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Legislators And Tuckahoe, Southampton Contemplate A Future Without A Merger

The article fails to mention the fact that the merger as it stands will not lower tuckahoe taxes equally to southsmptonFOR TEN YEARS! This puts Tuckahoe homeowners in a terrible position as far as the value of their homes. Bad deal for tuckahoe. Without knowing specifics of alternatives if merger fails, a big NO vote is in order." Sep 10, 14 1:43 PM

Southampton And Tuckahoe Officials Present Merger Plans To Residents

This article states that Southampton's tax will go up $330 at the end of ten years and Tuckahoe's tax will go down $480. TUCKAHOE TAXES WILL GO DOWN$4800 NOT $480!!! Is this a HUGE MISPRINT or was this the REAL INFO that was given to the press?? When the misprint was brought to the attention of Dr. Farina and members of school board on Thursday night at the North Sea Community house and the response was that they have no control over misprints with a smirk. They made no inference at all to attempting to correct the error. Was it a misprint? Why was their reaction so indifferent? Do they want the Southampton tax payers to think Tuckahoe taxes are only going down $480 when they are going down over $4000? Are they afraid Southampton Tax payers will not be happy with such a disparity? It will be interesting to see if a correction is made. " Nov 7, 14 6:12 AM

Will the press print the correction in next weeks paper addition?" Nov 7, 14 10:23 AM

Preliminary Tuckahoe, Southampton School Merger Vote To Take Place Tuesday

I am surprised that no one is asking the question "then what"? A few years down the road, when student population has risen, along with salaries and benefits, then what? If we are limited to 2% tax cap and we use that up every year for the known increasse, how are the unexpected increases covered? Cuts in programs? The same cuts Southampton is trying to avoid by merging? So then we form East End School District? And then what? Suffolk County School District? And then what? My point is shouldn't we try to address the problems rather than putting a band aid on them? Will we end up closing all the smaller schools only to find down the road that we have the same issues? Maybe its time to start to think "outside the box".
It has happened at national level and county level and now at school district level. When will we learn?" Nov 16, 14 8:13 AM

Tuckahoe School Board Still Searching For Solutions After Merger Plan Fails Again

It's time to move on Tuckahoe. It was voted down TWICE. Start talking to westhampton about merging before you go bankrupt. Enough is enough. " Nov 26, 14 10:28 AM

It's time to move on Tuckahoe. It was voted down TWICE. Start talking to westhampton about merging before you go bankrupt. Enough is enough. " Nov 26, 14 10:28 AM

Tuckahoe School Files Suit Against Town For Denying FOIL Request For Golf Course Revenues

it is just AMAZING how people are just misinformed or simply make things up! Renovated a house to acceptable condition for superintendents? No cuts at Tuckahoe? Schools having control over illegal housing? Where is this stuff coming from? I guess it is no wonder when you have a Southampton school board member writing an article stating that the majority of Southampton approved a 13% tax increase by voting yes for the merger.....HUH?...what kind of math is this?? So now $330 over 10 years comes out to 13%? And let's not forget that Tuckahoe voted down a 9% tax increase 2 years ago.....WHAT? Was this board member standing outside Tuckahoe 2 years with a sign that misinformed the public? That budget started at 1.99% and was passed at .99% increase. How can it be possible that an actual BOARD MEMBER can publish such false statements. No other board members could stop her? This is just becoming embarrassing that not even school officials can get ther facts straight!! " Dec 19, 14 6:36 AM

their facts straight....sorry fro typo" Dec 19, 14 6:37 AM

Southampton School District Proposes Five-Year Tuition Deal To Tuckahoe

Can anyone explain how a five year contract would benefit either school if tuckahoe will have no money in TWO years? Or is that the plan? Wait two years, tuckahoe goes insolvent and put the merger vote up again? So then Southampton will vote yes so they don't lose tuckahoe to Hampton Bays? Problem is if the merger fails for third time, Tuckahoe is left high and dry. No money and no merger. Tuckhoe said before the merger that there was a plan B. what they failed to mention was their plan B was to sit and wait for another offer from Southampton. So they really had no plan at all. Very poor leadership is leading to the dismise of a school." Jan 13, 15 8:11 PM

Lol. That was a rhetorical question. When school board members seem to be driving a school into insolvency then of course their actions should be challenged. Just because they sit on the board it doesn't mean they are going to make the right decisions. You can sit back with blinders on if you choose, doesn't mean everyone has to. You know....America, free speech, democracy etc. If you don't want to hear BOE members criticized, don't read the posts. " Jan 14, 15 11:41 AM

If Tuckahoe's board actually agrees to put this up for referendum, something is going on here on both sides. Tuckahoe claims to have no money in 2 years. So why does Southampton ( and Tuckahoe) want to sign a FIVE year deal? Southampton isn't guaranteed 5 years of an increased tuition rate if we will have no money in TWO years. This just doesn't add up. Is the plan to try and merge again at that point, right as tuckahoe is going under? If it fails at that point Tuckahoe has no options left. It is completely unrealistic of Southsmpton to propose this an unless they believe that Tuckahoe is lying about running out of money." Jan 17, 15 6:53 AM