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Southampton Board Of Education Schedules Straw Vote On Merger

With a parent like you, your kids do not stand a chance. Methinks you have nowhere to blame for the failures of your evil spawn that that foreign face that stares right back at you in the mirror. Your solitary confinement has warped your thought process to the point that you actually believe the hysterics you puke up. Kabot is going to lose and Barristers has closed. Sounds like the pillars of your small world are crumbling and once again, the prospect of losing your battle is beginning to seem all too real huh. You don't want your child to repeat your life of broken dreams and lost opportunities. It's a forgone conclusion that your child will be the loser you are unless you teach him to not blame everyone else for their weaknesses. You ability to achieve greatness in life was limited by nothing than your distorted attitude. Unless you do the right thing and adopt our your spawn, he is cursed to the same desperate, toxic existence. " Oct 13, 13 7:40 AM