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Ethics complaint filed against Zwirn

Yes, Mr. Zwirn, you and whoever "we" are (Democrats, I presume, Deb
Foster, Chris Kelley, Alec Baldwin, Lona and David Rubenstein, who are always watching out for "us" - aren't they?!) DID hit a "chord". The irony of the "chord" is that the residents and taxpayers of East Hampton have heard this "tune" before! As a matter of fact - the song sounds eerily familiar. Has Ben Zwirn, upon hearing that this proposal may be illegal, and retorting "They are wrong" - not learned anything from Bill McGintee??

Let's remember, please, that when confronted with potential ethical violations when he was on the Board of Directors of the Conservator PAC and acting Town Supervisor, that when he was named as a member of the Board of Directors of the no-bid "sweetheard deal" Amagansett Ice hockey rink, and that when he was told by East Hampton Town Attorney Laura Molignari that transferring CPF funds to the Town's genreal operating fund to cover deficits would be illegal, Mr. McGintee said that the public was "misinformed", that the allegations were "political" and that the voters in East Hampton "just didn't have their facts right."

I shudder at the similarities. " Jul 27, 09 9:46 PM

East Hampton GOP outpaces Dems, Zwirn turns to state leader for financing

sad commentary." Jul 28, 09 11:30 PM

Darn computors! What I was writing before I mistakenly hit the "send" button was this:

Last I knew the "trusted accountant"/treasurer for the Democrat Committee was David Gruber who, despite spending vast amounts of his own monies on his campaign for Town Supervisor, lost that election some time ago. As a matter of fact, I'd like this reporter to investigate exactly how much money Mr. Gruber spent on his campaign because, I think, ironically, it comes close to the amount that Mr. McGintee had to raise by taxing residents in the form of fees for beach stickers to park at our beaches - all in order to cover up his own (and the all- Democratic Town Board) for the last six years these people were in office. What I was writing before I had a computer malfunction is that reading Democrat Party Chariman Bill Taylor's attempts at humor about what is going on in Town is like the watching the movie the "Titanic": the band is playing on while the ship continues to sink. SAD COMMENTARY. " Jul 28, 09 11:44 PM

Gardiner's petition is challenged

Who, Mr. Gardiner, or this reporter, are "they" that spelled Mr. Gardiner's name wrong? His campaign managers, the Board of Elections?Alleging "fraud", in my opinion, is not a "potshot". I bet the Republican's are glad to be rid of Bill Gardiner once and for all - along with his "I'll sling mud against anyone if I'm paid for it" campaign managers Lona and David Rubenstein (who are also, ironically, currently promoting Ben Zwirn) . There is only so much self-serving people can get away with in this town before voters say "enough is enough"." Jul 29, 09 12:01 AM

Gardiner's primary bid is stymied once again

While Bill Gardiner was the Chair of the Republican Committee during the 2007 campaign he paid David and Lona Rubenstein to NOT WORK with the committee, and destroyed any chance he had of being deemed a credibie candidate for any position. His advisors in this primary bid are still Lona and David Rubenstein, who are working for Deb Foster, Ben Zwirn and Democrat candidates. Sadly, it seems as though it is Mr. Gardiner who is playing into the Democrat's hands. Whether or not he is on the ballot on September 15, he will lose. i don't believe Republicans will let Bill Gardiner distract them from what has to be done to clean up Town Hall. " Aug 1, 09 11:42 AM

Schneiderman takes temporary pay cut

better than none, isn't it Mr. Z? perhaps you would like the job . . ." Aug 5, 09 2:04 PM

Campaign notebook: East Hampton GOP opens headquarters

Please: "The party’s Campaign 2007 committee", "Bill McGintee, Brad Loewan, Pat Mansir, Peter Hammerle, Julia Prince and 'the Democratic Committee', "The Conservators", "Deb Foster", "Alec Baldwin", "Chis Kelley & Twomey Lathem Shea et al.", "Ben Zwirn, Lona and David Rubenstein, Advisors", "David Gruber, Treasurer, Nick Lynn, Financial Advisor", "Edward Gorman, Consertvartor and Committeeperson", "Betty Mazur and Sylvia Overby, 'Concerned Democrats'", "Bob Schaeffer and Sylvia Overby, Democrat Appointed Planning Board Members", "Deb Foster appointed Planning Board Member Eileen Catalono" --- I could go on and on and on and on - YUCK. " Aug 11, 09 10:59 PM

By the way - and shame on this reporter for not asking - who exactly is the "party's accountant"? Last I heard the Treasurer is David Gruber . . .I don't want to spread any misinformation - so is this correct?" Aug 11, 09 11:02 PM

Former East Hampton GOP leader Gardiner taken to hospital

I have now heard Bill had an allergic reaction to to a tick bite - thankfully having nothing to do with the food at John Pappas - good, I am glad this is not a "serious condition" - but what a terrible article for the restaurant! I was wondering if/when it should be pointed out to your reporter (or Ediitor?!) that Mr. Gardiner lost THREE bids for TOWN BOARD - not for Town Supervisor - and that the Judge involved is Gary Weber, and not the Supreme Court Judge you mentioned. I am happy Bill will be OK. Your reporting on issues and the facts, however, is deeply disturbing. Who writes these things?!? " Aug 14, 09 12:02 AM

Campaign notebook: East Hampton GOP opens headquarters

Oh, and how about the De Menille's, their contributions to the current Town (Democrat) Board Members Deb Foster and Brad Loewan, and, oh joy! our new "Historic Town Hall" with a write off for them and millions of dollars of debt for us. FACT: Dan's Paper's reported that Judith Hope and Tom Twomey beamed with pride as the buildings were moved from their property to OURS. Paperwork shows (if anyone cares tio investigate) that the costs of moving these buildings have not been fully reimbursed by those generous "donors". Double and triple YUK! Could someone please report the obvious in this paper? It would be refreshing. " Aug 14, 09 12:16 AM

Former East Hampton GOP leader Gardiner taken to hospital

To the Editor: With no acknowledgment that your "facts" were wrong - you simply change the story to now report (a little more accurately) that Mr. Gardiner was an "and unsuccessful Town Board candidate" without mentioning how many times. I now hear he may have a very severe case of Rocky Mountain Fever brought on by that tick bite. I hope not and wish him a speedy recovery. But his condition is just hearsay to me. People may actually rely on your "news" and "facts". Very scary. Try to do better. And if you have a correction to make - please admit it." Aug 15, 09 10:22 PM

Southampton Town Board kills appointed highway chief proposal

You are so right EastEnd68! I thought the same thing when I read this article! Favors and deals are protected when people are appointed - not elected. Throw the bums out!" Aug 15, 09 10:28 PM

Animal shelter may go private

This is baloney - if the Town can take care of the animals AND save money - stop politicizing the transition. Can't have it both ways Anna . . . and for this reporter - how much exactly ARE civil service employees paid to work there per year? Can we please get facts along with a story some time soon? Maybe get volunteers to make telephone calls or to FOIL this stuff for you if you don't have the time! " Aug 17, 09 11:51 PM

Court rules Gardiner cannot wage East Hampton primary

Ms. Young - an appropriate name for a new reporter - please just do a LITTLE more research in your artlicles, and then maybe you can becaome a "real" reporter - PLEASE! There is an attorney who handled this case. His name is Vincent Messina. His name was on the decision. He has a telephone number, and a real law practice. He is a thourough, professional, calm person who knows how petitions should be signed as, presumably, does Bill Gardiner. There was no "legal pressure" by anyone. Either you have a case challenging the methods by which someone gathers signatures, or you don't. It is not "their case" meaning the "two Republicans". It is a case for voters everywhere who don't need to have charletains mounting primaries against bona fide candidates for goodness-knows-what reasons. What you utterly fail to mention in this article is that David and Lona Rubenstein were being paid to get out there and collect signatures for Ben Zwirn at the same time they were collecting signatures for Bill Gardiner. Were you not aware of that? And if you were - why not print it? Please, JUST GO ONE STEP FURTHER TO BE FAIR? Please?!? " Aug 18, 09 12:07 AM

Former East Hampton GOP leader Gardiner taken to hospital

Retraction? Correction? Come on now you all - some people may actually READ this stuff and believe it - let's not get to be too much like "The Star"! At least their lame editor responds evey now and again . . . " Aug 18, 09 12:18 AM

Court rules Gardiner cannot wage East Hampton primary

My guess is that highhatsize does not vote here -- or he is a Democrat, happy that Bill Gardiner could attempt to divide and waste the Republican Party's time and "our" (meaning all of Suffolk County citizens') money because, after all, all of us end up paying for these "primaries". If candidates are serious and competent - you bet there will be a primary! HHS's comments say, in essence, "Proces be Damned" "Let anyone and everyone who wants to be involved have a place on a ballot - regardless of the methods they used to get there". I disagree. By the way, had you read the transcript and the decison, there were not 387 "valid" petition signature/voters. Due to errors, duplicate signatures and duplicated sheets of signatures that were submitted, the Court ruled that the people who submitted the petitions (umm, Gardiner and David Rubenstein) "COMMITTED FRAUD" in their attempt to get on the ballot. SO WHY WOULD WE WANT SOMEONE ON THE BALLOT WHO CANNOT COUNT, FOLLOW PROCEDURE, or COMMITS FRAUD IN THEIR ATTEMPT TO GET THERE?? Seems like we've had enough of those in East Hampton, Bub. I'm sure you're a True Blue believer in the Democratic process HHS, so I'm trying hard to acsertain your real agenda here. Good thing the Village of Quogue is separate than East Quogue (but not too very far, is it?) I wish the Motz's good luck - seems you got troubles of your own up there! " Aug 22, 09 7:12 PM

Protest at The Star

Hey EH rez - yes, as a matter of fact some things in that article were "materially false" AND "incorrectly reported." There were a LOT of missing "facts' to back up the Star's "gossip" in that article (I didn't see one person, other than Tiffany Scarlato who supported or agreed with the Star's position in that article that there may have been "wrongdoing" on the part of the building inspector when issued permits and a CO for the two projects in Amagansett) and then, as a matter of FACT - Town Attorney Tiffany Scarlato says she was seriously misquoted, and that David Rattray's assertion that any pre-existing nonconforming structure that a building permit is issued for needs site plan review is PATENTLY UNTRUE. Where do you go from here - knowing that?!? Just say -oh well? Bad journalism? Oh well, stupid reporting? Stupid article, stupid editor - unless it's your name and reputation being bandied around. I would expect more from any of the papers out here. " Sep 5, 09 10:58 PM

Waiting game continues for McGintee

The waiting game, unfortunately, is not for McGintee but for the residents of this Town. By the way - could you PLEASE report on some things that ARE going on in this Town rather than gossipping on "non-news"? For instance - NEWS TIP - some of the costs for transporting the "New Town Hall" have not been repaid to te town yet by the DeMenille's - to the tune of almost 90 Thousand Dollars. Although building is going on at the "New Town Hall Annex" that Di Sunno Architects (is this the same Chris DiSunno on the ARB that is being paid for this project? just asking) at a cost of 1 million dollars plus - no one seems to know what that building is being used for . . . PLEASE -- I am not surprised that this article is being written by Beth Young. A little digging never hurt anyone - did it? I can see why you think you have a thankless job - you continue to do fluff pieces - guess what we get what we pay for when the news is free . . . " Sep 9, 09 1:02 AM

Scratch - unless you are paying the increase on my tax bill due to the lack of fiduciary duty this elected official had to me - while I paid him with my hard-earned dollars - I have no pity. Why don't you have pity on me and send me a check? Much appreciated." Sep 9, 09 1:11 AM

Zwirn gets AFL-CIO endorsement

I agree - where, pray-tell - does the AFL-CIO fit in with this Town? I am asking sincerely. Is this an endorsement for the CSEA? I think not.

Dear Beth: Could you please contact the CSEA and see where they stand before you make the giant leap and imply that the local CSEA supports Zwirn? I am just curious and you are just not doing your job. Sorry. " Sep 9, 09 1:17 AM

Waiting game continues for McGintee

jekgbs and eastendlocal - please read previous articles about this so you can have an informed comment (the articles may not have run in this paper, but they were definitely in other papers) Laura Molinari RESIGNED because she TOLD Bill McGintee what he was doing was illegal - before (in 2007) and after (in 2008) he did it. That is the basis of the charges agaisnt Ted Hults - transferring the funds when they were told it wasn't legal by theTown Attorney! Please read the articles. Additionally, McGintee or Hults (or Lynn Ryan - we'll see) forged Ms. Molinari's name in a document that was sent to the SEC to obtain municipal bond funding. We all hope Ted Hults and Bill McGintee will be OK - and Joe Smith is entitled to his opinions - but if McGintee resigns BEFORE he is indicted he will be entitled to a pension from the Town. I hope that the Editor of this newspaper investigates these facts and sets the record straight. It would be refreshing. " Sep 9, 09 11:37 PM

Zwirn gets AFL-CIO endorsement

Your policies are sound, Mr. Shaw, and I agree that it is inappropriate to criticize a reporter personally for articles that s/he may be directed to write, or in general. I apologize to Ms. Young. As for the article, the word I used was IMPLY and I am referring to the first sentence. i read the story - I see that the CSEA has not officially endorsed any candidates. My question was (and is) whose endorsement matters? The up-island AFL-CIO or our own CSEA - so where is the CSEA on this? Has anyone contacted them? A more interesting story would be how many members work locally and what they think of the candidates - if they aren't too afraid to speak. If Zwirn DOES get elected they are going to be toast. " Sep 12, 09 8:52 AM

Supervisor: East Hampton tax hike is certain

Umm - just looking at my calendar - September 30 is a Wednesday. . . . " Sep 14, 09 7:03 PM

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