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East Hampton Town Deer Survey Results May Not Reflect True Population

These infared scans are a waste. It might give you an indication where some deer may be, but deer change their home territories by season and food availability. I like most people believe there are over 1,000 deer easy in the area. $13,000 wastefully spent. White tail deer hunting is a huge industry. New York has the third highest amount of deer hunters of any state. East Hampton as well as Southampton need to drastically ease the restrictions on areas bow hunting is allowed as well as increasing the amount of deer legally allowed to take. Another suggestion would be to have drop off locations for deer taken to be butchered and distributed to the local needy." Jun 12, 13 8:48 PM

Threatening Calls Still Plague East Hampton Residents

is it impossible for the police to detect where the call is coming from?
i know if the prank calls were going to the white house the perpetrator would be apprehended" Jul 9, 13 8:21 PM

North Haven Residents Want Ticks Gone Regardless Of Cost

Tick spraying does work. Compared to the cost of homes in this area paying for a monthly tick control program for their properties should be an easy decision.
I guess because there is no voice for the beautiful deer they become easy to blame for all our problems
Who was here first?
Who began planting lush lawns and ornamental shrubbery that deer would love to eat?
Who drives around speeding, preoccupied by their iphone, crashing into a defenseless deer and blaming the animal?

" Aug 18, 13 9:15 PM

I have gotten ticks on many properties properly deer fenced in, some being horribly infested. Any mouse, chipmunk, squirrel, turkey, raccoon, opossum, fox, coyote and BIRD can carry and spread these ticks.

Is there any local food pantry or organization east of the canal that will take legally harvested deer during the hunting season? If there was a such a place I could guarantee enough deer brought in that could fill a few freezers with healthy tasty venison! Lets fill our food pantries with wonderful local bounty!" Aug 19, 13 6:52 PM

Garbage Bags Filled With Marijuana Found During Traffic Stop In Water Mill

glad it wasn't locals being harassed
sounds like another example of up the island characters using and abusing the east end as a place to grow and a place to come get in every piece of woods the east end has left and poach deer" Oct 6, 13 8:32 PM

Oceanfront Boardwalk Part Of Town Plans For Neptune Property In Hampton Bays

Montauk is the new Hampton Bays

I agree with most as this is an extreme waste of money.
" Dec 14, 13 2:06 PM

Dozens Rally In Southampton Village For Immigration Reform

They took all blue collar jobs away from "local young white and black people"

Born in 82 and lived here my whole life this situation has had more of an impact than one might think.

Without living 30 people to a two bedroom home, how can anyone afford to live out here working for the salaries illegals are willing to earn. Living out here on an average job and paying a mortgage in this area is not a feasible option anymore. How can I compete against illegals who are paying $300 a month to live here to my $3000 mortgage?

Also, it is a little strange and awkward for young americans to be in a workforce of strictly illegals who barely speak English. So whats a high school graduate to do? Pay 100k for college in hopes of an office job you would hate? And those office jobs are usually in the city or up west.

It has gotten to the point where if you see a white or black man as a landscaper, mason, painter, etc you look twice.

Enough is enough
The hamptons will be nothing but millionaires and Mexicans in 2020" Dec 14, 13 2:19 PM

Deer-Culling Opponents File Suit Against East Hampton Town, Village Over Planned Cull

figure out the cost for the cull per animal.
pay half this amount as bounty to the licensed hunter that kills it.
help our hard working middle class
also, lets open the season in september for non antlered deer" Dec 20, 13 9:06 PM

Five Years' Probation For Former Teacher Who Filmed Girls

do the victems fathers get some alone time with this scum?" Dec 20, 13 9:09 PM

Troopers Arrest Four In Hampton Bays Sobriety Checkpoint Early Sunday Morning

I am shocked and delighted by the extremely low percentage of dwi dui at the witching hour.
Keep up the good work east end residents.

These statistics should be a clue to the law to stop wasting money and violating peoples rights in these stop all road blocks." Dec 31, 13 7:09 PM

UPDATE: Former Officer Of The Year Identified As Trespass Suspect

On a EH cop salary?? Couldn't he have afforded a hotel room or a winter rental for his sexcapades? Or was the B and E part of the fun?" Jan 24, 14 5:00 PM

Westhampton Beach Police Officer Suspended Without Pay After Stalking Arrest

i always say if i could do it all over i would have a state or gov job..." Jan 29, 14 8:00 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Joins Village In Pulling Out Of Deer Cull; Sagaponack Village Not Likely To Go Forward Either

The cull program was shocking and disturbing. I am relieved it is no longer taking place.
We as hunters need to step up and take more doe each year. We need to take advantage of the basically unlimited amount of doe tags we are now able to obtain by simply emailing a picture of a filled doe tag to the DICS oh sorry i meant DEC" Jan 31, 14 8:42 PM

UPDATE: Snow Totals Vary, Heavier West Of Canal

enjoy the seasons
all the more reason to be grateful when warmer weather hits
" Jan 31, 14 8:45 PM

Hampton Bays Fire District Treasurer's Salary Has Doubled Since Taking Office

i might be handing in my resume very soon" Feb 5, 14 6:03 PM

DEC To Revise Mute Swan Eradication Plan

The dec is the biggest waste of tax payers dollars
Most violations are brought on by a public tip...
Can't the local police do this job or are they too busy breaking into homes with young house cleaners?" Mar 6, 14 1:23 AM

UPDATE: Wife Recounts Narrow Escape From Deadly Sagaponack Blaze

whats with the "wife" instead of "woman" or "resident" in the title
seems kind of sexist to me?" Mar 13, 14 7:56 PM

UPDATE: Baykeeper McAllister Says He Was Fired Illegally: Denies Charges Of Affair

Where is the real crime here?
as long as the female staffer is 18 (21 would be a reasonable age limit), what is the big deal?
People tend to hook up with people they spend time with or know, ie work

If your spouse is cheating it would be wise to look at their co workers

But drinks on the job? His job like many others including networking and social gatherings to promote his cause and milk donations out of the wealthy.
What is so wrong about drinking? It is legal, unlike marijuana, the medicine of many.
Give the guy a break
just like high school...Mouthampton" Mar 20, 14 9:34 PM

also, wasn't it the said female employee in question that gave the original statement to the shpress about the firing?!?" Mar 20, 14 9:36 PM

Former Plitt Ford Building Demolished To Make Way For Home Goods Store In Wainscott

Better than another auto dealership littering the side of the road with hundreds of vehicles" Apr 19, 14 7:08 AM

UPDATE: Arson Suspect Being Held In Riverside Jail In Lieu Of $500,000 Bail

disgruntled employee of the rich?" Apr 20, 14 8:46 AM

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