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Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

And once again you have no idea what you are talking about. In my view you are not a Kabot supporter you would not have voted for her anyway. Get serious and read the paper, who is the one making the hard decisions cutting the budget. Kabot is the only town board member who has cut anything from the budget. The supervisor is the chief financial officer and it is that's person job to prepare the budget. If your saying the past mistakes were her's you are dead wrong.
BTW it took the audit people about a year or more to find the financial errors of the past supervisor and the past comptroller. None of the town board members in 2007 knew about the shenanigans of borrowing from peter to pay paul. Town Board member's are not CPA's, it is the comptroller job to keep the books properly balanced.
I'm retired and read all the paper's regarding our town. I like to be an informed voter and vote for the right person, and that person is Linda Kabot the only fiscal conservative." Sep 19, 09 10:47 AM

Southampton GOP chairman to step down

If you think back to the years this deficit first started happening, it was during the years that the democrats had the majority on the town board. " Sep 19, 09 12:41 PM

Do watch some town board meeting on chan 22. This proposal to change the planning and zba boards to 5 members instead of 7 will come up for public hearing on Oct 13. I'm sure it will pass this time. Any decision that needs to be made can be done with a 5 member board, just like the TB. A 5 member board will not in any way undermine any board. This proposal was good idea on Nuzzi's part and the dem's on the board will finally see the light and start learning how to be fiscally responsible. " Sep 19, 09 12:58 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs


The town of sh has a union, its the union that will negotiate to take this salary freeze. It's a good move on the part of Kabot to have all the employees not take a pay increase and save everyone's job. In this economy even 25%of employees being cut is way to much. Maybe some people are eligible for retirement that would save money also. " Sep 19, 09 2:36 PM

Kabot arrest leaves nagging doubts

Again who thinks they are above the law? When did Kabot use her position for personal gain. Facts please.
As a republican (or so you say) who do you want to see running our town, the tax and spend democrats? Remember they are liberals who are in favor of immigration, and those tb members who support everything that Tim Bishops stands for and voted yes on.
The message that I will be sending will be to democrats by voting republican.
" Sep 19, 09 2:59 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

Its Kabot who is making the hard decisions in cutting and balancing the budget.
Saving people's job's by cutting the fat and putting a freeze on salaries is a win, win for all.
What has the 2 democrats done in making any cuts? For both of them it's about getting re-elected, they are not doing the job they were elected to do. It would be unpopular with the voters so they are doing nothing.
" Sep 19, 09 7:14 PM

Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

What does Kabot being assistant to Cannuscio have to due with anything?
No one blocked the request for an audit (thats just not true). ATH and Pope did request it and all the board members voted to approve. They did not do any of the work that it took to find were the money was spent. The audit firm that was hired did all the work.
So if you want to give them any credit for asking, that would be correct. Let me ask what else have any of them done besides ask for an audit? Did any one of them do anything to cut the budget?
This deficits started under the Heaney admin. most of that time the democrats were in the majority. Where were they, why didn't one of them ask for an audit? I know it's election time so lets put all the blame on Kabot. " Sep 20, 09 7:24 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

SH Native
ATH and Pope did ask for the audit, and thats all they did was ask. The actually work was done by an audit firm. Let me ask what else have they done. Did they cut anything from the budget.
I'm retired and have been reading the papers and watching all the meeting on Chan 22 since this saga began in 2007.
Let me ask who voted yes to give some of the dept heads a town car to take home for commuting purposes only, including when the gas was $4.50 per gal. Who blocked the decision to retire police officers regarding the 20 year law so that she would get the police endorsement.
It was ATH on both issues. Was this being fiscal responsible knowing the police has a huge deficit. What a waste of tax payer money to vote yes for anyone to take home a town car for commuting to the towns of Brookhaven Islip etc.
As far as the improvement to town hall these are capital improvements projects and as far as I can understand are administered by General Services. No board approval was ever needed in the past. As far as I know this has been changed under Kabots admin. and now the board must approval any spending.
Have we not had enough of the tax and spend democrats. " Sep 20, 09 8:41 PM

Kabot arrest leaves nagging doubts

The immigration issue is a question you should be asking your democrat friend Tim Bishop. What has he done as a u.s. congressman. Let me help you, he has done nothing.
BTW I am stating facts on who should take the blame for the town's financial problems. What have the democrats done besides ask for an audit. Have they made any cuts to the budget? All they are doing is sitting back, afraid to make any cuts because it would be unpopular with the voters. This is not what they were elected to do. They are not doing the people's work.
" Sep 20, 09 9:51 PM

Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

SHNative & people first
Are you positive the democrats never held the majority under Heaney?
Heaney took office in 1/2002, the democrat majority was Zenk, Kenny & Suskind in 02 & 03. In 03 to 05 it was Suskind and Kenny. Then Kenny in 06 & 07.
Please explain why none of the democrats asked for an audit in those years of the spending explosion? Where were they? Please explain why?

" Sep 21, 09 2:09 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

It's a well known fact that democrats like big government and love to tax and spend.
How much more in debt are we since the new administration took over in January 2009. Tell me what was it spent on, the stimulus (that has not worked), bailing out car companies,insurance comp., acorn (hiring prostitutes) etc. All these programs that cost trillions and have not done a thing for the economy.
As far as the town issue, democrates were on the tb in the last 20 years where were they what did they do?
No need to respond, I already know you are on left. " Sep 21, 09 2:31 PM

Keep dreaming" Sep 21, 09 9:08 PM

SHNative & fedelis
I quess you didn't like my and someone else's answer regarding this same issue on another blog so you are repeating it again.
One part of you blog is true, Kabot does have 13 years experience in town government which makes her the most experienced person running for supervisor. Of course she inherited this mess if someone like you should be able to see that.
My question to both of you again
The democrats held the majority on the TB during Heaney's first admin. 2002 -2003 (Zenk, Kenny & Suskind) In 2002-2005 Kenny & Suskind. For 2006 & 2007 Kenny. Where were they during this time? I know its election season and you want your candidate to win so lets blame Kabot for everything that went wrong.
Again BTW that's all that ATH and Pope did was ask for an audit, they did none of the work. Now answer one question what else have any of them done. How much have they cut from this years budget? Kabot is the only one who is fiscally responsible and you know it. " Sep 22, 09 8:07 AM

fidelis & SHNative
'BTW not one of you answered me on that other blog. Both of you stated that the democrats never held the majority, again both of you were wrong." Sep 22, 09 8:09 AM

These quotes by Kabot are quoted from where and when in Feb 08? Was it a board meeting? " Sep 22, 09 6:19 PM

If you can't back up these quotes, I will assume they are not true." Sep 23, 09 8:04 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Kabot, attorney give first interview on DWI arrest

To Sam & anyone else who supports Kabot
Don't waste you time on these naysayers, they were never going to vote for Kabot anyway. They don't even know what's on the video, and could care less if she is innocent. Living in a small town for too long shows in some of your blogs, small town, small minds feeding off someone else's problem.

When I moved here to retire I never thought such hatred existed here.

" Sep 23, 09 7:56 PM

To Joe Shaw,
Have you not read enough, how can anyone get a fair trial in this town? " Sep 23, 09 8:03 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

number 19
you got it buddy, I do enjoy talking politics at the 19 hole. I never did find those comments you stated that Kabot said. I researched it & came up with nothing.

Just like you I'm following what is stated in the papers. I just read an article in the on-line version of this paper, board members will be negotiating with the union soon. I think a salary freeze for 2010 is good for all. Also as far as I know the budget is available for all to see on the town web site and I think it is broken down line by line.

" Sep 23, 09 9:15 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Kabot, attorney give first interview on DWI arrest

O yes you must hold her accountable and scrutinize. Do you even know her?
neocon, very good you learned a new word.
You have some serious issues that need to be addressed. Try to seek some help for anger management. Maybe with the new health care coming down the pike no cost will be involved." Sep 23, 09 9:53 PM

This is just the partial news article, I just read the entire article by signing in with my acct number. It is very interesting as her lawyer pointed out certain things that were edited out of the video. " Sep 23, 09 10:36 PM

your comment above, regarding a property she owned. It was not her property and you know it. I remember reading about that. It was the property of I believe an aunt. If her aunt did something what does that have to do with her.
BTW I can see that you are not a fan of the WHB police, you think they are a waste and that they should be done away with. What axe do you have to grind?" Sep 23, 09 11:08 PM

Blue Sky I agree with you 100%
This is the first interview given by her attorney. Could you imagine these people are blogging without even reading the entire store. This is just the partial story, as stated right below the headline if you want to read the story buy the paper or wait till Monday for the on-line version.
Kabot was not even drunk, but some of these people are painting a picture of her as a drunk. What clowns some of these people are, some not believing that the video was edited. Her attorney saw the video he said it was edited, now the lawyer is lying. Did any of you see the video? Were any of you in the car with her? We have so many fueling the fire with lies.
If she doesn't give a statement, some demand one. When the lawyer explains the facts they still don't like it or believe it.
Some of these questions people post:
Why is this the 3rd lawyer
How does she get to work
Someone is concerned that the trial is being moved
She has a big shot lawyer so she'll get off
The video could not have been edited (wrong it was edited)
Of course this was a set up.
" Sep 24, 09 8:11 PM

First Question did you read the entire article?
Of course people are attacking her for drinking read some of these blogs, of course it's elections time so some would like to see the person they are supporting win. How could you assume that her lawyer is not telling the truth because she is paying him big dollars. Do you even know how much his fees will be?You said she's being childish for denying her condition (what condition). What you are saying is that she is guilty. Do you know that for sure, beyond a reasonable doubt. How can you even try to defend what you are saying when you really believe she is guilty.
You and a lot of other people are making assumptions that when someone refuses the test they must be drunk (you stated that).
In my view even police officers make mistakes. She told the police she had 2 normal size glasses of wine over a period of time. She did not deny anything (read the full story)
The lawyer viewed the video, he said parts of it are missing. He made a statement that she was not drunk based on what he saw.
They say she failed the sobriety test. Do we know that for sure? Was the sobriety test on the video?
How can anyone expect the video to be released at this point. Would this not taint the jury.
If she is proven not guilty I think you would still feel she was guilty.
What we have here are to many unanswered question for anyone to be making assumptions." Sep 24, 09 10:09 PM

Just as I thought, you think she is guilty no matter what the evidence shows.

Welcome to the soap opera." Sep 25, 09 8:04 AM

Etians rd
For you and others this is not about the DWI, this is about your wanting your democrat candidate to win the election in Nov. Let me tell you the silent majority in SHT will be voting for Kabot. They can see that ATH is playing to the special interest groups like the police for their endorsement. ATH does not have what is takes to solve any of the problems and has not made any of the hard decisions in running the town, she to busy making friends for votes. What has ATH done in the 21 months in office? She has not made any significant change for the people, she lacks experience and the fortitude to govern this town.
" Sep 25, 09 8:07 PM

I am correct I am talking about the silent majority, the bulk of the population in SH.
Your person is the loser. " Sep 26, 09 10:05 AM

Life-size signs, what an ego..
Anna has nothing to do but run her campaign. This council job is at best part-time for her, she has done nothing significant for the people. " Sep 26, 09 1:04 PM

great response, I can't tell if Noah Way is for or against Kabot either.
But anyway Noah, it was really just 3 chainsaws, it goes to show your just how sober she was." Sep 26, 09 5:19 PM

Kabot WAS accepted by the INTEGRITY party as their candidate, the democrats challenged the more than 800-900 signatures she obtained by voters in sh town. It would have been costly for her to fight that fight in court so she decided not to go forward. The integrity party is still endorsing Kabot and believes whole heartily that she is the only supervisor candidate with any integrity. If you can find the article that was in this very paper you will see the leader of that party speak very highly of Kabot.
The terrible admin. you are talking about in DC are democrats. Do you think that Anna being a liberal democrat will be any different. We all know how these dems love to tax and spend. Anna is a rubber stamp for Tim Bishop and agrees with the health care proposal and other bills that Bishop voted yes on.
If you are a republican/conservative you should be able to see that it's Kabot who is a true republican/conservative with (Yes) integrity.

Also, if someone knew they make no mistake, what need would there be to suck it up. Thats the point that maybe you are missing.
" Sep 26, 09 10:08 PM

SH Native
I'm afraid you have it wrong, the Rep. elections comm. never said she had 200 signatures of people who were not registered to vote. I believe that the democrats made that alligation. Also, as per an article in this paper the cost to take this to court was to expensive so Kabot decided not take it any further. Come on now SH Native, you know thats what happened.
As far a being married to Kabot. I've been happily marred for 34 years but not to Kabot. She's way to young for old person like me. But thanks for asking. " Sep 26, 09 11:42 PM

I and others who defend Kabot are not closed minded people if it were ATH and the evidence showed she was in fact innocent the blog response would be the same innocent until proven guilty.
However as far as your concerned you are the one that is closed minded, if someone does not agree with you, you call them neocons, right-wingers, radicals, whockos, hate-mongers, racist, boorish etc.
So you tell me who's the one with the closed mind?" Sep 27, 09 11:03 AM

sh native
If you want to make me younger I take it.
" Sep 27, 09 10:14 PM

SHNative (correction)
I mean I'll take it." Sep 27, 09 10:17 PM

Attorney: Linda Kabot will be vindicated

So you thinkt the SH press is supporting Kabot’s claims and the information they are printing is propaganda?

If you feel so strong about what you are saying why don’t you just send a letter to the editor and SIGN YOUR NAME TO IT instead remaining anonymous?

It seems you may have some kind of axe to grind with the press, are you an ex-employee that got canned?
" Sep 28, 09 9:49 PM

BTW Joelhassoul
Ask yourself why didn't Throne-Holst reveal the name of the caller or the time the call was placed?
All of your questions can be answered very easily, you would not want to see the jury tainted, would you? " Sep 28, 09 10:13 PM

Come on now people to think that she mailed the letter to herself and the lawyer is in on it. Thats a bit of a stretch with all this drama.
How do you know the Lawyer has not taken the letter to the police?

Why didn't Throne-Holst just tell the press who called her and what time it was. Could it be maybe she will be needing a lawyer.
" Sep 29, 09 7:49 AM

No one said it's Throne-Holst's fault. The question is why did someone make a phone call to her, who was it, and what time was the call made. She didn't have to answer and she didn't. I guess we will eventually gets all these answers during the trial under oath." Sep 29, 09 8:40 AM

Is it that you have a problem with the press or are you defending the democrat candidate for supervisor. The press did not publish the letter they just printed what the attorney stated in an interview.
"We’re not making accusations at this point, but it certainly triggers an inquiry,” Mr. Keahon said, referring to the anonymous letter."
Let me tell you, it was you that asked for the letter to be viewed on this blog, and knowing the nature of some of those that blog here I'm not surprised with some of the responses. You started a real Sh@# Storm.
I have no problem with the story as written, if I did I would have sent a letter to the editor.
I know you want answers to all of your very long blogs, but no one will get any answers until this case comes before a judge.
We are all entitled to our opinion, you feel the letter had no credibility because on one know's who sent it , while some of us think that Kabot was set up. No matter how long your blogs are you will not change some peoples mind.

" Sep 29, 09 4:17 PM

I understand you passion. I think you are overlooking (and maybe on purpose) that Kabot was the one arrested for DWI unjustly. The video of the arrest was tampered with, 4.5 minutes are missing. Based on this information I am very suspicious of the police. How could anyone have the nerve to edit this very important video.This is a person life that they are playing with. How can you defend the police after reading that they edited this video. Why are you not screaming about that?
You said" any elected official that would malign the character of the cops is beyond the pale". What about the reputation of Kabot, what the police did by editing the video was that not beyond the pale? A letter was sent a phone call was made to Throne-Holst the people are entitled to know. In one of your posts you said" if it was the supervisor in the same situation you would be saying the same thing". Bull, all you keep mentioning is the DWI, and kabot was the one arrested for DWI. Tell us what you think about the edited video?
Very wrong and unfair no matter how YOU spin it trying to make Throne-Holst the victim.
Do you know the history of the politics in SH with the police and how Throne-Holst got the police endorsement and why Kabot did not?

" Sep 29, 09 10:14 PM

sjd & EQme
I think both of you should be forced to take an IQ test before they allow you into the voting booth to vote. Thats all you have to do is take the test." Sep 30, 09 12:32 AM

Town housing officials walk out of civics meeting in East Quogue

You said the affordable house issue is not about Throne-Holst, but she was the one who brought herself into the mix when she said "she is renter and cannot afford to buy a house in SH Town.
As foxnfowl pointed out ATH cannot relate to low income people not when she rents a house on the beach east of the canal and has almost a quarter million dollars in the bank.
ATH wants affordable housing but not in her backyard. " Oct 1, 09 7:31 PM

Linda Kabot's DWI case expected to be moved to Riverhead Town Court

Ok so now your concerned with your town and your tax dollars. What a bunch of bull. If that were the case you would have come out on one these blogs long before this. As you mentioned we've had plenty to complain about with all those other articles.
Your arguments are one sided, god forbid that anyone should call ATH's character into question.

" Oct 1, 09 9:05 PM

I can't believe you would even say something like (are you insane). With some of the thinks that you have said, that really holds a lot of weight coming from you.
LOL" Oct 1, 09 9:15 PM

Proposed Southampton Town budget seeks tax hike and layoffs

5% of the tax rate. Do you know what your tax rate is? Everyone's tax rate is different depending where in SH town they live." Oct 1, 09 9:27 PM

Southampton Town deputy supervisor confronts, shoves PBA president over comments about budget

It was Gwinn who said smoke & mirrors
Jones never pushed through reporters to get to Aube, in fact Jones was talking to one of the reporter prior to talking with Aube & Gwinn. He did not seek out
the 2 police officers.
Aube & Gwinn were grandstanding with the statements made, because of the dislike for Kabot. Jones did nothing wrong. " Oct 2, 09 8:38 PM

What kind of name is rocky for a female?
You are so off base with the Linda thing." Oct 2, 09 9:10 PM

Proposed Southampton Town budget seeks tax hike and layoffs

What contribution as ATH or Sally made in cutting the budge for 2010. All they have done so far is point fingers and cast blame.
Sally is clueless and ATH as no experience. From what I witnessed thus far is criticism and blame from the democrats with no plan on fixing the problem.
Also, don't forget this deficit existed when the democrats were in the majority on the town board.
Those here complaining about the tax increase, let hear from you what idea's do you have? " Oct 5, 09 10:28 PM

Kabot DWI case moved to Riverhead Town Justice Court

Why does the video of the arrest have 4.5 minutes missing? Can anyone answer this question?" Oct 7, 09 12:06 AM

Why did the WHB police edit out 4.5 min of the video?? What part do you think they edited out? Is that fine with you that the tape was edited? The video is evidence and should not have been tampered with." Oct 7, 09 8:26 AM

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