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Montauk Yacht Club Donates $8,000 To Playhouse From Shark Attack Sounds Party

Absolute BS!! They sold 3900 tickets at 40 bucks apiece and could only donate 8000!! let's not forget the profits from the $8 beers and $14 drinks! Ridiculous as it was billed as a fundraiser!! Very disappointed Lloyd, very disappointed!" Aug 4, 13 7:29 PM

Analysis Says Grocery Store In Tuckahoe Could Hurt Village Businesses

And yet there they are, still in business" Sep 22, 13 11:50 PM

Snowfall Causes Accidents During Morning Commute

Believe it or not, having an SUV and driving in 4WD does not help you stop! ICE is ICE" Dec 17, 13 10:11 PM

Multiple Ice-Related Car Accidents Reported In Southampton Town

Imagine that, more idiots driving SUV's and thinking they're impervious to ice!" Jan 10, 14 2:49 PM

Cuomo Seeks Hunting Regulation Changes; Deer Hunting Areas May Open Up

The Hunter needs to be 150 feet away from a building, he can be as close to the deer as he can get." Jan 28, 14 2:28 PM

27east.com To Implement Metered Subscription Plan

No, EH Star does same thing" Jan 31, 14 5:05 PM

UPDATE: PSEG Will Bury Lines If East Hampton Town Pays

Where do we as homeowners get to vote on this? I couldn't give a damn about these poles, I'd rather see them go up vs my bill going up!" Mar 10, 14 1:32 PM

Thank you" Mar 10, 14 4:36 PM

UPDATE: State Supreme Court Denies PSEG's Application For Temporary Restraining Order Against East Hampton Town

I gotta say, the poles aren' that bad. Right now, while there are two poles and before all the wires are transferred to the new ones it's a bit unsightly, but they will be fine when the project is complete. NOT worth 30 million bucks!" Apr 10, 14 5:07 PM

Environmentalist Pitches Dumpsters At Public Beaches In East Hampton

Take away the trash cans all together! If there are no cans, there is nowhere for people to pile their garbage. People think that putting their garbage next to a full can isn't littering. If there is no can to start, then everything put there will be littering!" Oct 10, 14 3:31 PM