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Tuckahoe superintendent resigns amid furor

Flyonthewall, So in math Tuckahoe performed better than Southampton, as well as Hampton Bays and a few percentage points less than East Hampton and Westhampton? How absolutely horrible! Good thing they forced out our Superintendent.

I don't know about those regency exams because I did not have a child in the eighth grade this year, but Sharon Grindle did, didn't she? Hmmmm, perhaps you've just unwittingly revealed what all of this is actually about." Jul 29, 09 7:42 PM

flyonethewall, "l picked the first 'cherry' you listed, I don't have all day. "" Jul 30, 09 9:59 AM

To teachourkids, "Linda cannot be fired without cause." I urge you to hold to that assertion in the coming weeks. BTW, she did not quit, she resigned - big difference." Jul 30, 09 11:44 PM

Teachourkids, Do you agree with everything this U.S President is doing? Did you agree with the last President? If you answered no to either one, then, by your logic, you don't have a right to complain, unless of course you ran for that office as well. Or perhaps you just blindly accept all decisions by all of your elected officials.

Did you run for the Tuckahoe school board? Unless you are one of the three current members then the answer is no. So let's sum it up: you did not run, but you support them so you can say whatever you'd like. I didn't run, but I don't support them, so I have to shut up? Did you vote for Grindle and Riccardi? I did not.

Many who support Linda have already accepted the blame for not running someone against Sharon Grindle, but that does not mean we cannot speak out nor does it mean we will make the same mistake again. " Jul 31, 09 7:56 PM

teachourkids, "where few come out and ANYONE can win" Given who currently sits on our school board, we finally agree on something. Thanks for your continued responses. I look forward to our next chat. Don't try to resist. You know you can't." Jul 31, 09 10:22 PM

By "you guys" you must be referring to anyone who thinks differently than you. To say that your responses are not rebuttals but "corrections" is pretty darn egotistical. Mark Twain said school boards are worse than idiots, Avatar was quoting him." Aug 4, 09 8:35 AM

Police guard Tuckahoe School Board meeting

But who is to protect the voters from this board?" Aug 13, 09 8:46 AM

A tragic and shocking end to an immigrant family's American dream

Turthhurts, if you had bothered to read the article you would see they are LEGAL AMERICANS, not "illegals". People like you are always looking for an excuse to blame "illegals" and cant be bothered with truth or facts.

Cherub, you are also a complete ignoramus who did not bother to read the article. You hate your life so you strike out at the easiest target you can find - "illegals" - even when their actually here legally? Spend less time attacking others and more time improving your reading skills." Aug 14, 09 7:40 PM

Howard Dean stumps for national health care in East Hampton

Mo, you are oh so correct, people like realworld are completely out of touch and those screaming "socialism" would more than likely have an extremely difficult time actually explaining what socialism is." Aug 19, 09 10:13 AM

Yeah, let's allow those poor CEO's to make as much money as they can from cheating the American people and denying the claims of the terminally ill. Great idea. Thank God "The Real World" is not the one in which you live. You are most likely one of those people arguing against your own interests. " Aug 19, 09 7:41 PM

hamptons surfer, are you kidding? I have had family members and friends who have had claims denied because of what was deemed pre-existing conditions. There are thousands upon thousands of cases all over America. If you think it does not happen you need to turn off FOX news and start paying more attention. You can start here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKI9be55N00&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Frebellenation.blogspot.com%2F2009%2F08%2Fdenied-claims-placed-at-health.html&feature=player_embedded" Aug 19, 09 10:19 PM

Town housing officials walk out of civics meeting in East Quogue

The nurse is here. It's time for your medication." Oct 1, 09 9:35 AM

Can you provide actual proof of your accusation? And those people who live there, they are nothing more than bodies that increase density, traffic and demand for services? They don't work? They don't shop at the local grocery store? They don't pay mortgages? (affordable housing is not FREE you have to pay) They don't coach little league? They don't do volunteer work? They don't pick up litter? They don't eat at local restaurants? They don't put gas in their cars? They don't join the PTO? They don't help little, old ladies across the street? How much do you contribute to the community in which you live? What makes you more deserving of living here than anyone else?" Oct 1, 09 9:40 AM

Southampton Town deputy supervisor confronts, shoves PBA president over comments about budget

Linda Kabot talking about "open, honest and transparent "? HAH!" Oct 2, 09 11:19 PM

Hah!" Oct 3, 09 10:10 AM

Thiele leaves Republicans, joins Independence Party

Good. Speaking as a democrat, we'll welcome anyone who fits the description you've laid out." Oct 3, 09 1:49 PM

Southampton Town deputy supervisor confronts, shoves PBA president over comments about budget

I have read your posts, you most certainly do have "issues" with the police department. And what about your response to the fact thatt, as Terry posted: "Bill Jones is NOT the 'second highest elected official in out town' He was not elected to anything he was appointed."" Oct 3, 09 4:33 PM

Town housing officials walk out of civics meeting in East Quogue

Well, at least you've got the support of united states citizen. HAH! " Oct 4, 09 5:32 PM

State audit chastises East Hampton Town for no-bid contracts, shoddy recordkeeping

Sounds a lot like the federal government under Bush: cronyism, no-bid contracts, spending off the books . . . " Oct 5, 09 10:51 AM

McGintee resigns as East Hampton supervisor

You wing nuts are always looking for a way to attack Obama. It's hilarious the way you seem to have had eight years of republican rule erased from your minds. " Oct 5, 09 2:59 PM

Residents outraged over proposed windmill plan

And you know this because you've personally surveyed the area?" Oct 5, 09 3:03 PM

Yeah, screw the birds! After all, that windmill will probably generate enough energy to power three lightbulbs! Besides, who needs birds! " Oct 5, 09 3:05 PM

You must be the home owner with the windmill so why not identify yourself as such." Oct 5, 09 3:08 PM

How does he know placing this windmill in your front yard would be any less offensive? Is he your neighbor? Does he live with you? Has he surveyed the property? Yeah, it is clear you are the home owner - who else would fight so vehemently on behalf of this pseudo-green pinwheel. The most astonishing level of ignorance I could aspire to would be the bar placed by you. I have seen your postings, INS, and the nonsense that spews from you is matched only by your anger and fear." Oct 5, 09 8:30 PM

"You can go review Map # 213 of the Westerly Portion of Shinnecock Hills filed with the county in 1925. Go see Larry Davidson he is in charge of the map dept.(Riverhead)"

Yeah, you're not the homeowner. Hah!" Oct 5, 09 8:32 PM

Excellent point! " Oct 5, 09 8:33 PM

Then you are his lawyer or his alter-ego." Oct 5, 09 8:35 PM

Yes, it is clear you are all about making money. " Oct 5, 09 8:36 PM

You're not fooling anyone. " Oct 6, 09 8:14 AM

So very typical that you would start yammering about "communism". Look at your calendar, it is 2009." Oct 6, 09 8:17 AM

Proposed change to Southampton Village code would allow archers to shoot deer on their property

As someone of Polish decent, please allow me to say that you are a troubled person. I was not going to comment along with the others, but your apology is insincere and insulting.

"say what you want about stalin,his methods were crude early on, but he did play a major role in ending ww2-" I am so disgusted by this that words cannot even express my feelings. It would have been better had you not said anything. I suggest you go and have a look at a history book or, better yet, talk to a relative of one of the 20 million people this man murdered. It is hard to believe that people like you still exist in this day and age, but you simply serve to remind us of how much harder we still have to work to eradicate hate and prejudice." Oct 18, 09 4:03 PM

Youth Services, Criminal Justice Program bear the brunt of Southampton Town Human Services budget cuts

Leave the youth bureau alone. These monies improve the lives of our kids and, in turn, the lives of all of us. How about everyone who works for the town taking an across the board 10% temporary pay cut until revenues improve.

" Oct 19, 09 1:26 PM

Throne-Holst missed campaign finance filing deadline

So let me get this straight: Linda Kabot sits on the board for what, fifteen years, and watches as the towns finances disappear through mismanagement and poor leadership then gets busted for DWI and Anna Throne-Holst is not fit because an aide forgot to file a paper that has nothing to do with anything beyond her own campaign? HAH!" Oct 23, 09 8:23 AM

Empire and Alliance resume attacks as hospitals remain without contract

Highhat, this reform is a stepping stone to Single Payer. If implemented properly, given a choice people will abandon their private insurance and we will finally join the ranks of all other industrialized, democratic nations and provide free health care for all as a basic right of citizenship." Oct 23, 09 11:33 AM

Right on, Number19!" Oct 23, 09 12:16 PM

Southampton Village continues to think about deer control

It is insanity." Oct 23, 09 12:16 PM

Judge orders DA's office to investigate alleged call made following Linda Kabot's DWI arrest

You can bet you ___ that this is political. Mr. Wheeler, you're naivete and blind obedience to the republican party are astounding. What party a person belongs to says a hell of a lot about who they are. Period.
" Oct 28, 09 2:45 PM

Catherine Cahill: Experience on the bench

I will add my voice to those that say you used poor judgment, Mr. Hammer" Oct 28, 09 4:00 PM

This article is meant to present Catherine Cahill as a candidate. Mr. Hammer also has an article representing him as a candidate. Why in the name of God would he chose to use this forum to argue policy? It is inappropriate. " Oct 28, 09 5:58 PM

And if Ms. Cahill uses Mr. Hammer's article to argue policy I will call her out on it as well." Oct 28, 09 5:59 PM

Judge orders DA's office to investigate alleged call made following Linda Kabot's DWI arrest

Aahh, golfbuddy is back! You are either Linda's husband, bartender, or an obsessed stalker. But don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to get reacquainted after she loses." Oct 29, 09 8:18 AM

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