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Tim Bishop says failed bill would have stablized 'Main Street'

I just e-mailed Rep. Bishop to urge him to reconsider his support for a bad bill. An overwhelming majority of Americans do not support the bailout. Some alternative ideas I sent along are 1.) cut corporate income tax 2.) cut corporate capital gains taxes 3.) restructure failing mortgages through private lenders 4.) offer insurance to those private lenders that assume the montage backed securities debt 5.) save capitalism" Sep 29, 08 10:53 PM

Kabot releases proposed budget for Southampton Town

With all do respect to the Supervisor increasing discretionary staff at a time when most of us are cutting back signals that she just doesn't get it. The famous line of "just say no" requires more backbone and management skills then town government can muster." Oct 1, 08 9:26 PM

Hampton Bays celebrates opening of new fire station

I was happy to see the new building up and running, it is an asset both in terms of response time and it replaces a blighted area. I was also please to see Lee Zeldin there. He has become a tireless campaigner and is very specific as to what he wants to do. To vote for the incumbent is to reward a failed Congress. Under their watch the financial sector collapsed, and watching the hearings to assess culpability they took absolutely no responsibility for anything. Whether a Democrat or Republican the present Congress has not earned the value of our vote. This young qualified veteran has earned my respect because he seemingly respects me, I like that. He is also right on the issues.
Omulhern" Oct 13, 08 3:38 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates spar over finances during debate

Mr. Russo speaks in a language understandable to the average citizen. I understand that if I cannot afford my household costs I cut and continue to cut until I reach a level that ensures my survival. Ms. Pope is afraid to cut out necessary programs,which are? When does no enter her vocabulary. The sad thing is politicians can"t say no. Supervisor Kabot raised taxes at a time when people are really hurting, typical, Ms Pope would be an ally in the never ending cycle of upward spending. Mr. Russo recommends what Mayor Bloomberg did, cut department spending. Ms. Pope may be a good person but we cannot afford her. " Oct 28, 08 11:22 PM

Town Justices upset over criticisms about court schedules

I don't know if the case load has lessened or that the Justices have just taken advantage of an extra Justice to work less, which seems to be obvious based on the comments in the article but I'm sure that if the extra time to issue warrants and writs were divided among 4 judges I don't think anyone would notice. So It seems to me a pretty good salary and perks for 13 weeks a year." Oct 30, 08 10:19 PM

Construction worker killed in job site accident in Southampton Village

I wish that the reporter would find out the immigration status of Mr. Gonzalez. I have a feeling he is an illegal alien, or for those who are squeamish about such characterizations, and undocumented alien. However regretful as his death is and the anguish of his loved ones, his death will probably be written off because of his status.
Illegal aliens are the new American slaves and the system is kept alive and well by unscrupulous contractors, homeowners and community activists because they continue to rationalize an acceptance of illegal activity.
" Jan 6, 09 6:20 PM

Sally Pope introduces her first resolution

are you kidding me, she wants is doing this in the name of social justice! what about social justice for the citizens of this town that have received a tax increase, local and state, we are hemorraging citizens and her top priority is a name change, which I agree she could have petitioned for change at her leisure. how about social justice for citizens who pay increased taxes while illegal aliens send their dollars south. She is a disgrace, social justice, try ego and out to lunch!" Jan 8, 09 10:37 PM

Arrest made in Flanders fatal hit-and-run

I wonder if this 27 year killer could not get a license because well maybe he did not have the documentation necessary for one and what insurance company does he pay his premiums to and who had the registration? Questions that should be in the "full story" Sorry for your under reporting!" Jan 30, 09 5:04 PM

I almost forgot to say that if someone that we pay taxes to was doing their job or maybe not working under polically correct regulations we could have stopped a PREVENTABLE CRIME." Jan 30, 09 5:08 PM

Bad economy forces some migrant workers home

well hasn't this article generate some interest, In answer to shock about the taxes the answer is that the government has a vehicle to collect taxes. It is the Federal Wire protocol, I'm not sure of the name but all wire transactions are sent via Federal wire service, just like if you win a large amount at the horse track the taxes are immediately collected and forward via the same protocol, but like anything else your government including Southampton politicians have no principles. We are the chumps, expected to pay the freight. Government is not your friend. This article is so politically correct that the ill schooled reporter could not even suggest that this is the reality of illegal immigration, the new American slavery." Feb 4, 09 10:28 PM

Vigil for fallen construction worker planned

The tragedy of the life on Mr. Gonzalez is that he is part of the new American slave class.This sham is allowed to fester by greedy contractors, by community activist groups and individuals listed above that feed off of this misery to justify their existence, and a liberal/progressive political establishment that allows illegal immigration at the expense of the legal pathway that was available to him in his country and that many scores of his fellow citizens dutifully follow. American citizens should demand more of their politicians,are you listing Mr. Bishop, apply the same moral standards to Mr. Gonzalez as they would want for themselves and don't hire contractors that engage in illegal practices and most of all live by the rule of law." Feb 7, 09 3:38 PM

Southampton Town drafts wish list for stimulus funds

what is unfortunate about the stimulus spending and the comments above are that the government is creating debt, and the comments seem to overlook that fact. We are the government and as such are responsible for the repayment of all the funny money. This bill absorbs vast amounts of private equity needed by small business and entrepreneurs to stimulate to economy and that is exactly what is needed, not government deficit spending, to recover. What ever happened to the American spirit of accountability and neighbor helping neighbor? When you sleep with the devil in this case the government, you will pay the consequences in the form of less freedom, manufacturing mediaocracy, and a population addicted to the federal nipple. Hooray for socialism ! and the crushing of your children's dreams." Feb 21, 09 8:23 PM

Southampton Republican Party chairman says Kabot is not a lock to secure nomination

Ms. Kabot is really a RINO, no dispersion on the animal. What we need is a committed politician who will REDUCE government, give the citizens the monetary means to decide where to stimulate the economy, and as it relates to the laundry list of stimulus projects are we sure that they will not force an increase in future spending and thus our taxes. Also Ms Kabot has added staff when her constituents are cutting spending to keep afloat. She just doesn't get it. " Mar 4, 09 6:17 PM

Independence Party endorsements cause rift

Now I,m really confused! what party can put a liberal progressive and two conservatives on the same ticket. Seems like the party leadership has some other motive, I think Bob Whyte has a good idea about control of the board rendering any elected Supervisor mute. Kabot has done a poor job protecting the people franchise while Throne-Holst is going to increase town debt, she wants to borrow against the Preservation fund while revenues continue to plummet thus forcing a tax increase to cover the shortfall. I am inclined to vote for the other guy this time around because we have been so poorly served on all levels of government by the incumbents and need to deliver a message that citizens are still in charge, but I rebel against party bosses conducting business as usual, this thinking taints the fine qualifications of Jim Malone and ChrIs Nuzzi." Jul 23, 09 11:20 PM

Southampton Town Board candidate Bridget Fleming (D)

Always nice to have someone pass the buck on the tough questions like cpf no direct answer, tax increase over the cap, no direct answer, layoffs no direct answer. when are we going to wake up to political double speak, I fear the future, same old same old. And by the way Dems and Repubs should be judged the same. I personally am sick of it, She wants my vote, but what am I voting for. Nice try, but I'm not sold, I don't know what I'm buying." Oct 29, 09 6:25 PM

Southampton Town Board candidate Jim Malone (C,R,I)

Apparently Mr. Malone can say yes and no, sounds refreshing. Apparently going to the citizens for more money is not his choice good, The CPF idea for paying down its debt is refreshing and if we can get the rest of government to pay as its goes within defined parameters without debt and long term bonds which ultimately increase the tax burden then we can really grow." Oct 29, 09 6:36 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor candidate Anna Throne-Holst (D, WF)

This is wonderful, can someone find a definitive answer somewhere in any of these questions. Its easy to attack but much harder to put yourself on the line with solutions. Aren't we tried yet of these duplicities statements, made seemingly to provide wiggle room depending on the wind or worst yet, just increase citizen burdens. Not enough information for my vote. Remember Dems and Repubs should be judged equally. Just say no!" Oct 29, 09 6:43 PM

Poor Noah, elected officials both Dem and Repubs led us to this place and time, It's not about party and when you get that thought you may clear the air enough to view principles over party. Principles like less government, less taxation, respect for citizens and an understanding of the depth of their struggles in today's over regulated environment, struggles that should lead politicians to govern less not more, people need to breath. Politicians live in their own self-fulfilling world and like children caught with the cookie jar never admit that they are responsible and its someone else's hand that is in the jar. Respectfully" Oct 29, 09 10:15 PM

Southampton Residents Raise Concerns About Town's Sustainability Plan

Having read Southampton 400+ Sustainability Element to the towns master plan some there are areas of great concern. Detail like the arrangement of driveway pavers to maximize rainwater run off, pretty intrusive. The "hubbing of development around village centers especially with affordable housing, what is the estimate of the increase in population and building density with further strain on services, schools, medical, transport. Joining regional groups like Green Long Island headed by North Hempstead and language allowing for a carbon tax on local businesses. The transfer of wealth by manipulating property rights. Teaching our students to think globally. If this document is an organic Southampton plan or if it is inspired by international NGO's it still masks governmental intrusion into the lives of town residents through regulation and codes. If the board does not strike this down than offer it up as a referendum so that those who are affected most can vote yeh or nay. To correct some misinformation there was no organized group, period, only concerned citizen who were there and actually may have read the plan. " Apr 26, 13 8:13 PM

Sustainability Plan Pushback Continues In Southampton Town

I have serious questions about the failure of the town board to take ownership of Southampton 400+ Sustainability Element. They are going to vote on something they can't or won't explain. There are 27 regulatory recommendations, the board makes no assertions as to their implementation. Because the plan is not approved the recommendations as described carry no force of law. So the citizens have to wait for the plan to be approved before the implementation process can begin. They will not commit to agreeing or disagreeing with anything in the plan. Wow. They will have to vote on the plan first to find out how It will impact us. Where have I heard that before? Also in speaking with the former employee of Perkins and Will who worked on the plan, many aspects were borrowed from communities that have implemented some of the strategies and have a cost history associated with implementation. Our board does not see the rational to include cost assumptions that are available from these other municipalities, No matter where you stand on this issue wouldn't you want to know the probable financial impact on your community and ultimately ion you? There are a host of other issues but first I want to know what is actually going to happen. Someone on this board needs to come forward and put some soil in this pot." Jun 26, 13 11:06 PM

Kabot Wins Conservative Primary By One Vote

Mr. Keith is a true Conservative because he listens to the people and respects our voice. Maybe leadership should put aside personal feelings and work for a united front as we approach the election. Ms. Kabot is worthy because the people have spoken not party leaders with their own agendas. Ms. Kabot should be aware however we will look to her for true Conservative leadership. We expect nothing less. Well done citizens, Mr. Keith and Ms. Kabot." Sep 24, 13 6:33 PM

Southampton Town Water Protection Plan Draws Criticism

I would hope you will come and express you concerns at the Board meeting August 11th at 1:00 pm. We need your support." Jul 23, 15 4:12 PM

The potential for the State to override local jurisdiction is very real and to date there is no defined role for the Trustees. I would hope that you and like minded people would come to the Board meeting and express your views. We need your support." Jul 24, 15 7:33 AM

the Board is on August 11th at 1:00 pm bring like minded people" Jul 24, 15 7:34 AM

your views are spot on, generally the State and Feds will not object to most local initiatives but the language of the bill page 169 of the first section clearly states continued state and federal involvement will be necessary over the long haul. The "partnership" is fraught with treats to our heritage. I would hope you and your like minded friends will come August 11th to the next Board Meeting to express your thoughts. We really need you voice." Jul 24, 15 7:41 AM

The relentless march of the Agenda 21 ideology is ever present. This bill while possessing many positive aspects gives in times of dispute gives ultimate authority to the NYS Secretary of State over Southampton town waters and policies. We need to separate the Plan for the "State/Federal Partnership" and craft a local law. Please come to the Board meeting August 11th at 1:00 pm with like minded people and express your views. We and the Trustees need your support." Jul 24, 15 7:47 AM

that may be true BUT the Board is controlled by very progressive politicians who believe in regionalization, state and federal partnerships which grant money locks us into $400,000.00 for this study which give NYS final say on our waters and apparently no language for the Trustees. Returning town government to a Conservative majority would be a start. The plan is good the state/federal partnership is bad. Come to the Board meeting Aug.11th to express your views." Jul 24, 15 11:31 PM

Please come down to the Board mtg Aug 11th at 1:00 pm to express your thoughts and bring some like minded people. Your voice is important." Jul 24, 15 11:33 PM

We are supporting Councilwoman Scarela in her efforts to separate the plan from NYS oversight. The Board is controlled by very progressive politicians so your voice will be important at the Board mtg, Aug 11th at 1:00. Bring other supporters. " Jul 24, 15 11:36 PM

The Plan specifically states that the Trustees are not a Town agency and cannot exercise any action within the plan except when the Town Board gives them the authority...the future relationship of the Trustees with the plan are unknown. We believe this is not good." Jul 29, 15 9:32 PM

Well said" Jul 29, 15 9:33 PM

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