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Man Arrested After Smuggling Drugs on Jitney Bus

71 years old
god bless him" Jul 3, 14 10:51 PM

Forecasters Say Storm Could Bring Dangerous Rip Tides

i don't like the kardashians out here either
but its the publics fault for being so interested in these people
don't be mad at them, its the lady's buying the celeb mags in the grocery store you should be upset with." Jul 4, 14 8:19 AM

Starbucks Plans Hampton Road Location; Southampton Mayor Won't Support Store

I'm a blue colar local

I thought Citarella prices were out of my reach until I went there for myself. The prices are competitive and actually many items like sandwiches and the hot bar were actually cheaper than 90% of the delis out here.

The crowd is upper class, but the prices are right on." Jul 5, 14 8:02 AM

Governor Signs New Bill To Facilitate Merger Of Southampton And Tuckahoe School Districts

can we crack down on illegal housing? ie the overcrowded " Aug 6, 14 9:24 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Board To Accept ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

never stand under the bucket of a pay loader
" Aug 20, 14 6:26 PM

Felony Drug Charges Leveled Against Sag Harbor Man

what happened to the good old days of booze and green?

it baffles me how heroin is the normal out here" Oct 28, 14 6:54 PM

Southampton Town Deer Management Plan Would Focus Reductions, Promote Public Education

why are we so consumed with deer?

there is a big rodent problem on the east end but that doesn't get mentioned.

lets cull the raccoons, opposum, rats, squirrels, mice

leave the deer alone
deer here are nothing new
just more and new citi-idiots who place themselves on top of the world.

nature takes care of itself
if deer were truly overpopulated there would be a browse line throughout the east end and deer would also die of disease and famine.

whats next? homeowners stopping by 7-11 to pick up a day laborer to kill deer?

" Nov 7, 14 6:21 PM

Jeep Submerged At Georgica Pond On Sunday

don't let your friends buy a used white jeep" Nov 7, 14 6:24 PM

Police: Man Charged With Attempted Rape After Attacking Woman In Hampton Bays

don't let your kids cross west over the canal" Nov 19, 14 6:11 AM

At Least One Arrested Following Altercation On North Sea Road

how come all of the comments have been removed?
what happened to freedom of speech?

touchy subject i guess" Nov 22, 14 9:45 AM

Hampton Bays, Westhampton Beach Open To Taking On Tuckahoe Students

crack down on illegal housing and illegal immigrants and the 140 students will most likely drop to 14" Dec 6, 14 9:28 AM

Garbage Piled Outside North Sea Dump After New Year's Closing

keep stinky trash longer in the house?
keep stinky trash longer in car?
leave stinky trash outside to awake to a disaster from the local raccoons and varmin?

how many workers do you need to sit in the booth and watch people throw out there trash?

make it self serve and have automatic gates
the people that maybe cheat and throw out non town bags might be tossing that trash in our beautiful community and we shoud accept that loss as a town" Jan 7, 15 7:10 PM

East Hampton's Spay-A-Doe Program Raises Financial Questions

if i see one of these doe i will surely draw back
this spaying program is a joke

also, extending the bow season into january is almost pointless
it is extremely difficult to harvest a deer this late in the season at close range with a bow
they have been chased and hunted for months and aren't accepting of any unnatural scent or movement in a tree
september is the month they need to open!

also, who enjoys dressing a doe in january and having two small fetus fall out of it???
" Feb 5, 15 7:15 PM

UPDATE: Wednesday Afternoon Crash On County Road 39 Caused By Driver Who Fell Asleep

change is the only constant

its hard for us who have lived here all of our lives to accept the new construction on every last parcel and the emerging big business' that are taking over a once small tight knit community.

also, when did north fork property (under one million) become as expensive as south and east hampton property with double the tax? i have mistakenly always thought that could be a cheaper, less populated solution..." Feb 27, 15 5:48 PM

Sag Harbor Building Moratorium To Be Presented For Public Comment Next Month

the hamptons are ruined
simple and plain
there is no way someone that loved the 80s and 90s hamptons still enjoys the place

i'm trying to rent my house (although with all the new construction, former renters seem to just be buying) and moving to SoCal

goodbye illegal immigrants and millionaires" Jun 5, 15 5:13 PM

Uber Halts Service In East Hampton, Montauk

competition is the back bone of america and keeps everyone honest

these hampton towns are crazy

you buy a house and you don't own anything
cant cut down a tree or replace a window without permission from big brother" Jun 5, 15 5:17 PM

Sag Harbor Building Moratorium To Be Presented For Public Comment Next Month

this has become a frequent battle on the east end and the money always wins

no point discussing here" Jun 8, 15 5:00 PM

Tuckahoe Names Former Longwood Administrator As Interim Superintendent

because they care so much about our kids
lol" Jun 9, 15 5:56 PM

Suffolk County Police Highway Patrol Officers Practice Protecting Visiting VIPs

does this seem odd to anyone else?

because you're wealthy or famous you get private help from a public entity?

i don't want to be paying taxes for a dozen motorcycles to follow someone around like they are god

we are all human
the hamptons is a disgusting representation of a horrible social class system based on wealth

i pay taxes
im sure there are people in town that dont like me
can i have a motorcade?

" Jun 14, 15 6:48 AM

Sag Harbor Building Moratorium To Be Presented For Public Comment Next Month

you must be one of the millionaires

lmao" Jun 14, 15 6:57 AM

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