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Quogue Village Is Poised To Sell Waterfront Lot For $250,000

This is absolutely nutty. If we want a dock, why not build one for the entire community to use? It was foolish for the original donor to not place restrictions on the property, but surely if their intent was to give the town a quick payoff they could have sold the lot and given the proceeds...

More importantly, if we are going to sell the property, an independent appraisal of the Friedman's property as is and a separate one of the Friedman property with the extra lot and dock. The starting point should be the difference in those two values.
" Jan 16, 14 11:45 PM

Sagaponack Blasts Developer For 'Shell Game'

This is unbelievable. The board has pre-supposed future sub-division and is forcing the property owners into that outcome. If the owners want to build a single home today and build additional structure or a subdivision tomorrow it is 100% within their rights to do so.

The board seems lost in its desire to be the master planner for a piece of private property. They are obviously frustrated that they cannot leave their stamp immediately on the project, and instead may have to defer some decision making to future board members.

If the property owner has the right to build the house on the northwest corner of the property, the board should immediately approve the request and move on. Any other decision will do nothing but enrich those professionals allegedly representing our village's interests.

" Jun 23, 14 10:00 PM

Sag Harbor Village Board Votes To Adopt Building Moratorium

It strikes me that if you enjoy the view of your neighbor's yard, you should own your neighbor's yard..." Jul 22, 15 3:00 PM

Sag Harbor Village Considering Eminent Domain For Ferry Road Property

Are they seriously considering spending $40+ million for a waterfront park to block the construction of eleven condos? Eleven condos that would generate millions in property tax revenue *to* the town.

Here is how this plays out: town condemns the property, says it is worth under $10m. Developers sue, fight town in court for 18 months. Developers win. Developers get the real value of their property, *plus interest*, *plus attorneys fees*. Town also pays millions in attorneys and consulting fees to justify their failed case.

Do you know what else we could build for $40m+ ?!?" Jan 14, 16 3:46 PM

East Hampton Officials To Appeal To Cuomo Regarding Proposed Statewide Taxi Rules

Point of fact, they already carry commercial use insurance and as the article pointed out they are also licensed by the NYC TLC.

The whole "sleeping in their cars during the day" nonsense is misinformed and reeks of a racist legacy that Cantwell and his goons continue to push forward despite empirical evidence that suggests otherwise.

" Jan 16, 16 10:58 PM

Springs Man Sues To Stop CPF From Purchasing Neighboring Lots

It strikes me that restoring the land to its natural estate is a laudable goal. It also strikes me that providing additional public access to that space can only negatively impact the ecology of the site. So Nature Conservancy - you can't have your cake and eat it too. " Jan 26, 16 12:15 PM

Federal Appeals Court Orders East Hampton Town To Lift Airport Curfews

The real question is, can we sue the lawyers that the town is paying millions of dollars to for malpractice is it has been clear from the bringing that this quixotic quest to ignore federal law is not going to succeed.

Don't worry - the lawyers will happily take our money for appeals for the next several years.

It is time to consider alternatives, including charging a significant premium for landing during the evenings and early mornings. This will naturally decrease traffic without exposing us to significant liability (and maybe raise some money to pay the legal bills).
" Nov 10, 16 1:00 PM

Group Urges East Hampton Town To Buy Montauk Airport To Head Off Headaches

No no no! Please do not consider this. Somehow we will end up mired in litigation and spend millions more than we are told. And to use CPF funds for the acquisition is ridiculous when there are much better and more impactful uses for this kind of money.

That being said, I am quite doubtful that this will remain an airport long-term. Sadly, the highest value use of the property is to subdivide it for McMansions..." Feb 15, 17 7:52 PM

Pastor Says He Will Bring 600 Haitian Immigrant Children To Southampton If He Can't Provide Aid

It's pretty amazing they can feed and educate 1,200 children for $60,000 a year. You could finance the school for five years for just what we paid to Farina..." Mar 16, 17 4:48 PM

Toxic Blooms Spur Calls For Emergency Approach At Georgica Pond

A. It is problematic that the trustees are kowtowing to the DEC for something that is clearly outside the jurisdiction of the DEC or state. However, I get the reasons why, I just hope the government doesn't use it as cover for an illegal land grab in the future.

B. The solution is a modern sewer treatment plant with mandatory participation from all pond-front homes. Septic systems on pond-front or ocean-front are a joke, let alone the ridiculous ones that were built and failed in the 70s and 80s." Jun 13, 17 11:15 PM

PSEG Upgrades Catch Attention Of East Hampton And Southampton Town Officials

That energy consumption is going to increase in East Hampton 50% is a total canard. The remaining developable land is dwindling and any energy-intensive industry is leaving for upstate or overseas.

The real reason driving these massive upgrades is that offshore wind cannot be developed without upgrading the transmission infrastructure. The amazing part is that the utility can stick it to the rate payers to build the transmission infrastructure and then insiders can reap oversized rewards from side-deals with the wind developers." Jun 22, 17 11:13 AM

East Hampton Town Board Slated To Approve Septic Upgrade Mandate

And how about the hundreds of homes that have failed septic systems that are draining into our ponds and ocean? This is a step in the right direction, but we won't solve the problem (and annual algae blooms) until we have mandatory inspections and compel those with failed systems to repair or replace them." Jul 20, 17 11:54 AM

East Hampton Wants To Buy Star Room Property, Heading Off Car Wash Bid

@pluff I agree, it is totally bizarre to be creating "open space" in a commercial district. I'd rather see the CPF funds used to create an appealing streetscape so that commercial activity, especially retail, thrives in Wainscott.

Is the highest and best use for one of the few developable pieces of commercial property be a car wash? No. But the whole strip in Wainscott feels like a series of new jersey strip malls. Investment from the community could change that. But instead, we are just seizing land and cow-towing to the NIMBY neighbors, because it is "easier" than comprehensive long-term planning." Sep 22, 17 10:11 AM

Page Restaurant Plans Catering Hall Upstairs, And No More ‘Back Page’

Require valet parking for all events. Parking problem solved. Otherwise, this is a non-starter. An 80-person event space will easily generate an additional 40-60 cars. Where will they go??" Sep 30, 19 7:48 PM