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Tuckahoe Officials Uncertain About Future Of School District

Wow! You said another mouthful. I was the pathetic and disgusting community member who commended our board and administration you so thoroughly undressed in yet another anonymous post. If your IQ is so high and think you have all of the answers than I would suggest running for the board. If you are half as good at complex problem solving as you are with insults and condescension, then we could sure use someone like you right now. Start with posting your real name. Just a suggestion. "Obbservant" has one "b" in it by the way but, what do I know with my single digit IQ and all?

Sean Hattrick" Nov 8, 13 1:46 PM

Southampton School Board Decides To Bring Tuckahoe Merger To A Straw Vote Again

Yes, "Cheif1" you can believe in a modest increase because state law mandates it. Since the Tax Cap was made law in 2011 the last three annual budget increases for both Southampton and Tuckahoe have averaged 2.05 and 2.15 percent respectively.

Sean Hattrick" Sep 18, 14 8:52 AM