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Southampton phys ed teacher McCready resigns post

I agree with SESMOMOF2. Coach McCready was a wonderful teacher and my daughter LOVED him! Whatever personal problems he had, they obviously didn't effect his ability to connect with the children he taught. We already miss him, and hope for a speedy recovery and the best wishes for the future.

" Aug 14, 09 10:52 AM

Southampton Town contractor fined for missed construction deadlines for North Sea project

By all means, let's give them a third deadline....and a fourth when they fail to meet that!! For goodness' sake, let's stop tossing the money away on a company who is milking the town and give it to a local company!" Sep 16, 09 11:39 AM

Southampton Village sets date for vote on new firehouse

A new firehouse is definitely needed, and, given what construction costs these days, 6 million sounds pretty reasonable!! Those of you that are criticizing, take a look at some of the needless construction numbering in the tens of millions around you and ask why our volunteers don't deserve that!! I commend our volunteers and am beyond grateful they do what they do....they deserve an updated facility that will accomodate the department now and in the future." Sep 16, 09 11:47 AM

Jury being seated, Oddone trial to commence

INS, they cleared that confusion in earlier articles. Andrew Reister was not a bouncer. He intervened when Mr. Oddone got up on the table because the bouncers couldn't get through the crowd to get to him. Why do you have such a bug in your butt about this case?" Oct 15, 09 2:41 PM

I see what you mean...I didn't catch that in today's article. And I'm not up your butt, I just noticed that you have quite a bit to say about this case, all of which I find very interesting..." Oct 15, 09 3:32 PM

Not at all, and please understand that I meant you no offense as well. Like I said, I just noticed that you have quite a bit to say about this case,a ll of which I find interesting, even if I don't agree with it. :)" Oct 16, 09 7:49 AM

Oddone trial begins; opening statements heard Monday

The fact of the matter remains - Mr. Oddone killed Mr. Reister. And, truly, there is no way to justify taking another person's life. " Oct 20, 09 10:16 AM

LIPA says that power is restored to East Hampton customers

No way...I already pay too much for electric. Let's not give them another reason to jack up our bills, please...." Nov 4, 09 7:13 AM

Empire and Alliance resume attacks as hospitals remain without contract

It's very easy to picture an East End Hospital in Riverhead when you don't have to worry about the hour-plus drive to access that hospital coming from Orient Point or Montauk. Let's be realistic - Southampton and ELI are necessary centers, due to the isolation of the points on our island. Maybe Empire should just get over themselves, and think about the welfare of their customers, rather than the size of their wallets." Nov 4, 09 7:19 AM

Southampton considering new graveyard protection laws

INS, I totally agree. There are past projects that have gone ahead and done what they wanted out here, taking the fines for their actions into consideration. I'm almost inclined to say that jail time should be mandatory, along with the higher fine. Maybe THAT would make an impact." Nov 7, 09 6:21 PM

MTA plans to shut down train service to the North Fork

Like it isn't bad enough that we ALREADY have to travel and hour or more west to be able to efficiently USE the train!! If I have to go into the city and am not comfortable enough to drive, I STILL have drive to the Ronkonkoma station to be able to get in and out of the city when it's most convenient, not waiting around for four hours to take the next train on the Montauk line. This is crap! We already pay a ridiculous amount of money for bad service, unless, of course, it's the summertime and there are extra trains running for the tourists. Why do the locals on the East End always get the short end of the stick?" Jan 28, 10 8:50 AM

Doesn't the MTA realize that if they ran MORE trains, they'd get more ridership on these lines? And wouldn't that bring in more money? And isn't that their whole problem? What a bunch of idiots!!" Jan 29, 10 6:43 PM

Southampton Village denies request for police records

I'm a little confused as to WHY the secondary employment of police officers should fall under the FOIL Act? It's not part of an investigation, and it has nothing to do with a civil matter in which the Press is involved. FOIL was put in place so that people who are seeking civil action would have access to criminal records that involved them, and so that active investigations could be properly reported by the media. Personally, I don't see how finding out if an officer mows lawns when he is off duty applies.

If this has something to do with Chris Broich's lawsuit against the village, than HE should be the one filing for the court order, if that is, indeed, what needs to be done. The Press has no standing for requesting the information, other than to try, yet again, to make it look like the Village PD has something to cover-up.

The Departments out here take a lot of crap from the public, but the majority of the officers employed do their jobs extremely well. They will be the ones that show up on your doorstep when your house is broken into, your car stolen, your ex is threatening you, some drunk at a bar starts harassing you. They are the ones who help when you are in a car accident, or when you're lost. They are the ones who are there, 24/7 when you need HELP. When did the public go from thanking them to trashing them? The next time your car gets T-boned because someone blows a red light, and an officer is on the scene in minutes to assist you, think about that. " Feb 20, 10 6:16 PM

Actually, my "re-definition" is a simplified way of stating what the FOIA covers. However, your classification of personnel records as government records is way off-base. Government records would include field reports, witness statement and accident reports. People DO have access to them when there is a need. There is simply no real reason for the Press, or anyone else, to FOIA the information they are requesting. The officers are doing the job they are employed by the village to do - why must their time away from the job become a matter for discussion?" Feb 20, 10 9:43 PM

Proposal for a new 7-Eleven on County Road 39

Shame on Leland Lane LLC for developing without a plan in the first place. It's bad enough that all our open space is being built up left and right, but to do it with no intention or forethought to what will occupy the space? Disgusting! As for the idea of another 7-11, it's a horrible one. That stretch of road is dangerous enough with people not adhering to the speed limit. The last thing we need is another short, busy drive with people pulling out and cutting off drivers, or slamming on their brakes to make the quick turn in." Feb 23, 10 5:33 PM

In case of emergency: East End SWAT teams

To those of you that are slamming the Village for having a SWAT team, I would like to know what alternative you would have us take? Should we wait for a store owner to be taken hostage during a botched robbery and then wait some more - probably upwards of two hours - for the county SWAT to arrive? Or should we rely on officers that DON'T have the special training to defuse the situation? I, for one, would much rather have the local unit, specifically trained, at the public's disposal if such a need should ever arise. There has been a SWAT team for years, it was just referred to as something else. And they have been used in situations before, so obviously they have been needed. I, for one, am comforted that there can be a quick and efficient response should we ever be confronted with a Columbine-like situation, rather than a sit-and-wait approach, as would be likely were we left under the care of the county. " Mar 4, 10 3:01 PM

As a P.S. - you all can say it's never going to happen all you want to, but the fact is YOU DON'T KNOW THAT!" Mar 4, 10 3:02 PM

highhastsize, how do you know what kind of training and experience the East End SWAT teams have? Are you an officer on one of these departments that you bash and trash on a regular basis? Are you an employee of one of the jurisdictions which you seem to hold an extremely high amount of contempt for? To say that the East End SWAT teams are inexperienced makes me wonder what you are basing this on." Mar 5, 10 9:54 AM

Southampton Village police chief rescinds internal rule governing secondary employment

Wrong! One of the things that Southampton Press was looking for - and GOT in the second release of information - was the location of the officers secondary employment. That was a major part of the reason that Wilson wanted to withhold the information in the first place..." Mar 11, 10 3:25 PM

East Hampton Town councilwoman could face charges for interfering in arrest

Personally, as a mother of three, if MY underage child was about to be arrested for drinking and driving, my thought would be - "Serves you right, you know better, thank god you didn't kill anyone, I'll see you at your arraignment in the morning" - not "how can I try to keep these officers from doing their job?" Maybe if more parents had that attitude, rather than automatically assuming their kids deserve special treatment, there wouldn't be so many UNDERAGE kids getting simple slaps on the wrist for DWI." Mar 15, 10 8:18 AM

If you think a mother trying to keep her child from facing consequences of his actions means that she is an excellent parent, and anyone who wouldn't leave their child to learn from his mistakes is a bad parent, I can only pray that you aren't a parent yourself." Mar 15, 10 8:20 AM

Yeah, it's actually illegal for your license plate to be obstructed (which also means darkened at night). Stop acting like this isn't something you didn't need to know to pass your permit test at 16." Mar 15, 10 8:29 AM

Stony Brook University will announce drastic cuts to Stony Brook Southampton

Maybe the county could step in and provide that campus as another community college campus. The Eastern campus in Riverhead is so crowded they have trailer classrooms. Maybe an offering of courses further east would help ease that burden and keep the campus out here as an active part of the community. Just a thought..." Apr 7, 10 8:12 AM

Sergeant Schucht retires from Southampton Village Police Department

I'm sorry...where is it even documented that Sgt. Schuct HAD a second job? The information released last month per the Press' FOIL request had no information on him having a second job, nor is it mentioned anywhere in this article. If you have a beef with officers having secondary employment, please keep it where it belongs. Randomly throwing up information that is obviously incorrect does no good for anyone.

Sgt. Schuct, thank you for your years of service, and best of luck to you in the future!" Apr 25, 10 5:09 PM

Southampton School Board suspends high school principal and assistant principal, who are then hired by East Hampton

What has been resolved? There has not yet been a hire for a new AP or Principal at Southampton High School. Obviously, the reason for the suspension of Mr. Fine and Ms. Mondini has something to do with their hire at East Hampton, which was announced at the board meeting there Tuesday, so what is so extra-ordinary about the timing? Not to mention, the school operates each day, with more than a few people trying to solve problems that arise and keep the schools running smoothly, so what would be so extra-ordinary about the two announcing that they were leaving, and two temporary replacements being found to assist with the end-of-year activities over the matter of two or three days? " May 20, 10 5:34 PM

And what, exactly, does that have to do with the issue at hand?" May 20, 10 5:35 PM

What, exactly, does the teacher's union have to do with it? These are ADMINISTRATORS, not teachers..." May 20, 10 5:36 PM

Mattituck woman will receive six months for DWI fatality involving Hampton Bays teen

What PERSON in their right mind would think this is appropriate sentence?! Why would the DA's office even CONSIDER something like this?! The woman was DRUNK! She obviously had no regard for anyone's life - not the poor boy whose life she actually took or her own son, who sat in the front seat, let alone the countless others on the road who escaped injury at her hands. How can anyone look at this situation and think that 6 months is an appropriate punishment?! She took a life! Obviously, she has no regard for anyone but herself! What a disgusting end to a horrific display of selfish irresponsibility! My deepest condolences to the family of Joseph Marino, both for the loss and the lack of true justice. I pray it's not my child biking on the road when she comes driving down it next winter..." May 28, 10 10:01 AM

Coopers Beach named best in United States; Main Beach ranked fifth

I guess it's a good thing they don't rate it on how easy it is to go to. Between the price and the crowds, it's easier to avoid it completely and go to one of the less populated beaches - that are much nicer, in my opinion, because of the lack of crowds." May 28, 10 3:12 PM

Southampton Town officials revisit idea of charging clubs for additional police presence

Conscience Point in is a very poor choice to lump in with the other clubs you are using as example. The business was opened, closed, renovated, re-opened and closed again more times in the decade leading to its demise than anyone can count. The ONLY popularity it ever received was for Lizzie Grubman's infamous tempter tantrum. I live about a half mile from the place, which, by the way, is situated in a VERY quiet residential area. I had club-goers parking all over my front lawn to walk there because the parking situation was so bad, and the main road doesn't allow parking. I woke in the morning to find abandoned cars literally on my lawn, empty cigarette packs strewn throughout my neighborhood, plastic cups littering the street. It was disgusting. The area was not appropriate for a club of any kind, and no restaurant that was established there ever made it because it was too far off the beaten path. The town taking over Conscience Point is the best thing that ever could have happened. " Jun 9, 10 9:07 AM

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