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Trapeze brings thrills and empowerment

I have to say that the instructors of Popcorn Here/Trapeze Experience are the most amazing people ever! They not only taught me how to fly, but it helped me overcome all of my fears of heights and even flying! They are the best school, best teachers and i HIGHLY recommend this to EVERYONE! And be fast - they leave us so soon!!! Thanks 27east for giving them the recognition they deserve!" Aug 11, 09 3:54 PM

Neptune Beach Club again finds itself at the center of controversy

$5 million to buy a club that brings in how much in property and sales tax revenue annually? As for offsetting the cost of patrol officers - the fact that suffolk police officers are some of the highest paid in the country should not go unnoticed in a time of budget shortfalls. With the STPD salaries partially covered by nightclubs will our taxes go down, or will it just lead to allowing more police to work unnecessary overtime hours?" Sep 11, 09 1:08 PM

Weekend craft vendors decry event turnout

Oh Dear Terry-

I was not a vendor at this show and I will say that in advance. To be honest, I am so disgusted by your above exchanges, that I would never want to do business with you. I understand that a show is a gamble, trust me I know! I have done great shows and I have done horrible it happens. That being said, no portos? not on site at all??? Even if you did " leave for lunch" a representative of your firm should have been present at all times, for the just in case factor. No electric!!??? Really???? How are people supposed to show their pieces properly??? And you charged for it???? I live out here year round, I listen to the local stations... I heard nothing. Nothing in Dans. Nothing in the Press?? I did see a sign on the side of the road when I was returning from a trip up island off the 111 to 27 - there was no date... really???? I must say after all of that - you are being so unreasonable. Yes, you can not be responsible for the weather, but for everything else - you are a PROMOTER! That is what you do! How do you not know the lay of the land? The publications for the area??? How to make a sign, with dates on it. We will not even go to the "Satan" comment. Shocking, " Jul 26, 10 9:04 AM

Suddyn break was a long time coming

Suddyn is an amazing band and well deserving of this!!! They are truly a talented bunch of gentlemen!" Aug 29, 10 6:12 PM