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Empire and hospitals take negotiations to the wire; no deal in sight

My Empire BC/BS didn't pay my emergency surgeon 's fees back in 1994 at Southampton Hospital. I did--THOUSANDS of dollars-- so much for private insurance. BC/BS has always had limited medical providers on the East End.

This isn't new information. We have a dinosaur of a health care system on the East End; far past its utility. Other rural districts across the country have managed to update their health systems. It's time to do it here.
I think the three hospitals should serve as emergency conduits offering stabilization of care before transport to a critical care center for the seriously ill, and perhaps as a stable recovery or hospice space, with maybe a little same day surgery service for the convenience of local families. Too many providers want too much of the pie and profit. Face it. The American public today pays a very high price for "non-profit" and "private" health care. They just don't realize how expensive our system is because they think their insurance is "for free." There is no such thing as a free ride! Ask any small business or large business owner just how much their current "free" insurance costs. Or what the heck: let employees eat Cobra family payments for a few months --a reality check if ever there was one. As it is, many policy holders are paying more every year for their insurance, copays and prescriptions: and getting less! And heaven forbid if you change your job or have a temp job where you never get to collect insurance benefits.
63% of all bankruptcies in America start with a health crisis--and that includes INSURED folks, ladies and gentlemen.

If EVER there was a time for national health care reform, this is it.
Streamline the system, eliminate the duplication and waste. While I have no particular fondness for Empire, their stubborness on reimbursement issues reveals it IS time to clean up the next economic disaster before it ruins the nation and East End: health care reform. Support a rapid and strong initiative-- don't be scared off by those who prefer the status quo or are offering mamby-pamby offers of savings that don't amount to a hill of beans.. We can afford nothing less than a complete makeover. That includes a public insurance policy option to force the for profits/non-profits to compete for OUR health care dollars. We are paying FAR too much in this country for our diminishing health care.
Check this out:
" Jul 28, 09 11:50 PM

Westhampton Beach ordinance impedes signage

If only we could dump those pesky look alike political signs; three to a property.
Talk about ugly visuals. " Aug 2, 09 11:58 PM

Congressman defends calls for health care reform

As a health care professional for a total of thirty-eight years, most of them politically as a Registered Independent, I refuse to be frightened away from the reform of our health care in the United States. It has become a very big and very greedy business, to the detriment of our lives, health, personal finances and national economy.
If we review the recent past failures of savings and loans, banks and investment companies, mortgage failures; and the prevalence of greed- generating, massive and devastating Ponzi schemes, it is clear we haven't quite mastered the "capitalism-thingy" yet! It's time to shake some rotten apples loose out of the Tree of Life; this time in the health trades, such as the health insurance industry and big Pharma(drug companies). Don't be fooled: we are being had, ladies and gentlemen.
The very fastest way I see this coming to an abrupt halt is by passing the all-inclusive, national health care reform plan. In a free republic, with capitalism as our economic drive, NOTHING beats a better product. An Optional, Portable, comprehensive insurance plan, of reasonable cost (it's not any "free-er" than your current benefit packages,) will allow Americans access to a plan choice that moves with their employment, is there without lapse, and is there if you develop a catastrophic or chronic illness, without prejudice.

Now, before you let the fear mongerers scare you away because of the "expense" of this initiative,
PLEASE read the report on this simple basic link: http://www.nchc.org/facts/coverage.shtml

You will realize TODAY, WAY BEFORE a national health option, we are spending Trillions of dollars Annually on health care--it's bigger than the Pentagon budget! Therefore, if the proposed national plan costs only two trillion over TEN years, and saves us trillions, it's a bargain and a solid investment, not wasted money!
This is a new frontier for America. I urge all citizens of strength and reason to openly support and explore a stronger, more fiscally responsible way. We can do this "Well," literally and figuratively. " Aug 3, 09 12:50 AM

Westhampton Beach village hall gets high marks for green engineering

I believe this is time for special thanks to the Mayor Strebel Administration for their vision. This was his baby.
I also LOVE the WHB traffic circle--talk about a gas-saving and time saving improvement. What a difference. I smile every time I'm not stuck late after a night shift at a "stoopid" red light when there's nobody, and I mean NOBODY there. Thanks again, Mr. Strebel and Co.! I have an avid fisherman friend who loves not having to stop for absent traffic at 4 a.m. Mr. Strebel, we talk about your much needed development, and how it has improved our lives for the better: you are our hero, man! " Long vision" is a gift and the highest of attributes in a public servant.
The sidewalks are navigable again too, thanks to the same folks who brought you the Green Office, and the Circle. What a great community minded spirit and investment.
Thanks, Mr. Strebel.
(I bear no relation to Mr. Strebel- just a grateful consumer who likes her money well-spent!)

" Aug 16, 09 8:55 AM

Westhampton Beach deli has been on a roll for 30 years

Biscuits and sausage gravy.
There's no longer a need to cross the Mason-Dixon line.
My compliments to the chef!" Aug 25, 09 9:59 PM

Report says anti-immigrant atmosphere in Suffolk County fuels violence

Ugh; this is going nowhere. I for one investigated who this organization was. It's pretty silly they're targeting here when their own back yard has MORE than enough discrimination to keep them busy!
They're based in ALABAMA, for goodness sakes, headed by two old white guys who saw the light and changed their evil Southern anti-immigration ways over the decades. Look them up.
Giving these guys credence is a huge mistake by the editorial staff. I think there's a vendetta with Steve Levy as the target. Mountain/molehill and finger pointing by some guys south of the Mason Dixon does NOT support "increased" violence because of Latin presence .The Ecuadorian boy who was killed by a group of teenagers was with his brother at the time; and the original reports reported it was a gay bashing, correct?
So is it Latin or is it gay? There are still black kids getting chased out of Howard Beach, and THEY'RE legal. A good boy got the stuffing beat out of him a few years back outside the Club Marakesh, another black-white beating. You won't catch MY lily-white you know what in any dark alleyways in Wyandanch, Brentwood, BayShore or other towns where immigrant gang banging violence is scary-high--not only to us but to each other. Why aren't the good ol' boys of Alabama taking THAT on? Every immigrant group has been beaten and hazed, as human beings are territorial and generally suck at sharing.
I still want the illegals out; they do NOT pay their share of costs (I don't CARE how much COORS and other products they buy.) Their issue are declared citizens by birth, and if the illegal immigrant lovers will be honest with you, their"wives" here are not the ones they're married to in the old country.
I think the only good news with the economy tanking is that there are less fellas hanging around roads looking for some lazy American to do their work for them dirt cheap; and factory owners who use them are getting called on the carpet. Now maybe the teenaged kids of unemployed American parents CAN find local work again. Outsourcing within the borders of the USA is JUST as damaging as when we ship our work overseas.
" Sep 24, 09 12:46 AM

One more point for the record: I have friends from India and Ecuador and Argentina who patiently waited YEARS to receive a visa to the USA. The legal way. Tom Wedell is correct. No other nation tolerates this nonsense.

Until the world becomes one nation, borders should be respected.
Are we ready to make THAT leap to one nation? I think that would be madness. Twelve million illegal aliens are NOT speeding our progress towards economic recovery, folks...

BAD EDITOR- FUNKY DATA- Apologies to Steve Levy, a generally good guy, should be publically offered. " Sep 24, 09 12:52 AM

Westhampton Beach Police remain mum on ongoing internal investigation of incident

Publius is complaining about a modest comp time claim Police Chief Dean accumulated since 1999. That's TEN years accumulation of unpaid service. I could see if he was padding his retirement pension with massive amounts of overtime as many unscrupulous cops and other civil servants do. His claims fall far short of your indignation. Get over it.

Where does Trustee Kametler fit in as we talk about fermenting apples? He's no longer on the force, is he? I think former Chief Teller called in many a favor to keep th
The guy thinks he's made of Teflon now. We're gonna have to refer to him as Bubba
" Oct 6, 09 8:55 PM

Whoops, hit the wrong key-- to complete my sentence : ...I think former Chief Teller called in many a favor to keep this fella Kametler on the free side of the barbed wire..." Oct 6, 09 8:59 PM

Publius, you seem SUCH a kiss-buttock sock-puppet for the Joanie crew.
Do the math: Ten Years, that's 10 years of work; with a claim total of 500 hours of comp time. The guy is claiming 50 hours yearly in addition to his standard hours, which I'd estimate are about 1,840 hours a year, less lunch; that's a total of 18,400 hours regularly worked over ten years. So WHY are these goons complaining about Fifty hours a year? You should be relieved that's all he asked. Last I heard, being in the position of having to look for bad guys with guns wasn't a charitable volunteer position.

One has to wonder what they're trying so hard to hide that they've made this into a cause celebre.

For further perspective on Chief Dean's claim:

You REALLY need to look at the blatant ABUSE of SCPD overtime, Civil Service overtime, "disability," clocked hours not really served and our village school supervisor's outrageously HIGHER than the Police Chief's salary -before you start attacking an honest guy for a reasonable expectation of compensation. Had this Moe, Larry and Brunetti Blondie (good job of hair color, I will say) crew of schmoos done THEIR due diligence as part time Trustees, earning FULL TIME HEALTH INSURANCE BENEFITS, why, Chief Dean wouldn't need to sue them, would he? Too bad Connie fell for Levan's nonsense and saved her from bankruptcy by health care to fill his seat. No good deed goes unpunished, Mr.Teller.
Now, I hear we're over $30,000 in the hole for legal fees, Chief Dean STILL hasn't been paid, and we taxpayers are picking up (for the rest of their miserable lives) the Trustee insurance benefits that have to be costing well in excess of $20,000.

I will believe a professional who has been experienced and on the job HERE for TEN years before the cheesecake maker, the ex-cop who can't shoot straight with illegal bed and breakfast clients and wedding fees on the side, led by a woman who singlehandedly emptied the village beautification team with her sparkling personality while raiding our children's children's pockets for her McLibrary.
We don't know what the investigation is about; your ridiculous flights of fancy and conjecture would suggest to me you should just be quiet until about this until more information is available.
" Oct 9, 09 6:26 PM

Proposed change to Southampton Village code would allow archers to shoot deer on their property

It's about time. Bambi lovers need to have a near miss on the highway, or perhaps serious car damage. People DIE out here from deer/car strikes. These Rabbits on Hooves travel in packs, decimate hard worked fields and gardens, and trust me, if you're inadvertantly anywhere near a rutting male while on foot you are in serious danger of being killed.
I'm not too wild about bows and arrows in neighborhoods, unless it's a very experienced archer- those things are just as dangerous as guns in the wrong hands.
Use of a sharpshooter, is a safe and humane way to cull the burdgeoning herds. Doesn't a restaurant here in the Hamptons host an annual venison dinner?

Many of us eat beef, pork, lamb, buffalo, fish and chicken. As long as there is no waste, it seems logical to protect our health and property.
I agree with the Mayor--
We have four living in a neighbor's yard. We startled each other yesterday. One was an Eight point buck. You'd have MY permission to thin the herd.

Do let's also put them on birth control. They are a blight. Sloppy sentimentality is gonna get your novice teenage driver killed. Wake up. " Oct 10, 09 9:47 PM

Westhampton Beach Police remain mum on ongoing internal investigation of incident

Mr. Publius,
IF you would like this to be a constructive forum, may I suggest you start by taking your own advice? Restrain your comments and conjectures and twisted nonsense. It's vexing, inaccurate, gaseously long winded and, quite frankly, a bore.
76:12 (nope, not Scripture-- the ratio of your posts to mine.)

" Oct 10, 09 10:06 PM

After delay, Girl Scouts get green light for Westhampton Beach mural

Gimme back my Nationals.

" Oct 10, 09 10:13 PM

Westhampton Beach Zoning Board denies plans for North Mall renovation

There's always Hampster Bays. They did this already, only they "hid" their parking off Montauk Highway.
The North Mall is not as ugly as the intersection at Montauk Highway, with that bank, the deserted Dora's, and the closed gas stations. But it sure ain't purdy!
Is there really that much objection from the street behind Old Riverhead Road about the addition of a second story? It's not like it will obstruct their water view; in fact it may stifle the road noise on weekends... plus, it would stimulate the local economy and provide jobs. I like the idea of making affordable modest apartments on the second story for local working families..." Oct 19, 09 11:26 PM

Tierra Mar closes its doors for good

Seems 27E is a regular reader of whbqt.info.
Why, it feels like deja vu all over again.
" Oct 29, 09 12:01 AM

Rusty T: Sorry. You sound like an underemployed journalist . Who says all the news that's fit to print is acccurate now, or ever? Worse yet, the talking oral orifice's of many of today's 24 hour "news?" programs are just Horrible.
All blogmeisters are not alike, any more than FOX and MSNBC report through the same lens.
I merely pointed out that, like Clark Kent at The Daily Planet, some reporters get there faster, is all.
Give credit where credit is due, man. whbqt.info has been a local and reliable news source for a few years. IF the news is found to be other than reported, a retraction is swift and clear. And yeah, probably in the future all news WILL be reported online. " Nov 1, 09 9:05 AM

Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

Dear Peoplefirst: Say WHAT?!
Perhaps you need to read and pay more attention to the exploding spectrum of international and domestic terrorism news , and a little less time on 27E. The time to learn how to use a firearm isnot AFTER some demented student, ex -Army sniper, psychiatrist, or domestic terrorist has laid waste to your neighborhood. No one is asking people to go all Rambo. BUT, if one is constitutionally and mentally capable, it behooves one to develop the skill set before one needs it. For example, aren't all young adults trained in Israel to manage guns?
The sad news, as we have learned on multiple occasions, is that terrorism is NOT a problem confined to "other" places. Be Prepared, as the Boy Scouts would tell you.
ALL firearms are weapons that kill. Can you please lose that ridiculous "scary assault weapon " lingo? -- it is SUCH an uninformed, ignorant, fear-inciting media misnomer. What do the other weapons do? Slap you on the wrist? Sheesh. In the USA, we have MILLIONS of LICENSED, LAWFUL, clean-recorded, finger and palm printed responsible American citizens who own millions of firearms as a defense against an IMMINENT deadly threat. If you don't want to be one, fine.
Now hand me my bayonet, please...oops, nope, can't have that, either. The absurdity would be hilarious but for the earnestness with which it's delivered...
For the record: NOT an NRA member, NOT a Republican nor Conservative nor right-wingy anything. Except a supporter of the Constitution, including the Second Amendment: and that's not a right wing issue.

This lady's arrest was a travesty. Thanks for your consideration of this post." Dec 5, 09 1:33 PM

Suspended Westhampton Beach Village Police officers return to work

How do the occupants of this three mile circus dump the village board?
I'm not inclined to wait until next election day, as I strongly suspect illegal actions have occurred and professional boundaries have been violated. Darned if I want to give the Trustees another six months to dig us in deeper.
Forget the stupid :where are the citizens "expressing outrage" language. I mean, I'm not going to stump on the Village Hall greens in protest: I DO want to know to whom can we report our exploding concerns about the Gang Of Three Point Five Trustees: Levan, Tucker, Kametler, and in her absence/?cowardice on the POLICE INTERNAL AFFAIRS REPORT -Birk. They lack the executive skills to properly execute the duties of their office. Mayor Teller said it best.
So quick, Ye Opinionators! How do we neutralize 'em? Legally and quickly?
What do we do to clean house NOW? Our children are watching this travesty.
Liberty and Justice for ALL-- no exceptions." Dec 16, 09 8:42 PM

The police department issue will resolve itself AFTER we figure out what to do with the WHB Trustees who have violated and mismanaged our trust. The fact that incompetence is tolerated by Publius has no bearing on the conversation; we're talking about illegal and malevolent behavior. NOT in the same league as stupidity or ignorance, P.

Did you read the latest whbqt.info blog today?
Did you read the second paragraph of the SHPress' editorial, addressing how badly our "trustees" (there's an oxymoron) have conducted themselves?
We CANNOT allow this to continue and have any sense of civil order and safety.
Throw da bums out!!! " Dec 17, 09 10:43 AM

Yeah, like Johnny said! Dude! "Publius. You are of course too kind by saying this board can't get out of its own way. They are disgustingly corrupt. They have consistently failed the citizens of this village " Plus: "And Joan Levan only cares about Joan Levan. She treats village employees like lapdogs, and has destroyed all the spirit that Ridgie Barnett worked so hard to bring to WHB."
" And as for Kametler... He doesn't even deserve space here. They are putting bad cops back on our street." ":WAKE UP WHB! The village board is what is wrong with this village! "

Seems to me we need to do something instead of waiting for these bad eggs to come up for election again.
HOW do we dump them NOW? Whom do we need to contact to inform them of our concerns and expedite their removal?

Publius: PLEASE STOP changing the subject, we're NOT that distractable ,despite your friends on the Board you are trying to protect. Don't put words in my mouth either--check my posts." Dec 17, 09 10:08 PM

Really excellent posts, Johnny and Yankee;. I for one, do not think the interests of WHB would be served by Publius. I can't shake the feeling he's in cahoots with Levan, and if we can't dump her, we have not progressed, for the playing field will not have changed.
And lord knows he's got an Awful lot of fuzzy "Quick! Look over there!" distractions to say. (check#of posts here.)

Me, I'd love to see the absolutely jaw droppingly, brilliant guy with a proven history of local public service, Vic Levy, run for Mayor. He's honest, and smart, and young enough not to be thrown under the bus by this board, Plus, he has no past career in police work, so that issue becomes moot.
Add Dean Speir, former zoning board chair. Talk about a clean sweep. Those two already regularly show up at most meetings from the videos I've seen. There is NO sense of grey when it comes to legal matters for either of them. They're honest, articulate, and know what they're doing. Their roots in WHB are deep.

You want an honorable and competent Board? I would count those two as go-to guys.
Neither is aware I'm proposing this. Yet. :)

Let's take the "Crook" out of (Crook)Westhampton Beach

" Dec 18, 09 12:24 PM

Trustees reject mayor's attempt to add seven resolutions after walk-out in Westhampton Beach

1) This IS a VERY Badly written, confusing article that should be pulled and re-written. Where the heck is the editor? Back to the Remington, Timmy. Rewrite!
Start at whbqt.info. He was there, too.

2)Last night's event was a HUGE, arrogant insult to the residents of Westhampton Beach, many of whom attended the scheduled meeting, and saw the accessable and written agenda HOURS before the event. Mayor Teller sprung no surpises--he's an honorable man.
No one was on vacation; all the "Trustees" were in the building before 7pm.

Public SERVANTS are paid, and servants need to SHOW UP, or they are let go; aren't they, Trustees Joan Levan, Hank Tucker, and, well, the Third Musty Steer ?
(The 3 MustySteers! -props to poster Tugboat Bertha on whbqt.info for this wonderful title for the troika! For a far more accurate and colorfully written report, check out Dean Speir's blog!)

3)Please Keep on Topic, oh gaseous-bagger Publius.
OUR "elected," (albeit with out of town help,--and for that matter, why isn't the DA on top of THAT?) public servants failed to perform their jobs. Are impeachments an option? Darned if I want these sneaky creeps in office till June, or their hand picked cop friends pulling desk duty on my dime another day.
Punt the lot of them and appoint an interum board that follows the rule of law.
May they reap what they've sewn.

" Jan 8, 10 4:06 PM

Simoneng: ?what?
Wasting our time with what?" Jan 8, 10 6:37 PM

Overlooked household germs can lurk in obvious places

Slow news day; give your business friends a plug?
We are a culture of OVER cleaners, and it has been posited the LACK of exposure to common bacteria, dogs and cats, plus the toxic chemicals we use to clean them away, actually increase the odds of getting sick/asthmatic
" Jan 10, 10 2:59 PM

Trustees reject mayor's attempt to add seven resolutions after walk-out in Westhampton Beach

This "reporting" "captures" nothing . Good Grief. Read it aloud, Publius. This was a defining moment for the WHB Village Board of Trustees: They were there, and they left. They DID NOT face the constituency regarding their actions. If they were TRUE civil servants, the law would protect us from an unauthorized strike/walk out: they would be fired and stripped of their privileges and benefits on the spot.
IF Ms. Levan, et al, can't handle the public exposure of her/their behavior, how can we trust her to be around for the duties that would be expected of trustees in times of emergency, either civil or natural? There's never been a doubt in the village Mayor Teller would be the last to leave. That's called leadership. This pathological power grab has to be stopped. There HAVE to be consequences for their actions. I do not wish to see these faces in Village Hall until June, mucking up the village's business and reputation.
Throw da bums out." Jan 10, 10 4:40 PM

Today is the 12th, and the first time I've gotten back on the blog to read it and comment. So I didn't ignore any of your questions; I hadn't seen them. I think the PD was settled under the Stebel administration; and Toni-Jo's sticking her nose into the Chief's business with scheduling was the start of the unraveling of the chain of command--a destructive move by the Trustees that has snowballed to a goddawful mess. Further, I do not see this posting as one addressing the PD--it addresses the arrogant, callous, and disrespectful behavior of three renegade Trustees who deserted their posts because they knew they were wrong, and didn't have the ability to face the public they ostensibly serve.
I have to assume you were not at the meeting that set off this storm of community animus. It-was-unbelievable. Facebook made Bad Trustee behavior it viral-- the word is out, and no amount of changing the subject is going to take back that really bad PR.
I truly hope Mayor Teller prevails. Why? Because he is adhering to the rule of law." Jan 12, 10 9:36 PM

Agreed, Barnbabe. This awful article was written four days ago, and yet to be corrected or updated." Jan 12, 10 9:59 PM

I want the officers investigated by the Internal Affairs report dismissed. If they no longer can appear in a court of law, because they were found guilty by an outside regulatory agency to have behaved in an illegal and dishonest way, they are useless to the village. Any arrests they might make between naps and Holy Moses Cheesecake would be thrown out of court!

" Jan 14, 10 4:40 PM

1)I'd love to read the IA report. Sign me up. So what it's 100 pages.
2)What's the difference between the words "allegation" and the IA used- "substantiated?"To me, the difference speaks volumes.
3)To WhocaNutRust above, how DARE you defile an officer good enough to be on the East End Drug Task Force as a drunk and involving his wife, when "allegedly" his firearm disappeared from a COP LOCKER? IN A POLICE STATION? Then miraculously re-appeared? In his car. Any responsible firearm owner (we're not talking a gang-banger here) is strictly conscious of the location of their ordnance. How much safer a spot could the man have found than in his POLICE LOCKER???
You ought to bve ashamed of yourself--are you one of the rogue cops?

" Jan 17, 10 5:53 PM

Westhampton Beach mayor plans to stick to his guns regarding two Village Police officers

Open message to the Public Servants engaged in blocking a necessary hearing. We don't CARE if your initial labor lawyer advice was wrong.
We are angry and appalled at your lack of action. You are being compensated to manage village affairs. You are instead OBSTRUCTING village business and costing us a fortune.You made a boner of a mistake blocking the resolutions. Man up. We all know it. No amount of blabblabblabbing is going to change that.
The Mayor IS correct.This can't be cleaned up until you get TO it. Get over it.

" Feb 5, 10 3:06 PM

Kudos: Thanks for the journalist's more neutral take on this mess.
Can't wait for the videotape--this one is going to be a beaut--
Don't miss "Reality TV."
" Feb 5, 10 3:21 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board rejects all seven resolutions pertaining to two police officers

Martin "forgot" Kametler was given permission by Levan to vote with The Mayor and Birk on one of the honest and right, NOT controversial resolutions, and that the three "Trustees" deserted their posts rather than face an increasingly irate public. Don't sugar coat horse manure, Ms.Martin.
BTW, this is an edited post---see the original with 35 comments.
" Feb 10, 10 12:50 AM

LEVAN/TUCKER/KAMETLER- obstructionists with hidden agendas.
" Feb 10, 10 12:57 AM

The video? It's here: http://www.whbqt.info/template_permalink.asp?id=1046
and should be aired on cable. It's 1 1/2 hours long, and worth it. The cameraman had to change the tape.
See if you can catch how cub reporter Ms.Martin's head was BURIED in her little laptop, typing furiously, seeing nothing, creating this piece of bird cage liner! Has she ever heard of a tape recorder? Or is this current report revision a nod to her/27E's editorial lack of impartiality in these proceedings?

(You will, as usual, need to dismiss the ravings of Ms.Barrett, a NON resident, who takes up WAY too much time. The response by a Jewish member of the village was graceful and brilliant.)

But do see and listen to what MANY reasoned village voters had to say, ON RECORD, and then ask how this reportage MISSED these crucial exchanges, or the fact that three "public servants" BOYCOTTED that previously scheduled meeting, rather than face the public.
Try not to fall asleep as Tucker flaps ceaselessly in circles, saying nothing.OMG.
WHY doesn't this Board want to follow the rule of law?
The officers involved SHOULD be given a FAIR hearing. After all, the charges against them were SUBSTANTIATED by an external source. A fair hearing was denied them by the obstinate three trustees. These Trustees have NOT done their jobs, and LEVAN flatly (WITNESS IT ON TAPE, GUYS) refused to say WHEN she was going to seek the further counsel she said she required.

The Mayor has a very large base of support in this village, and is doing the legal and right thing for the citizenry's protection. HE sought and received additional counsel to assure that he was functioning within the scope of his authority and the rule of law. Kametler,Levan, and Tucker need to do their jobs.


" Feb 11, 10 10:41 AM

Hey HiHatSize,
How about YOU have a gun "prankishly" stolen that you thought you had secured in the safest facility possible, A POLICE LOCKER, and when it appears, it is miraculously unsecured, where any little kid could get it-- in your family car. Responsible firearm owners NEVER do this. Never.
That's not a prank, it's a crime.
Stupidity is no excuse." Feb 11, 10 10:56 AM

1) No Pub, I do not see it as a prank- I see it as a crime. See- the "quotes."
2) No Pub, the victim of this incident is a decorated, honorable PO. NO WAY he would "negligently" "lose" his weapon.
3)Yes, he likely WAS a victim of a theft; allegedly by fellow PO's.
4) You said: "The report from Suffolk County did not reach any conclusions"
How do YOU know that if the report hasn't been released?

" Feb 11, 10 2:28 PM

According to JackC574 above: If there was a theft of a Firearm, it would constitute a Grand Larceny 4th Degree. A Felony in NYS...

" Feb 12, 10 12:16 PM

PBR: The Trustees are people who are supposed to work for us. Three have made an error they are publically adverse to admitting and moving on with the village matters. Ms.Levan is relying on her back-room steamrolling style to force a coup. I've got news for her: we support the Mayor, his transparency, sense of governance, and for doing the right thing in this standard administrative "boilerplate" proceeding-- a fair hearing on a disciplinary matter. No favorites-just do your bloody job. Thousands of dollars are being wasted
every week while they dally.WHY are we paying the salaries of professionals who cannot perform at full duty?" Feb 12, 10 12:31 PM

Whoa, realdeal. Change begins within, buddy. One person at a time, one board at a time, one village at a time. Let's just see if THIS time the rule of law applies, and a fair hearing is held. Mayor Teller and Trustee Birk have done their homework; Tucker,Levan, and Kametler have not.
Despite employees' behavior requiring investigation, despite the Trustees who tried to shut it down, we, the snotty (but never "tony") residents of WHB have been paying a GREAT deal of attention to Trustees Levan, Kametler, and Tucker.
We, the snots, are NOT amused.Those three are profligately wasting our money. Cops who can't testify are as teets on a bull.

" Feb 13, 10 2:36 PM

Nellie, a third party was already appropriately engaged by the Chief of police; Suffolk County Internal Affairs,. Then, the Mayor performed the appropriate action; kept personnel information confidential, and has tried to finish the
administrative process. LEVAN/KAMETLER/and TUCKER are holding the legal proceedings HOSTAGE.
The Chief and Mayor have demonstrably followed the rule of law.
I hope the DA DOES get involved.
Hang tough, Mayor and Trustee Birk, Chief Dean, and the victim of this unlawful behavior.
"TIRED" Posted above:It only takes a petition with 10% of the voters to get a referendum on the ballot to dissolve the WHB-PD and the Town, for that matter"
TIRED (whb)

" Feb 14, 10 10:47 AM

Southampton Village Police launch internal investigation into inappropriate computer use

As I read about the levels of security in the PD computer system, it hearkened me to the days when a certain WHBVPO retired in lieu of being outed for inappropriate use of the secure and privileged information portion of their databases!
" Apr 23, 10 9:57 AM

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