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Sagaponack Will Hold Public Meeting To Discuss Forming Its Own Police Department

My only question is, why is Sagaponack putting any stock in any advice or figures from someone who wants the job as chief? Wilson is self serving and a very poor financial expert. There s" Jul 21, 13 9:15 AM

Even if Wilson was a world reknowned fiscal expert, he shouldn't be the person given cost estimates if he is trying to get the job as chief. This is just plain common sense. I see you agree that all persons seeking to obtain a position are self serving. Wilson should either give cost estimates or be a candidate, God forbid, for chief. Not both. " Jul 22, 13 9:52 AM

I heard that Chief Burke may soon be available to run one of these departments. Chief Wilson in Sagaponack and Chief Burke in Westhampton Dunes. Two disgraced chiefs running the east end villages. You gotta love it. " Jul 24, 13 10:12 AM

LOL You must be hard of hearing if you heard that North Haven is leaving SHTP. Wilson already tried them and they told him politely to get lost. He is tired of being a security guard and wants to be called chief again. Here's an idea Billy. Neptunes is looking for a chief bottle washer and you would do just fine. " Jul 24, 13 5:48 PM

Rumba Discussion Continues, Reluctantly

Get real. Fleming is just like every other politician. Only this year her seat is not up for re-election so she can play to the crowds. This Rumba issue has been around for quite a while and only now we hear from Fleming. She is actually the worst kind of politician. That is a politician who goes with the flow regardless of right or wrong. Maybe she is right this time about Rumba but let's not raise her to sainthood just yet. Take a look at the PBA contract she just supported before it was rejected by the majority of the board. " Jul 25, 13 10:46 AM

Sagaponack Schedules Vote On Forming Police Department

What the heck Is wrong with this village? Hiring a disgraced police chief who wants Sagaponack to create their own department and make him chief, is the person they hire to give the board start-up costs? Unbelievable. There seems to be a back room deal in the making here. Wake up residents of Sagaponack!!!" Aug 20, 13 11:28 AM

Look, if Sagaponack wants to have a village police force, so be it. However, to use the cost figures from someone who wants to be the chief is just plain foolish. There are plenty of fiscal police experts without baggage or self interests to get "real" cost figures from. How can the people of Sagaponack rely on Wilson's figures since keeping them low would better his chances of becoming the chief. And by the way, William Wilson has never balanced a budget in either the town or the village police departments. So using Wilson is very very suspicious. " Aug 20, 13 5:28 PM

Your post is half right. Yes, using a former chief to give you budget figures does make sense but there are dozens of former chiefs on Long Island who have no personal interest in Sagaponack creating their own police department. Nor do they have any interest in becoming Sagaponack's chief. Nor do they come with the baggage and controversy that Wilson brings. Paying Wilson to give accurate figures is just plain dumb and reeks of back room politics. Beware people of Sagaponack it sounds like the fix is in and the mayor's pal Wilson will be your police chief. " Aug 21, 13 9:36 AM

Sagaponack Village Board To Vote On Pursuing Separate Police Force On Monday

Using a former chief to give you budget figures does make sense but there are dozens of former chiefs on Long Island who have no personal interest in Sagaponack creating their own police department. Nor do they have any interest in becoming Sagaponack's chief. Nor do they come with the baggage and controversy that Wilson brings. Paying Wilson to give accurate figures is just plain dumb and reeks of back room politics. Beware people of Sagaponack it sounds like the fix is in and the mayor's pal Wilson will be your police chief.
" Aug 24, 13 9:40 AM

Throne-Holst Well Ahead Of Challenger Kabot In Campaign Finance Race For Southampton Election

At least Kabot puts herself right out there for comments on these threads. I guess Throne-Holst can't take the heat from commenters. And taking a sobriety test while her entire defense was based on a police setup would have been very foolish indeed. If I remember correctly, the arresting officers called the SHTP union who, in turn, called their candidate Throne-Holst for advice. " Aug 26, 13 5:26 PM

Ahead of East Hampton Town Republican Primary, Cantwell Says He Will Decline GOP Nod

Tom Spota should take a page out of Mr Cantwell's book. His desire to see that voters get a choice is admirable. Tom Spota wants to make sure that Suffolk County voters have no other choice but him in November. Imagine the gall of the top crime fighter to get elected under term limits and then when he is affected by that law, he sues in court and overturns the wishes of the voters. " Aug 27, 13 7:35 PM

The republican parties across the county are disintegrating right before our very eyes. The problem lies with leadership or more to the point, the lack of leadership. These back room cross endorsement deals are slaps in the face to the rank and file faithful. Time to clean house and remove all the current political leaders. Every election for any office should have at least one republican and one democratic candidate. That's the American way that gives the people a voice in the process." Aug 28, 13 10:10 AM

Tuesday Will Be An Odd Primary Day In Southampton Town

Your comment about having a choice in the process is well said. I take it then you must be furious at Mr. Walsh giving a democrat (Spota) the conservative line for DA? " Sep 1, 13 4:28 PM

Agreed. But the best person for the job should be decided by the electorate not the party leaders. Wouldn't you agree? If an individual is cross endorsed by all political parties as Mr Spota is, doesn't that eliminate the electorate in the process? " Sep 2, 13 10:13 AM

Sagaponack Decision On Police Force Looms Large For Town

But for goodness sake, if you do it, don't make Wilson the chief. He is nothing more than a high priced security guard and a disaster waiting to happen. " Sep 4, 13 3:43 PM

So Sagaponack relies on cost estimates given to them by former "controversial" chief William Wilson? Do the village trustees realize that Wilson has no formal financial education. In fact he just about graduated from high school. On top of that, he never balanced one budget while chief of the village or the town. And more importantly, he wants to be the first Sagaponack chief making his figures suspiciously skewed. " Sep 6, 13 9:55 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Makes Offer To Stave Off Creation Of Sagaponack Village Police Department

Don't be fooled people, the fix is in. The mayor is personal friends of the "controversial" if not "unscrupulous" William Wilson. He has promised Billy boy a police department of his own and everything you see is smoke and mirrors to make this happen. Good luck Sagaponack. Wilson will create chaos in less than one month as your new chief. They couldn't vote this weekend since 2 trustees would vote no and that would look terrible to create a police department with a split board. The mayor will pressure one of the two to change his mind and then "here's your sparkling new chief's badge Billy just like I promised." Sep 9, 13 4:12 PM

Just look at the facts here. Any mayor who would accept figures from an uneducated and controversial ex chief who wants a job as the first chief of Sagaponack , either has his head in the sand or he is a personal friend. I know the latter to be true. If you were at the meeting, you heard the public express those very concerns only to have the mayor defend his pal Wilson. I see my truth has upset you so for your benefit, I will "shut up" for now and wait for my "I told you so" moment. " Sep 9, 13 9:18 PM

"Typical cop" you say????? First of all, I am not a cop typical or otherwise, secondly, my comments are directed at an obvious miscarriage of facts and figures given to the people of Sagaponack by the unscrupulous William Wilson. I see that you are a fan of this guy so I won't waste my time giving you all the facts surrounding his tenures in the village and the town police departments. However, this is about Sagaponack, not Wilson, and accepting figures from a potential employee is just plain dumb. " Sep 10, 13 11:28 AM

Oakdale is a great town but I really do love visiting my family in Saggaponack. Thanks for asking. And by the way, they are very happy with the town police force. " Sep 11, 13 6:59 AM

Not if you already know that Wilson will be your first chief. He can only make 30,000 dollars by law if he keeps his lucrative pension. So it looks like a very very part time chief is in the works. And guess who that will be????? Remember, his figures are self serving and unrealistic. As you stated, a chief's salary would be much much higher. My goodness folks, see the forest through the trees here. " Sep 11, 13 5:27 PM

Of course not. Only someone who wants to guarantee that he is the only candidate would submit this as a possible chief's salary. Is it getting a little clearer yet? Wilson's figures guarantees him to be the only candidate that applies and he will gladly work "part time" as chief of Sagaponack while collecting his lucrative pension and enhancing his private security business. How many ways can we say "set up" " Sep 12, 13 10:58 AM

Sure they could apply, but why would either of them work for 30,000 dollars when both of them are over 65 and not subject to the NYS retirement earnings cap of 30,000 like Wilson. This low balling of the chief's salary was no accident. It was Wilson's way to guarantee himself the chief's job plain and simple. Trust me, no retired chief is going to work for 30,000 dollars except Wilson. And he will do it only to expand his security operation, regain police powers for himself, and walk around with a shinny new police chief's badge and maybe even a department car. " Sep 12, 13 12:34 PM

To mwhite. Your post contains many good points for discussion. Although I don't disagree with your opinion on the village's concerns, I most certainly do disagree with your opinions about Wilson. Unlike you, I do know Wilson and as for his experience that you refer to, his tenures as chief of Southampton town and village were rife with turmoil and lawsuits. If you really think Wilson is "stepping up" to become the first chief, then you are drinking the cool aide. Wilson's interest in Sagaponack is all self serving. He wants to expand his private security interests and he wants to regain regain statewide police authority. And a shinny new badge and car wouldn't hurt either. " Sep 15, 13 9:20 AM

Villages and towns that create new police departments can by civil service rules hire any NYS certified police officer to fill the rank and file including chiefs. The key is the certification for retired police officers runs out after one year from his or her retirement date. Wilson's certification runs out in a couple of months so the mayor doesn't want time to run out on his pal Billy. Hence the rush." Sep 15, 13 4:14 PM

Kabot, Keith In Dead Heat With Challenges Pending

No matter how you slice it, Kabyt, Cabot, Kabit or, Cabyt should be a vote for Linda Kabot. Keith, Kieth, Kythe, Kithe is a vote for Phil Keith. It's time for us voters to stop allowing the party bosses decide who we voted for. I hope the board of elections allows all the votes and whoever has the most, wins. " Sep 17, 13 6:12 PM

To Mr. Keith. People tell me that you are an honorable man and I have no reason to doubt that you are. Please do not let political vendettas mar this very important election. If you have more votes than Linda Kabot, then the line is rightly yours. But as you know and admit, Linda Kabot has received more votes but the party leaders are challenging spelling errors. Not confusing votes, but spelling errors. You, more than many people, realize the sanctity of the vote and should not allow others to manipulate the system. Tell Malone and Walsh that ALL the votes should count and if they refuse to withdraw their challenge, then you sir, should honorably refuse to serve. " Sep 17, 13 10:13 PM

There is a meet the candidates breakfast hosted by the Southampton Chamber of Commerce on Thursday. Perhaps Mr Keith will do the right thing and concede the conservative line to Linda Kabot at that breakfast despite the challenges by the political bosses. non sibi sed patriae" Sep 18, 13 11:36 AM

Mr. Keith,
By allowing the court to decide this election based on misspelling errors, you lose either way. If they rule all the challenged votes for Linda Kabot void, then you will win by a narrow margin and lose the support of all who believe you an honorable man. Although you will have the Conservative line for supervisor, you will have only succeeded in helping Throne-Holst get re-elected. If, on the other hand, the challenged votes are counted, then Linda Kabot would get the line and you will be remembered as a political lapdog who allowed political bosses to try to interfer with the voting rights of decent citizens. In other words, Mr. Keith, by not conceding before the decision of the board of elections, Mr Malone and Mr Walsh will have ruined your honorable name. Do the right thing sir. " Sep 19, 13 10:00 AM

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