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Southampton Town Supervisor Kabot, attorney give first interview on DWI arrest

SH Native
I'm afraid you have it wrong, the Rep. elections comm. never said she had 200 signatures of people who were not registered to vote. I believe that the democrats made that alligation. Also, as per an article in this paper the cost to take this to court was to expensive so Kabot decided not take it any further. Come on now SH Native, you know thats what happened.
As far a being married to Kabot. I've been happily marred for 34 years but not to Kabot. She's way to young for old person like me. But thanks for asking. " Sep 26, 09 11:42 PM

I and others who defend Kabot are not closed minded people if it were ATH and the evidence showed she was in fact innocent the blog response would be the same innocent until proven guilty.
However as far as your concerned you are the one that is closed minded, if someone does not agree with you, you call them neocons, right-wingers, radicals, whockos, hate-mongers, racist, boorish etc.
So you tell me who's the one with the closed mind?" Sep 27, 09 11:03 AM

sh native
If you want to make me younger I take it.
" Sep 27, 09 10:14 PM

SHNative (correction)
I mean I'll take it." Sep 27, 09 10:17 PM

Attorney: Linda Kabot will be vindicated

So you thinkt the SH press is supporting Kabot’s claims and the information they are printing is propaganda?

If you feel so strong about what you are saying why don’t you just send a letter to the editor and SIGN YOUR NAME TO IT instead remaining anonymous?

It seems you may have some kind of axe to grind with the press, are you an ex-employee that got canned?
" Sep 28, 09 9:49 PM

BTW Joelhassoul
Ask yourself why didn't Throne-Holst reveal the name of the caller or the time the call was placed?
All of your questions can be answered very easily, you would not want to see the jury tainted, would you? " Sep 28, 09 10:13 PM

Come on now people to think that she mailed the letter to herself and the lawyer is in on it. Thats a bit of a stretch with all this drama.
How do you know the Lawyer has not taken the letter to the police?

Why didn't Throne-Holst just tell the press who called her and what time it was. Could it be maybe she will be needing a lawyer.
" Sep 29, 09 7:49 AM

No one said it's Throne-Holst's fault. The question is why did someone make a phone call to her, who was it, and what time was the call made. She didn't have to answer and she didn't. I guess we will eventually gets all these answers during the trial under oath." Sep 29, 09 8:40 AM

Is it that you have a problem with the press or are you defending the democrat candidate for supervisor. The press did not publish the letter they just printed what the attorney stated in an interview.
"We’re not making accusations at this point, but it certainly triggers an inquiry,” Mr. Keahon said, referring to the anonymous letter."
Let me tell you, it was you that asked for the letter to be viewed on this blog, and knowing the nature of some of those that blog here I'm not surprised with some of the responses. You started a real Sh@# Storm.
I have no problem with the story as written, if I did I would have sent a letter to the editor.
I know you want answers to all of your very long blogs, but no one will get any answers until this case comes before a judge.
We are all entitled to our opinion, you feel the letter had no credibility because on one know's who sent it , while some of us think that Kabot was set up. No matter how long your blogs are you will not change some peoples mind.

" Sep 29, 09 4:17 PM

I understand you passion. I think you are overlooking (and maybe on purpose) that Kabot was the one arrested for DWI unjustly. The video of the arrest was tampered with, 4.5 minutes are missing. Based on this information I am very suspicious of the police. How could anyone have the nerve to edit this very important video.This is a person life that they are playing with. How can you defend the police after reading that they edited this video. Why are you not screaming about that?
You said" any elected official that would malign the character of the cops is beyond the pale". What about the reputation of Kabot, what the police did by editing the video was that not beyond the pale? A letter was sent a phone call was made to Throne-Holst the people are entitled to know. In one of your posts you said" if it was the supervisor in the same situation you would be saying the same thing". Bull, all you keep mentioning is the DWI, and kabot was the one arrested for DWI. Tell us what you think about the edited video?
Very wrong and unfair no matter how YOU spin it trying to make Throne-Holst the victim.
Do you know the history of the politics in SH with the police and how Throne-Holst got the police endorsement and why Kabot did not?

" Sep 29, 09 10:14 PM

sjd & EQme
I think both of you should be forced to take an IQ test before they allow you into the voting booth to vote. Thats all you have to do is take the test." Sep 30, 09 12:32 AM

Town housing officials walk out of civics meeting in East Quogue

You said the affordable house issue is not about Throne-Holst, but she was the one who brought herself into the mix when she said "she is renter and cannot afford to buy a house in SH Town.
As foxnfowl pointed out ATH cannot relate to low income people not when she rents a house on the beach east of the canal and has almost a quarter million dollars in the bank.
ATH wants affordable housing but not in her backyard. " Oct 1, 09 7:31 PM

Linda Kabot's DWI case expected to be moved to Riverhead Town Court

Ok so now your concerned with your town and your tax dollars. What a bunch of bull. If that were the case you would have come out on one these blogs long before this. As you mentioned we've had plenty to complain about with all those other articles.
Your arguments are one sided, god forbid that anyone should call ATH's character into question.

" Oct 1, 09 9:05 PM

I can't believe you would even say something like (are you insane). With some of the thinks that you have said, that really holds a lot of weight coming from you.
LOL" Oct 1, 09 9:15 PM

Proposed Southampton Town budget seeks tax hike and layoffs

5% of the tax rate. Do you know what your tax rate is? Everyone's tax rate is different depending where in SH town they live." Oct 1, 09 9:27 PM

Southampton Town deputy supervisor confronts, shoves PBA president over comments about budget

It was Gwinn who said smoke & mirrors
Jones never pushed through reporters to get to Aube, in fact Jones was talking to one of the reporter prior to talking with Aube & Gwinn. He did not seek out
the 2 police officers.
Aube & Gwinn were grandstanding with the statements made, because of the dislike for Kabot. Jones did nothing wrong. " Oct 2, 09 8:38 PM

What kind of name is rocky for a female?
You are so off base with the Linda thing." Oct 2, 09 9:10 PM

Proposed Southampton Town budget seeks tax hike and layoffs

What contribution as ATH or Sally made in cutting the budge for 2010. All they have done so far is point fingers and cast blame.
Sally is clueless and ATH as no experience. From what I witnessed thus far is criticism and blame from the democrats with no plan on fixing the problem.
Also, don't forget this deficit existed when the democrats were in the majority on the town board.
Those here complaining about the tax increase, let hear from you what idea's do you have? " Oct 5, 09 10:28 PM

Kabot DWI case moved to Riverhead Town Justice Court

Why does the video of the arrest have 4.5 minutes missing? Can anyone answer this question?" Oct 7, 09 12:06 AM

Why did the WHB police edit out 4.5 min of the video?? What part do you think they edited out? Is that fine with you that the tape was edited? The video is evidence and should not have been tampered with." Oct 7, 09 8:26 AM

Kabot's proposed $78 million budget will eliminate 48 town jobs next year

I just found this link on another blog. It's a link to the sh town police officers yearly salaries. I also read they want even more, they are looking for a 4% increase in 2010.

We need to keep Kabot to vote NO on this increase. Throne-Holst is endorsed by the police so you better forget about her voting NO." Oct 8, 09 8:03 PM

Are you proud that the WHB police edited out 4.5 minutes of the dwi arrest?
This is tampering with evidence. What a disgrace they are. Shame on them." Oct 8, 09 8:06 PM

Southampton councilwoman mulls bids to privatize town animal shelter

Spread the word to family and friends see if anyone may be interested in adopting some of those poor dogs and cats.
My dog is not friendly to other dogs or cats or I would most definitely adopt one. " Oct 8, 09 8:27 PM

Kabot's proposed $78 million budget will eliminate 48 town jobs next year

No one trying to pass any blame. I think it is you who is trying to make this an issue. I'm simply providing a link to the police budget.
The article regarding the video being edited with 4.5 minutes missing is in this paper. This information came to light with an exclusive interview the sh press had with Kabot's attorney.
How is it that you have no clue about the edited video, but have knowledge that $10,000 was spent on carpet.
Why should Sam call her up, you made a statement about a carpet now provide your source of information.
I know that you can't because it's not true. " Oct 8, 09 9:44 PM

Who are you to ask anyone to post their real address or name. All because someone supports Kabot does that mean they are related to her? For you information Kabot has not been an elected official for 13 years.
What is your problem, what is your beef with Kabot?
It can't be that you are a fan of the WHB police, or the chief or the village board, not according to your blog in May of this year:

The mayor never answerd the quesion about his wife.
the owner of the bar is a Westhampton cop.
So why did Suffolk P.D. bust it??
Why not Westhampton P.D.??
Maybe they are closing there eyes on one of there own.
What has DEAN done about the crimes last fall NOTHING

Could it be that maybe you just don't like anyone? " Oct 8, 09 9:58 PM

Stop with the childish games. " Oct 8, 09 10:09 PM

Sam tookatz is going to bed she needs her beauty sleep to work that 8-4 shift. " Oct 8, 09 10:31 PM

I can't believe this nonsense. tookatz went to bed, should we talk about her while she can't hear us. Just kidding.
Have a good night. " Oct 8, 09 10:41 PM

Right on the receiving end of the drunk driving of Kabot, cut the crap. Now we have the bleeding heart act. Take a look at your morals. " Oct 8, 09 11:12 PM

You have no idea what you are talking about, please expand on your reply regarding the mismanagement. Who' the Kabot team? " Oct 11, 09 8:49 PM

Who in your opinion as the skills & talent to lead an annual enterprise of $80 million?" Oct 11, 09 9:12 PM

Kabot DWI case moved to Riverhead Town Justice Court

As per a letter to the editor written by Mike Anthony (past leader of the democrat party) he stated that the audit was first suggested by Dennis Suskind after he left office. I ask what credit should be given to Throne-Holst for this suggestion. In any case it was a suggestion to audit the police department due to the $4.5 million deficit. It was no secret that a $4.5 million deficit existed during the years that Heaney was supervisor and the democrats held the majority on the town board for most of those years. During the time Heaney was supervisor the deficit kept increasing more and more. Did he do anything about it? In fact he took money from the surplus to pay down some of that deficit with no resolution (as stated in this paper) none of the tb members knew about it and no one knows if that was even legal. All he did was allow this to happen with pay increases through PBA negations and other police expenses.
It seems having the pba endorsement was more important than trying to reduce the deficit.
Throne-Holst following what Suskind asked for suggested the town board hire an auditing firm. Now the town board already knew that a deficit existed what the auditing firm found was where the money was spent.
Throne-Holst is taking credit for asking for an audit and making it appear that she saved the town in just asking. Let me ask what has she done personally to reduce the spending in the police dept. When an opportunity to reduce spending came to the floor last year to retire police officers (sh law) she was not in favor of this proposal. This would have saved the town about $1 million, was she being fiscally responsible? Throne-Holst did receive the police endorsement just for that reason.
In fact what has Throne-Holst or Pope done to reduce any of the spending in town hall?
All they really did was ask for audits. They are not doing the work of the people because it would be unpopular with the voters, special interest groups and unions to make the hard choice in cutting the budget.
For these 2 its all about the votes." Oct 12, 09 9:57 AM

Now your showing your ignorance Turkey Bridge
A resolution needs at least 3 yes votes in order for it to pass. I believe these passed with all 5 boards members voting yes. A mere suggestion does nothing to make it happen. They get the credit for the suggestion but they failed miserably with any follow through on a solution in cutting spending.
Throne-Holst and Pope have done nothing (knowing about the deficits) to fix the problem? ATH has been in office for almost 2 years, has she made any cuts in the budget? Sally has been in office for almost a year what cuts has she made?
They are not and have not done their job. " Oct 12, 09 10:16 PM

you never did answer the question. It's ok you have no answer. " Oct 14, 09 12:05 AM

3rd vote on what proposal? Explain what you are talking about. " Oct 15, 09 7:56 PM

Southampton Town board gets details of forensic audit report, creates audit advisory committee

Read the article again, the results of the audit will be available Friday. That was this past Friday, October 16.
For those who did not read the article:
The article states that the TB will not pursue litigation against the past comptroller and company. " Oct 18, 09 5:38 PM

Kabot's proposed $78 million budget will eliminate 48 town jobs next year

You have no idea what you are talking about and are saying things that are not true.
You need to do some research before spreading lies. The democrats had the majority for most of the years during the Heaney administration. Did they know about the deficits? What did they do about it?
What have the 2 current democrats done knowing about the deficits. Tell me what have they done to cut expenses in the budget? " Oct 18, 09 7:28 PM

Throne-Holst missed campaign finance filing deadline

Hey how have you been? The campaign going well?
I agree it is the treasure's job to file reports on time. If it was Kabot's treasure who didn't file timely reports would you be saying the same thing?
Now that we have determined that it was the treasure's job, the same should apply to the past comptroller. As stated in an article in this paper (Audit of Town's Accounting Reveals Blunders and Errors) the current town comptroller Ms. Wright said she was stunned by the audit reports. Exposed in the reports were examples of bookkeeping mistakes, including numerous errors by the former Comptroller. Budget transactions between the general funds and capital fund were made inconsistently or not at all from 2003-2007 said Ms. Wright.
None of the Town Board Member's are CPA"s, that's the job of the comptroller to accurately balance the books. The town board was misled by fuzzy accounting practices.
Read the article but I don't expect you to agree because it's much easier to just blame it all on Kabot. " Oct 22, 09 9:19 PM

What are Anna's qualifications for the town's highest office? What has she done for the past 22 month's in office besides ask for an audit? What past experience does she have in the private sector?
The reason you don't know of Anna's financial acumen or her management style is because she has none.
Read the article in this paper Audit of Town's Accounting Reveals Blunders and Errors and tell us who is really to blame for the financial mess. " Oct 22, 09 11:34 PM

What are Anna's qualifications for the town's highest office? What has she done for the past 22 month's in office besides ask for an audit? What past experience does she have in the private sector?
All Throne-Holst keeps doing is pointing finger and casting blame, she has criticized the 2010 budget as presented but has offered nothing of her own in balancing the budget. This shows she lacks leadership, knowledge and has no real plan.
This is irresponsible for a supervisor candidate." Oct 24, 09 8:34 PM

Southampton Town candidate debate attracts nearly 200 people

What are Anna's qualifications for the town's highest office? What has she done for the past 22 month's in office besides ask for an audit? What past experience does she have in the private sector?
All Throne-Holst keeps doing is pointing finger and casting blame, she has criticized the 2010 budget as presented but has offered nothing of her own in balancing the budget. This shows she lacks leadership, knowledge and has no real plan.
This is irresponsible for a supervisor candidate. She's just an empty skirt suit." Oct 24, 09 11:24 PM

Throne-Holst missed campaign finance filing deadline

Noah Way
You answered my question with a question. Pretty low to pick on a dead man who can defend himself.
First Ms. Kabot has 6 years at the legislative level, 6 years as Councilwoman and 2 years as Supervisor. Her command of the facts, issues and policies are second to none. The 2010 budget as presented is an honest budget, she has made the hard decisions for this town. We can argue all day long why the town has these financial problems. Putting blame on Ms. Kabot is not at all true. The auditors found errors and how they were made. The current comptroller could not believe how the past comptroller got away with this fuzzy accounting. These are facts not fiction.

Throne-Holst is very good at point fingers and criticizing. But she has offered nothing on balancing the budget for 2010.
This is irresponsible for a supervisor candidate. Throne-Holst is a 50 year old woman what job experience does she have and what are her qualifications.
She very good at getting endorsement but she has done nothing for the past 22 months.
I don't think I will get an answer from those supporting Throne-Holst because the answer is she is not qualified and lacks the knowledge to be the supervisor of this town.
If you watch those debates you can see she has no record to run on so she criticizes others. What an empty Skirt Suit.

" Oct 25, 09 8:41 PM

Southampton Town candidate debate attracts nearly 200 people

The democrats had the majority in most of those years you are referring to.

Also have you noticed how much the SH Town PBA donated to Anna Throne-Holst's campaign for the past 4-5 months, $2,300 is no small number. What will this cost the town to accept big donations from the PBA. How can Throne-Holst ever do the work of the people when she owns the PBA. No raise in salary for the PBA no endorsements thats the way it works, they own her. The people should be afraid of Ann Throne-Holst the democrat. " Oct 25, 09 9:34 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates say little about proposed 2010 budget

This is what Pope and Fleming had to say about the budget:
“There is a lot of work to do, and it is early to sit and be critical,” Ms. Pope said. “I don’t think we need to do it in the press at this point.”
Is she kidding that all she does it criticize, what kind of response is that from a sitting councilwoman.

Ms. Fleming, a lawyer from Sag Harbor, said she read the budget message and examined various department spending plans, but has yet to delve into the budget in detail. “I read the message, but I haven’t had time to go through the budget with a fine-toothed comb,” she said.

This is what a candidate for a Town Council seat says:
Is she for real, she should make the time.

OK folks now you have it Pope and Fleming have no comment because they are both clueless and admitted that they are.
How could these two run for elected office, are they kidding. This is actually laughable.
The only thing that Throne-Holst has done is criticize the budget but offers
no solutions. What a group and they want to be elected on the town board.
They are a joke." Oct 25, 09 9:58 PM

Turkey Bridge
Someone already answered your question in another blog.

Jim Malone intends to resign his position with the County when he wins the council seat.

Also, are you trying to say that both Anna and Sally work full-time? Give me a break, Anna is too busy getting endorsement and trying to figure out how to make some cuts in the budget and Sally still trying to read the budget." Oct 25, 09 10:13 PM

Southampton Town candidate debate attracts nearly 200 people

And what picture are you painting? The DEMOCRATS had the majority in most of those years. No picture painting just facts.
Like your democrat friends you point fingers and criticize, but never have any real answers.

BTW you want to talk about donations tell us about the police donations to ATH ($2,300). What influence will they have over Ms. Throne-Holst?
We should all be afraid of ATH & Company." Oct 26, 09 12:43 AM

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