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Hampton Bays Neighbors Still Oppose Redevelopment Plans For Shinnecock Canal Land

send email request to sco_b1@yahoo.com" Sep 26, 13 1:26 PM

CPI To Move To Next Phase

Whatever happens to the CPI does not justify the Rechler's plan for the eastern Canal parcel. If you do not want the entrance to the Hamlet turned over to millionaire out of towners, it is very important to communicate your opposition to the both the Town Board and the Rechler's during the 30 day comment period. Hampton Bays residents will forever lose access to the Eastern canal waterfront to 40 independent owners. Lets not forget these developers also plan to port the Townhome wastewater offsite, uphill and into a neighboring residential community. As you can imagine, the neighbors are not happy! The community should work together to help prevent the developer's lack of foresight." Dec 14, 13 1:04 PM

Southampton Town Board Ready To Make Decision On Canoe Place Inn Plan

Because the proposed waste water treatment is offsite from the dense townhome development. It's across the highway and uphill in a completely residential area. If residential, they should treat their water onsite like everyone else in HB does. " Dec 15, 14 7:04 AM