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Independence Party endorsements cause rift

Seems a bit premature to write Alex Gregor's obituary, when he's the only one who's displayed any integrity in this mess." Jul 24, 09 12:12 PM

It's MacKay who should step down. He's the one who made the backroom deal, which Nuzzi and Malone, those twin avatars of integrity, were only too happy to jump onto. Incidentally, I believe they were both screened by the Independence party committee and last I heard, they're not Dems." Jul 24, 09 2:19 PM

I want to make sure I understand you, DJIII3: When Mackay, the Republicans and the Conservatives make a backroom deal, it's just boys being boys. But when the local Independence party committee actually demonstrates independence from the up-island bullies, it's dirty politics. Interesting worldview." Jul 24, 09 4:06 PM

Eastport resident says McGann campaign illegally stuffed mailbox

Are we really supposed to believe that a former cop doesn't know stuffing mailboxes is a federal offense? What other "innocent mistakes" can we expect of Mr. McGann were he to be elected? Or perhaps saving on postage is his idea of fiscal austerity?" Sep 22, 09 4:43 PM

Campaign Diary: Gregor pushes plan for solar panels at town landfill

I posted a comment yesterday, and it mysteriously never appeared, though I notice Mr. Flanagan, above, has been given his say.

Mr. McGann's response reveals him to be thin-skinned and lacking in vision, two qualities that would not serve him well in public office. Alex Gregor never claimed his idea was original. He is simply trying to find creative ways to generate revenue for the town. Mr. McGann, on the other hand, has demonstrated no such can-do spirit. In the absence of a coherent platform, he has shaped his whole campaign around attacking Mr. Gregor. More worrisome, however, is his reliance on Mr. Flanagan, a well known (and equally thin-skinned) conservative insider who clearly has a personal vendetta against Alex. I cannot help but wonder if Mr. Flanagan, whose wife and daughter also sup at the town trough, clued in Mr. McGann on this easy scheme to pad his sheriff's pension which, incidentally, is already generous, and funded by you and me.

I am growing weary of the tone of this campaign, in which Alex Gregor has strived to stay positive. For this reason he has my vote and, more importantly, because he is clearly the more qualified of the two candidates. Mr. McGann claims he only applies for positions that match his skills. His vast managerial talents must be sadly underutilized in his current job as bailiff. " Oct 7, 09 10:52 AM

Curiously, I continue to have trouble posting my comments. Editor?

Mr Wheeler,

You misunderstood me. I was referring to Mr. McGann's purported vast managerial talents, currently bafflingly underutilized as he mans the metal detector at Easthampton Court. Not only does your evident personal animosity toward Mr. Gregor vitiate whatever you may have to say about him, which is ultimately only baseless innuendo, your eagerness to embrace a candidate so tainted by ethical lapses strikes me as cynical in the extreme.

Mr Mc.Gann has so far not so much shown a talent for management as a talent for cheating. On his guard, Terry Flanagan's daughter was caught distributing his campaign materials on Town time in a Town vehicle. He has admitted to stuffing mailboxes in Eastport, claiming he had no idea that tampering with the mail is illegal. And the list goes on.

I, for one, will not be supporting this scofflaw in his attempt to feather his nest. Whom you support is up to your conscience.

" Oct 7, 09 8:49 PM

Sadly I couldn't fit in "orotund."" Oct 8, 09 11:57 AM


By posting offensive, semi-literate rants like "farmlocal's", above, you so lower the tone of this forum as to call your journalistic standards into question. I hope Mr. McGann's supporters are not behind this. If they are, they will discover that hate-mongering and character assassination do not go down well with decent folk. I, for one, shall no longer be participating. " Oct 13, 09 7:27 PM