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Re-Vote For Tuckahoe School Budget Passes, 256-222

If you had children in the school you would see how amazing they really are doing... State test scores aren't everything ... All of my kids are well above grade level and that is largely due to the amazing teachers we have. Let me know of school districts anywhere in the area that have decreasing budgets ..... They don't exist" Jun 19, 12 11:20 PM

If you have concerns about a crowded home then by all means call code enforcement at 702-2928 or call the school and ask to speak with Mr Licata that handles residency issues within the district. We hear and understand your frustration but the blame for overcrowded houses is being unfairly placed on the school." Jun 20, 12 9:57 PM

Plan For Tuckahoe Apartments Is Retooled Again

Absolutely not! !!! If Southampton Town is so concerned with affordable housing maybe they should work on making the accessory apartments more of an option rather than BUILDING more! The town has made the rules and regulations so ridiculous for accessory apartments that they have made it impossible for them to exist. This is not the answer." Apr 1, 14 11:10 PM

Second Tuckahoe School Budget Proposal Fails To Muster Enough Voter Support

Instead of complaining about things you don't have correct information about, perhaps you could attend a board meeting and ask questions instead of coming up with these crazy conspiracy theories and ridiculous stories you have made up all while hiding behind a made up name. Have you ever played the game 'telephone' as a child... When a sentence is said at the beginning of a line and then passed down to not even resemble what was actually said. The community has been complaining about things they know nothing about because they would rather play telephone than attend an actual meeting. If you were at a meeting you would understand why the properties were purchased and why they can't be sold.... Step back for one second and realize that investing in the education of our children is more important, and voting to take away from the kids does nothing to prove your point about golf course taxation, or crowded housing, you're taking out your frustrations in the wrong place, and that's unfortunate.
I only wish that the voters made an informed decision, and not based on "facts" they heard playing telephone.
BTW - there is a Tuckahoe Board Meeting on Monday at 7:30, you're welcome to join the discussion.
" Jun 21, 16 11:32 PM

Obbservant, have you considered running for the board... It seems you have all the answers (as flawed as they may be)..." Jun 22, 16 8:45 AM

Thank you for that advice Joan, however the land was not purchased as an investment property, it was simply purchased to comply with the land to building ratio that the school received a waiver for when the middle school addition was constructed. The waiver came with the agreement that the school would purchase the parcels to be in compliance. Seashell Realtys services are not needed at this time." Jun 23, 16 8:46 AM

It's not worth the time and effort to correct all the absolute blatant misinformation and ridiculousness in these comments. I have faith that there are still sane and educated people in our community that I know have better things to do than sit at their computer all day, and certainly don't get their "information" from anonymous comments.
Tuckahoe is not closing and will continue to provide the amazing education that it always has. Now please go find another hobby!
-Jenn Corwith" Jun 23, 16 8:56 AM

The budget was rejected on a technicality. If the 2% tax cap law actually made sense then the 1.75% increase the school was asking for would not have needed a supermajority and it would have passed. I beg to differ on Zero Confidence, there are still many residents that understand the school is a gem.
Yes, cuts need to be made, I will not disagree there, but I can promise you the school isn't closing and it's certainly not circling the drain. " Jun 23, 16 9:18 AM