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Southampton High School Gets New Cafeteria For New Year

Good to see Southampton School District Spending it's money wisely. Now maybe they can try educating some of the students. By the way why did they spend 100k on asbestos abatement for two classes. Wasn't this taken care off a few years ago. This place is a money pit. I wonder who got that contract?" Sep 5, 13 2:11 PM

Millions on a cafeteria Millions on a planetarium poor test scores priceless" Sep 5, 13 9:26 PM

Southampton School District Voters Reject Proposed Merger

One point everyone misses about the taxes. SHS spend more per student than any school district in NYS except maybe EHS, Yet your taxes are about 1/3 of what most districts spend on Long Island. Both of these districts especially SH waste so much money but no one notices because your taxes are so low. Instead of fighting amongst yourselves maybe should be looking into the insane waste of money that has been going on for years without any increases in academic acheivement in Southampton." Oct 31, 13 11:28 AM

60 million dollars to educate 1700 kids gee thats 35,000 per kid per year Harvard doesn't charge that much. Where is all this money going? Don't answer we all know, down the drain without the rich everyone in SH would be paying 25k per year in property taxes to live in the average house. What a waste of money. You don't see SHSD in any of the top ratings for school districts on LI. No accountability" Oct 31, 13 4:01 PM

Familiar Face Bids Farewell To Hampton Arts Cinema In Westhampton Beach

he is such a wonderful man I wondered what had happened to him as he hasn't been at the theatre in many months. Stay well and happy" Jan 17, 14 2:06 PM