronjo even after their "referendum" was deemed a failure. Democrats hate the free market and small businesses. They are a one party economic wrecking machine, in East Hampton, Albany and DC." Apr 22, 12 9:45 PM

You don't have to refer to me as "certain EH Republicans," highhatsize since I have the guts to post under my own name. So, rather than dismiss my claim through personal attack by calling me "mad" try to engage at least in some intellectual discussion. And for an attempt at real discussion and honesty, why don't you come out of hiding? " Apr 23, 12 12:33 PM

Highhatsize. LOL. Thanks for the laugh. C. " Apr 23, 12 4:05 PM

Harbor, why the personal attacks? Hacks? Someday, when you get the courage to come out of hiding, perhaps we can have a discussion about hacks and NYC.
But, I totally disagree with you. Wilkinson followed previous processes used for similar transactions; he received advice of the Town Attorney, whose tenure has spanned different administrations, that no appraisals were necessary; and, he got more than 10 times the amount for the land then previous similar transactions. A good and timely business decision was made in order to help maximize the summer season for the surrounding businesses who will benefit from the Montauk Beach House project. Unfortunately, partisan politics and a dislike for business will wreak enormous havoc on those Montauk businesses. And speaking of incompetence, the same partisans that ran this town into a ditch, also couldn't put together a simple petition. So, Harbor, I wouldn't throw that "I" word around with such abandon. " Apr 24, 12 9:09 PM

Bishop On Defensive After Claims Of Unethical Campaign Solicitations

There seems to be a discrepancy in the amount of money the Semlers contributed. The article says that FEC records show a combined contribution of $5,000 from the husband and wife contributors. Other news outlets as well cite the $5,000 figure. But, in an email exchange with a Grucci official, Semler says he had to donate $10,000. So, what happened to the other $5,000. Did Semler donate the other $5,000 under a company name? Not sure about corporate contributions being legal in the federal system. Or, did Semler donate that amount in cash? If so, many, many people are in a heap of trouble. Or did Semler lie to the Grucci official about $10,000. Seems to me that an investigation must take place and soon. " Aug 18, 12 12:03 PM

Can you point me to the article wherein Semler says he overstated his contribution. I have reviewed the articles in Patch, the Post, NY Daily News, Newsday, the Wall STreet Journal and the above 27east.com article. The only one that says Semler "exaggerated" was Bishop and he is talking about exaggerating the incident, I believe. Thanks so much. " Aug 20, 12 10:55 PM

Mr. Z,
If you want an eyeful of contributions, just look at Tim Bishop's historical contributors. I went through pages of unions and special interest pacs and that was just in the A's. So, if you want to talk about campaign contributions, let's start with Tim's special interest money. Not to mention shake down constituents like the Semlers. Tim Bishop, bought and paid for by special interest unions and pacs. " Aug 21, 12 11:37 PM

East Hampton Town Earns Positive 2011 Audit

Congratulations to the Republican members of the board. When they work together miracles happen and the taxpayers are the beneficiaries. . But, when they don't work as a team we seen what happens. While this audit report is fantastic, what lies ahead with the black hole that is now the Scav. Waste, will drag the Town back to the days of busted budgets. When politicians do the bidding of particular special interest donors, and pretty much damn the rest of the EH residents, what results is a one-sided, disaster. The Town's finances are in jeopardy today, because of the Scav. Waste and other likely issues. The Republican "band" needs to get back into its grove to ensure this Town is truly saved from financial ruin. We see where the Democrats want to take us and it is back to the days of fiscal disaster. Just watch the town board meetings. Dems on the board look to add staff and dollars at every turn to the budget. So, the only hope is that the Republican majority get its mojo back and duplicate the triumphs that have resulted in this fantastic audit report and financial surplus. And that means those that have strayed from fiscal principles for political purposes, need to get back on track." Aug 21, 12 11:53 PM

State Awards $536,425 To East Hampton Town For Fiscal Efficiency

In this era of runaway corrupt government on our national and state level, Bill Wilkinson's government stands as a model to which every municipality should aspire. Mr. Cantwell, Bill's likely successor has big shoes to fill and I think he knows that.
But, the funniest thing I have read in a while is the comment above, allegedly from a resident of Detroit. Detroit, Michigan has been in financial meltdown for decades. Crime rates are in the stratosphere. Neighborhoods are regularly bulldozed because of mass abandonment. Money to keep the town functioning is so scarce that the newly elected mayor is organizing a fire sale of artworks from the city's museum just to pay some of the bills. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is what you get from decades of Democrat governance.
Just wanted to get those facts out so the above writer's comments can be taken in context. " Jun 20, 13 11:18 AM

No one was laid off. They were offered packages. Headcount was just below 400. It is now 303 and still about 150 over what it should be. The next Supervisor should indeed continue reduced the size of this still bloated government. HHS don't talk to me about civic governance. I don't even know what you mean. Lean, efficiently run government is good for the citizens and believe it or not, it is good for the staff. People sitting around with nothing to do, or with bad attitudes about their job are toxic for the hard working, committed staff. Thank God Theresa and Bill have been in office for the last 4 years. Even Governor Cuomo, who couldn't manage his way out of a paper bag at least recognizes true leadership. I shudder to think what will now happen when this government is turned back to the Dems. As I said above, just look at Detroit, Michigan. It is the model for Democrat "civic" governance. I pray Mr. Cantwell has the fortitude to do what is right. " Jun 21, 13 3:40 PM

"Repugnant personalities." Wow, that is deep, man. You really know how to make a point. I am not sure how NYC got out of bankruptcy without that level of intellectual give and take.

With 30 years government experience, managing staff and managing budgets larger than EH Town's budget I forget in one afternoon, more than your entire universe of knowledge about what you call "civic governance." You ain't got a clue, pal.

But, this week has brought such joy to me, seeing Bill's efforts and the Town's taxpayers rewarded with such great recognition by Governor Cuomo, a Democrat's Democrat. Even more than that joy, is the absolute delight at seeing so many Dems' heads explode over this recognition. Things must be really, really bad in that hate filled part of Democrat land, when people that don't even live in East Hampton display their full blown rage, and extraordinary ignorance, at a big win for taxpayers. This is so much fun, I feel guilty for my joy. " Jun 22, 13 11:15 PM

HHS, don't ever, EVER presume to know what I believe. Anyone who is not man enough to use their real name should never guess what honest people believe and are thinking. So, here are some facts. FACTS something I know you are not equipped to deal with. But, here we go. Ready? In May I appeared on a panel hosted by the Group for Good Government (GGG) discussing whether East Hampton should hire a Town Manager. To prepare, I did some research as one of my fellow panelists was the Town Manager from Mamronek, NY, a town that many people believe East Hampton should emulate. I hadn't given East Hampton's budget and headcount much thought before my research. But, I found that Mamronek, with a full time population of 28,000 (East Hampton has 22,000) has a budget of $32 million and a headcount of, now get this HHS, look at me when I am talking, an HC of 130. That is clearly a goal that the next few Supervisors should try to attain. Also, our $70 million budget should be reduced to about $40 million and Personal Services is the biggest part of any budget.

What is morally degenerate, HHS, is asking taxpayers, who are struggling just to feed their families in this economy, to fund an out of control bureaucracy. No need to fire staff, but having a planned reduction and not back filling positions, definitely should be a goal. Taxpayers need relief and they deserve an efficient and well run government. " Jun 23, 13 10:17 PM

East Hampton Town Democrats, Republicans Question Each Others' Campaign Finance Filings

Further to mrmako61's comments. The Democrat 2013 Committee has been running radio ads on WLNG (and perhaps other stations) well before the July 12th deadline to the BOE, against Dominick Stanzione. Now the reason that I know this, is because the Dems are using a line from a private email that I sent to the East Hampton Town Republican Committee that was leaked to the press in 2012. I don't have a problem with them using the line as the leaker put that email in the public domain. But, what I do have a problem with is Mr. Kelly either saying that they did not run the ads, both print and radio, before the July 12 deadline, or even worse, he was given credit by the local media outlets to run all of these print and radio ads, without ever having to pay for them. Now, my experience as a treasurer for a local campaign was that those ads,run on the radio stations and in print (to this newspaper and the others) had to be paid for either in advance, or contemporaneously with the ad running. If Mr. Kelly is being extended credit on his campaigns, then I think there is an interesting story here in that standards for payment are different for Republicans and Democrats. But if the standards are the same, and the Democrats have written checks to the local media, why are those expenditures not reflected on Schedule F of their campaign finance filings? I think the voters have a right to know just what is going on here. Do we have separate standards for political parties, or are the Democrats guilty of serious campaign finance infractions and being less than truthful to the voters. " Jul 30, 13 9:44 PM

Kabot Wins Conservative Primary By One Vote

Mr. Keith, what a breath of fresh air you are in this often times, sleazy world of politics. Also, thanks for having the guts to be a conservative member of the press. Stepping aside for the will of the people (even if it is only six people) is leadership and I pray that you will be very much a part of the political dialogue in months and years to come. I am delighted that at least in Southampton, there will be an actual election, unlike in East Hampton where a bungling Republican leadership orchestrated a coronation of a Democrat. We need true, honest, bold colored discussions of the issues and I look forward to Southampton's election to do just that. Mr. Keith, again, as others have said, you are an incredible class act. " Sep 24, 13 10:42 PM

Local Ballerinas Dance Their Ways Into Top Summer Programs

Studio 3 is an excellent dance school. Although I am a senior citizens, I take ballet class there regularly, having studied ballet when I was younger. As a kid in Brooklyn, I was incredibly lucky to have an excellent teacher and was also lucky to have studied in Manhattan schools as well. The dance education at Studio 3 is as good as any school I attended. I have been lucky enough to take class with some of these young ladies featured in the article, and I can tell you, over the last years, I have watched them develop into absolutely beautiful dancers under the training of teachers Diane and Meredith Shumway. This mother and daughter team know their stuff, have professional backgrounds and are committed to their dancers whether they are young or senior citizens as myself. We on the east end are very lucky to have Studio 3 and I urge young and old alike to come and take class. I can attest that even at 62 years their classes keep me young and in great shape. " Mar 27, 14 1:03 PM

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