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Southampton Hospital Breaks Ground On Heart And Stroke Center

The hospital will still be moving to the Stony Brook Southampton Campus, whenever that may be, and this new heart and stroke center will be moved along with it, name and all, according to hospital spokeswoman Marsha Kenny. " Aug 15, 13 1:34 PM

Executive Board Of Sag Harbor's PTSA Resigns After Bonfire Controversy

Is it just me, or does this explain nothing and leave you with more questions?" Sep 1, 15 10:13 AM

Hampton Bays Man Cuts Down Hundreds Of Beetle-Infested Trees

Easterlywind just gave me a better idea of what is going on here. Pretty critical information to leave out - that the surrounding properties being cleared are owned by the same family! Also, love that this guy did everything by the book except, you know, get an expert to confirm the presence of the beetles and dead trees, lol." Sep 1, 15 11:24 AM

Lee Zeldin Announces Raffle For Constituents To See Pope

Lol. When Nathenyahu came, Zeldin came.

The Pope comes, he's too busy, raffle those tickets off, who cares." Sep 4, 15 11:23 AM

Flanders Man Arrested Friday For Possession Of Drugs And Child Endangerment Charges

Yea! Let's throw this weed dealer in jail and ruin his relationship with that kid he endangered so much while ignoring our massive heroin problem! " Oct 24, 15 12:20 PM

State Could Open Door For Uber In East Hampton

Read: Uber CEO writes a bunch of checks, but unlike you and I, he gets richer." Oct 27, 15 1:14 PM

Bender Says He Was Not Aware That Pills Were Being Re-Sold; Board Sets Special Election For January 26

No oxy addict ever decided someone else needed the pills more than he did. And where do the steroids fit in here? This spin is just that..." Nov 30, 15 2:36 PM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe Superintendent Arrested, Charged With Felony; Lawyer Says No Criminal Activity Took Place

Uhhhhh, charges aren't just filed automatically? You don't break stuff and the second it hits $250 worth of damage with the police automatically come and ticket you. They were called because there was a fight, and this guy broke down a door during it.
This loser was locked out during an argument and broke into the house, continuing the argument. That's domestic violence. This is what scary, threatening men look like. This is what domestic violence looks like people.
So sick of these lawyers too, blaming the victim. "Oh yea, his fiancee was the issue here but she's under control now and cooperating..."" Dec 1, 15 11:48 AM

Homeowners Accuse Neighbor Of Pilfering Documents

Save sag harbor is a joke. They only want to save their summer home vistas and property values, they don't care at all about the locals or their livelihood. Screw sag harbor is more accurate..." Dec 11, 15 4:49 PM

Zeldin Introduces Bill Aiming To Prevent Suspected Terrorists From Buying Guns And Explosives

Lee Zeldin, in the same press release, as reported by other outlets, called for a moratorium on Syrian refugees...." Dec 11, 15 4:53 PM

Lee Zeldin Invites Family Of Fallen Soldier To President's State Of The Union Address

Lee Zeldin seriously needs to read Matthew 6:2.
Good deeds followed by press releases are not good deeds, but selfish ones.

Also, it cannot be all that difficult to go and secure more than one guest ticket, as the article suggests he so courageously did.

Kim Davis AND her lawyer were given tickets. Kind of makes you reevaluate the type of people that get tickets to the SOTU. Anyone that will help a lawmaker win votes gets em..." Jan 12, 16 2:39 PM

Southampton And East Hampton Democratic Officials Endorse Calone For Congress

This isn't good for the future of the east end, and not because Dave Calone is a poor choice. Simply because splitting votes at all between the dems will allow career politician, I mean career panderer, Lee zeldin to retain his seat.

Here is to hoping the primary is fair and honest and doesn't split the party..." Jan 12, 16 2:45 PM

Southampton Town May Switch To Single-Stream System For Recycling At Transfer Stations

Jay makes it really tough to defend him. Only one that sends to think it's a good idea after spending nearly a decade working with the people who are now squeezing us, the island piggy bank, for more. Come on Jay, use that influence a little..." Jan 12, 16 2:53 PM

Authorities Drop Felony Charge Against Tuckahoe Superintendent

What a joke.

Cost of the door is the heart of the matter apparently. Let's not worry about the domestic violence, the spitting on a woman or grabbing her by the face and throat.

Makes me sick." Jan 13, 16 2:23 PM

Springs School Opera Brings Local Story To Life

Soccer kicker. The most important position on a baseball team." Jan 13, 16 2:33 PM

Sag Harbor Village Residents Question Legality Of Moratorium

I'm still trying to figure out how one's point of view determines something's legality. Like, that's not how it works..." Jan 14, 16 1:13 AM

Southampton And East Hampton Democratic Officials Endorse Calone For Congress

Someone whose never had a job other than being a politician is a career politician, regardless of how long or fruitful that career has been...I don't count his college rotc and subsequent reserve army status as a job either because of the way he throws it around like he's a full fledged American hero. Loves to say he was deployed to Iraq, but no one ever questions the fact that he was a lawyer, sitting at a base telling a general what was legal and what wasn't. For a couple months. Then was sent home as a reservist.
Matthew 6:2 Mr. Zeldin..." Jan 14, 16 1:23 AM

Sean Ludwick Held In Jail Without Bail After Judge Deems Him Serious Flight Risk

Noted: there are FBI agents hiding plain sight everywhere, and they're all friends with a detective at the Southampton town police department.
As happy as I am that this scum is back in jail, some things just don't add up here.
The FBI agent is "active," but not working in an official capacity, so he wasn't undercover trying to nab Ludwick, yet he has a job as a sailing instructor and had boats for sale in PR? And he had ties to the Hamptons? How much time off do FBI agents get? So odd.

Also, the hotel concierge left a voicemail on the judges phone as retribution for ludwick complaining about the hotels accomodations? Wasn't explained very clearly..." Jan 27, 16 11:08 AM

Alec Baldwin Joins Local Campaign Against The Hills, PDDs

Lol. Alex Baldwin, longtime environmental advocate???
Lots of ways to describe Alec Baldwin, including but not limited to, Alec Baldwin, a longtime Alec Baldwin advocate. Or, Alec Baldwin, who often spends his money to further his own name on the East End, threatening to pull his "philanthropy" at any second if someone criticizes him. Or, Alec Baldwin, who believes that there are "fundamentalist queers" out to ruin his career...
Environmental advocate? Not so much." Jan 27, 16 11:33 AM

Congressional Hopefuls Skewer Zeldin, Trumpet Progressive Agenda

Lee Zealot. I like it. I like it a lot." Feb 4, 16 7:37 PM

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