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East Hampton Town Building Inspector, Don Sharkey, found dead at 47

The last few days have been very difficult for all those who knew and loved Don. Don touched so many lives in so many different ways. His contagious smile and laugh will be missed. Don didn't have a prejudice bone in his body, he could meet anyone at their level and make them feel welcomed and accepted. Don may have left this earth, but his memories will live in the hearts and minds of those he touched. Don's had a favorite saying "Can you keep a secret, so can I"; and the look he would give you when he said it was priceless. Don will be missed but never forgotten." Jul 10, 09 3:24 PM

East Hampton High School football field vandalized

Brilliant idea, let’s add additional expenses to an already depleted budget to get our point across. If you aren’t capable of speaking at a public forum or showing your distaste by writing a letter to any of the local newspapers to express your dissatisfaction, then maybe you could revert to tablets and carve out your ideas and thoughts on it! That way, the taxpayers of this town won’t have to pay for your careless and idiotic outburst." Jul 10, 09 3:43 PM

Amagansett Man Dies In Single-Car Accident

I would like to express my sincere condolences to the Payne family for their tragic loss. I too, know Wes, Diane, and the girls, and I am at a loss for words to comfort them. Any human life life lost is sad, but to have been taken at at a young age is far more devastating.

I am appauled to me to read the comments that show little or no respect towards the family of the person who died. Certainly your words do not harm Eric, he is gone, but to those who loved him and mourn his death, your words and accusations hit them to the core. In a sense you have given him a second death in the eyes of those who loved him.

There is a time for words, for facts to come to light, now is not the time to pass judgement or speak as one with the "Facts". Rather it is a time to mourn a tragic loss.To reflect on his short life. I will speak to that and say what I do know as facts. Eric was a compassionate man, soft spoken, caring person. In all the years I knew him, I had nothing but the highest respect for him as a person; a man who would go out of his way to help anyone in need.... To the Payne family my heart and prayers go out to you during this time of suffering." Mar 16, 15 7:55 AM