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Tuckahoe superintendent resigns amid furor

What some of these “concerned” parents are failing to recognize when reviewing the District’s Report Card is that there are many factors that reflect these score! One factor being that schools that we are comparing ourselves with have a very different ratio of students to the number of students with a limited proficiency in English. Tuckahoe School has a total of 348 students with 17% Limited English Proficient!
Southampton Elementary - 649 students with 8% Limited English Proficient. This is almost twice the students, with half the ELL population.
Southampton Intermediate - 450 students - 3% Limited English Proficient.
Hampton Bays Elementary - 941 students- 13% Limited English Proficient
Hampton Bays Secondary - 811 students - 10%
Westhampton Elementary - 431 students - only 3%
Westhampton Middle School - 424 students - only 2% .
Everyone of these schools have a larger population and a less percentage of English Language Learners! Finally, back to our school… the highest percentage ratio of all, with 348 students and 17% of those students have Limited English Proficiency. These students clearly have a disadvantage when taking these state tests, especially taking the ELA. Throughout the school year, they have ESL teachers and classroom teachers modifying their lessons. Many read several years behind their current grade level. They are expected to take the test administrated in English, NOT their native language (unlike the math state test). Most of them are unable to read the text or answer the questions on their grade level. The public is not privy to each student’s score, but let me reassure you that there are NO surprises when scores are tallied. If you do a bit of investigating MAYBE you will stop criticizing and start applauding the magnificent work the entire teaching staff and administrators at Tuckahoe School does!

" Jul 29, 09 10:41 PM

Kabot DWI hearing kicks off, will resume Tuesday

come on everyone...get a grip! If I refused a breathalizer...I'd get arrested and charged with driving under the influence. PERIOD....end of discussion. Stating her name just shows that she thinks because she is a public official she should be above the law...well she's not...She's guilty as hell!" Jul 9, 10 1:33 PM

Amagansett Man Dies In Single-Car Accident

I have known the Payne family most of life. I went to school with Wes and absolutely love their entire family. The loss of Dianne and Wes's son Eric is so tragic... Nikki has lost her twin brother. His older sisters Erin and Christine have lost their baby brother . An uncle...nephew...grandson has been lost. .. an all around...REALLY NICE GUY..died unexpectantly. ... The community is mourning this horrible tragedy. please..be respectful what you post here." Mar 15, 15 7:24 PM

You know Christian..aka photographer.. it's not your responsibility to be letting ghe community know the state you think Eric was in the night he died... let the family hear it from the toxology report. It really just sounds like trash coming from you... thanks...but nobody needs it right now." Mar 16, 15 12:45 AM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe Superintendent Arrested, Charged With Felony; Lawyer Says No Criminal Activity Took Place

As an educator myself, I find it absolutely disgraceful that this superintendent remains in his position at Tuckahoe School while these violent charges are still pending. How can young children possibly look up to a "man" who spits in the face of a woman? How can children be taught to respect and not bully, when the leader of their school is bashing in a door and having a temper tantrum because his girlfriend locked him out? How can he possibly be a positive role model? What is going on with Tuckahoe School Board? Is the "Good Ole Boy's Club" sticking together? Come on, get a grip already!" Dec 2, 15 5:15 PM