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UPDATE: Bottlenose Dolphin Euthanized In Sag Harbor

lucky the poor thing wasn't a mute swan or a deer they would have sent a SWAT team out to git it" Mar 23, 14 7:20 PM

Deer Slaughter Under Way In Southampton Town

The Fosters are anything but "starving farmers" and the family's involvement in questionable land deals is fodder for a Vanity Fair investigative article. All this will come out." Apr 3, 14 9:12 PM

And please stop about feeding the poor. Who is refrigerating 1000 pounds of deer meat handed over in a couple of days? Who is distributing it? The Board of Health mandates refrigerated trucks and stringent guidelines for transporting food that needs to be refrigerated. There is probably untold diseases carried in that meat. Think Soylan Green, folks." Apr 3, 14 9:17 PM

I really want some 18-20 year-old with a high powered rifle and a silencer a 100 yards from my babies and dogs. Because there is no way he would be smoking crack or drinking because that's not what kids do these days, right?" Apr 3, 14 9:18 PM

just shoot me" Apr 3, 14 9:49 PM

UPDATE: State Supreme Court Denies PSEG's Application For Temporary Restraining Order Against East Hampton Town

dear wmdwjr, you're not paying attention. This project originated in East hampton Village in the Fall of 2012. There are dozens of documents between the village and PSEG I'm sure you can get from PSEG. The Village Administrator at the time was current Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell. When PSEG went to the town in the fall of 2013 they told officials that the village had already signed off on the project to lay new poles from the village to Amagansett. It was then the town agreed." Apr 12, 14 10:41 PM

Lottery Winner Moves Into Affordable Home In Flanders

Let me get this straight: a town employee just so happened to "win" the lottery and get the affordable home? And he'll be earning how much in four years? And his health insurance and retirement bennies taxpayers pay for are how much? So let's tally it up: we pay his salary, we pay his insurance, we pay for his retirement and we pay for the place he is living in. Sweet -- for him. For the rest of us? Not so much. How many hours does he work--I mean, really. We've all been to town hall. Coffee, newspaper, break, phone call, check email, lunch hour (and a half), email, break, leave at 4.Oh, sick day, vacation, holiday, personal day, religious holiday, etc." Apr 24, 14 9:47 PM

New Westhampton Beach Mayor Seeks Pay Increase

You people kill me. But it's Ok to give the lazy police chief $230K and the equally lazy cops $130? Giving the Mayor an extra 12 grand to clean up the joke this village has become seems more than fair to me." Jul 9, 14 1:53 PM

Expert: White Shark Sightings Are Not A Sign Of Threat

Not a Threat? That's what they said on Amity Island." Jul 14, 14 3:29 PM

Bishop, Zeldin Gear Up For Rematch In November

Odd not one word about Bishop being called "one of the most corrupt" Congressman, or the FBI investigation into PLoverGate (agents were in Southampton) or the OCE report that concluded Bishop did a campaign favor in exchange for a huge donation. I guess those little tidbits aren't newsworthy to a newspaper with an agenda." Jul 18, 14 8:32 AM

You don't throw more money at a system that doesn't work. We are woefully inept at policing our borders because we don't punish illegal immigrants when we do find them here. " Jul 18, 14 3:03 PM

Philathrone, assuming you are not a Bishop employee, perhaps you should read the Office of ongressional Ethics report.
"There is a substantial reason to believe that a violation of House rules, standards of conduct and federal law occurred.”
Did Randy write that?" Jul 18, 14 3:05 PM

Southampton Town Will Post Armed Security Guard At Public Meetings

Think Oheka . . .paranoia strikes deep" Jul 23, 14 11:34 PM

Bishop, Zeldin Gear Up For Rematch In November

Phil--Obama doesn't know who you are. End the man crush. Weren't we talking about Bishop/Zeldin? Surely Phil you're not attracted to Bishop, are you?" Aug 14, 14 9:39 PM

Success Of Traffic Calming on Noyac Road Remains To Be Seen, Business Owners Say

Dear Elliver: trust me--no, it doesn't." Aug 15, 14 2:37 PM

East Hampton Residents Give PSEG An Earful During Public Hearing

Jeremy Samuelson is an expert on everything, my friend -- EVERYTHING. That's why no one pays any attention to him. As a flunky for CCOM, why is he even commenting on the poles? It was his asinine behavior at the last meeting that doomed our fate. " Aug 27, 14 6:36 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation Disbands Tribal Gaming Authority

hmmmm . . .$250,000 a month, huh? What's all the crying about being so poor and needing federal aid?" Oct 1, 14 6:18 PM

Southampton Rejects Proposal, And State Grant,To Extend School Day After Parents Express Concerns

This is like the merger--district officials will keep scheduling hearings until they can pack one with supporters and then go forward with the plan because "the people" want it. Take a vote now and be done with this dopey idea." Oct 3, 14 12:40 PM

UPDATE: Man Arraigned On Felony Charge After Springs Shooting Incident

Yes, it was before serial bloggers who incessently blog about every single topic (even if they know nothing about it) drove people insane." Oct 3, 14 2:59 PM

Southampton Board Of Education Votes To Reject State Grant To Extend School Day

a clear rebuke to the administration . . .another weasel deal exposed. Next chore: find a new superintendent and reject the merger he is shamelessly pushing for so he can get a higher salary and a bigger office." Oct 7, 14 9:09 PM

Bishop And Zeldin To Debate As Election Day Draws Near

It is important to understand the essence of TARP: monies we gave the big hitters were by and large "repaid"--very little was done to help the millions who lost their homes and watched their lives being ruined. The Big Boys stole their money, and the government bailed THEM out. We could have given the money towards paying back the mortgages that were delinquent, and the banks would have ended up with it anyway. But we didn't. So much for the great Liberals Bishop and Obama.Yes, they saved the big bankers. But they let the little guy drown." Oct 7, 14 9:16 PM

Board Fires Westhampton Beach Boys' Varsity Soccer Coach

Sounds like Dad got his panties in a bunch and had enough pull to make this happen. The kid is probably going to wear the scars of this overbearing father. Snitches never make it in this world. Whatever the coach said, suck it up and shut your mouth -- unless it's a Penn State type problem!" Oct 8, 14 8:55 PM

names have been revelaed and student confidentiality violated. I semll a massive lawsuit. It says here both the Stupervisor and the Prncipal will ge gone when the smoke finally lears." Oct 9, 14 10:37 AM

Environmentalist Pitches Dumpsters At Public Beaches In East Hampton

The thing is a monstrosity. End of story. I wonder if this clown will get a kick back on every sale." Oct 10, 14 6:39 PM

Neighbors File Lawsuit To Stop Sandy Hollow Apartments

"The developer claimed" the so-called kiss of death to objective journalism. He "said" it. The implication is he was arguing his case to no avail, The writer might have said "he pointed out" which makes it obviously true. How easy for a mediocre journalist to color a story!" Oct 14, 14 10:33 PM

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