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Zeldin On Trip To Israel With House Majoity Leader, Members Of Congress

since the beginning of presidential elections in this country, the party with the most money or (contributions) has won every single time!
every single time!
i am not voting again until this changes.

Don't waste your time voting

your vote can not fight the money that rules America" Aug 13, 15 9:58 AM

revolution is brewing my friend

have you read "Revolution" by Russell Brand?
excellent book" Aug 13, 15 9:59 AM

State Denies Citarella's Liquor Store Application

southampton has become a total police state

these hamptons cops are overpaid babysitters who think they are gods gift to eath


the same kids that went into the stall to pee in high school

losers" Aug 13, 15 10:02 AM

do these cops know how much cocaine and heroin are in there perfect town?
when was the last big drug arrest?
deals go on daily
wake up
learn to find the real crime" Aug 13, 15 10:05 AM

UPDATE: Hampton Jitney Accident On County Road 39 Cleared

bigfresh and joh hampton so close to each other??" Aug 15, 15 10:34 PM

Plans For Median On Long Beach Road To Be Topic Of Discussion

must be an important or rich neighbor involved...." Aug 16, 15 9:47 AM

get the fn bikes off the road or double the width of every road

have you seen the size of the trucks and the trailers every landscape company is flying around the hamptons roads?


" Aug 16, 15 9:49 AM

Landlord Without Permit Could Face Loss Of Rent Paid

everyones a fn lawyer" Aug 26, 15 11:05 PM

No Lemonade For You; Seinfeld Lemonade Stand Shut Down in East Hampton Village

tell me why we need a police officer with a six figure salary to do this kind of work again?

i wish there was a exchange program between the nypd and southampton town police

these cops out here have a joke of a job" Aug 27, 15 12:33 PM

East Hampton Ghost House Remains In Limbo

these bullies pick and choose there battles...." Aug 27, 15 12:36 PM

Sagg Pond Closed To Swimming After Dangerous Algae Is Detected

it never rains out here in the summer

easy job for the weatherman" Aug 27, 15 12:45 PM

No Lemonade For You; Seinfeld Lemonade Stand Shut Down in East Hampton Village

the part that gets me is the salary

it doesn't make sense they make double the money as my friends and family in the nypd" Aug 28, 15 9:00 AM

Two Workers At Day Care Center Charged Friday With Child Endangerment

4 to 18 month old todlers can not tell their side of the story" Sep 1, 15 3:05 PM

either way we live in a disgusting world

if it true it is horrible for the victims involved

if it isn't true it is horrible that in this day and age, innocent people (one a lifelong sh resident) can get arrested and slandered for crimes they did not commit" Sep 1, 15 3:44 PM

kinda scary mug shots btw" Sep 1, 15 4:14 PM

they look like they were kicked out of the amish community for doing wrong" Sep 1, 15 4:15 PM

all the people who are "innocent until proven guilty"
wake up
you are dense
the article CLEARLY states that the younger witch admitted in writing to the abuse allegations by culver and herself

kudos to the 20 year old former employee, although the press maybe didn't need to mention her name, as that will discourage other whistleblowers

also, all the abuse seems to be centered over eating
i have two kids
they eat when they are hunrgy
no big deal
if they don't want to eat who cares???
why did the infants not eating infuriate these two??" Sep 2, 15 1:11 PM

Family Protests Outside Westhampton Beach School Over Controversial Special Needs Decision

we bailed out banks and big corporations...that was good, no?" Sep 2, 15 1:28 PM

Short-Term Rentals Rankle Neighbors, Competitors

stop crying

competition is the backbone of america
i'm sure you all made enough the passed 10 years

understand change is the only constant
or go sob with the former video store rental owners and beeper companies" Sep 3, 15 6:39 PM

Southampton Town Will No Longer Fight Establishment Of Religious Boundary

can you say "jew" and "jews"?

almost sounds derogatory now

similar to "mexican"" Sep 3, 15 6:40 PM

Short-Term Rentals Rankle Neighbors, Competitors

no animal house, but my second closest neighbor sold his house a few months ago and it has been nothing but over 5 out of state vehicles, chainsaws, yelling, volleyball, and what appears to be over 8 people living in the 2 bed 1 bath house

what can i do??

these illegals got it made" Sep 4, 15 8:21 AM

Louis Bacon Adds Golf Holes To Cow Neck Preserve

i too asked myself what was the main point of the article after i read it

not sure where the "news" is

don't be a hater sh press. Mr. Bacon is actually a decent man" Sep 6, 15 5:41 PM

Preservationist Pitches Immunocontraceptive To Control Deer

if you are going to spend money
pay suffolk residents $25 for a fresh doe / $50 for a fresh doe dressed

or we can play god with drugs and have still born fetus' plopping out and deer with plastic tags in there ears walking around like in eh" Sep 8, 15 3:30 PM

Springs Man Arrested, Charged With Growing Marijuana In His Basement

"you in here for marijuana?"

" Jul 29, 16 7:22 PM

UPDATE: DA Says Evidence Insufficient To Connect Man Arrested For Southampton Break-In And Sexual Assault With May Stabbing

wtf happened to Southampton?
horrible week in 27east news...
just horrible
" Aug 5, 16 9:09 PM

how come there is not a comment section for the rape article?
this favoritism 27east condones is unacceptable" Aug 6, 16 7:11 PM

Southampton Police Arrest Man On Several Felony Drug Possession Charges In Bridgehampton

a friend with weed is a friend indeed" Aug 21, 16 7:43 PM

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